Got a friend at Motorola? You could save some money on a Moto X or Moto G


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If you happen to know someone that works for Motorola you might want to look into the ‘Friends with Moto’ program, especially if a new Moto X or Moto G is on your radar. Just as Motorola offered friends and family of employees a free Moto X (for completing a survey about the Moto Maker experience), the company is extending a $50 discount good toward the purchase of a new handset.

A link to the program surfaced yesterday via Reddit and XDA where potential buyers could fill out a quick form to request a coupon code. The link, as it turns out, is meant to be shared privately and tied specifically to a Motorola employee’s email. While some did manage to obtain a discount via this means (even without knowing the Moto employee in question), we won’t be sharing any links here. Few things are worse than what amounts to random strangers hitting you up for $50.

After applying a Friends with Moto discount the Moto X’s off-contract price is reduced to $349. The Moto G can be had for as low as $149. The offer apparently does not apply to on-contract purchases, nor can it be used for purchases made anywhere but online. And while you might not know anyone at Motorola now, it’s never a bad time to make some new friends (we suggest Twitter or Google+).

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  1. I wonder if I can I buy the link from someone? I’m willing to pay $50.

    1. So you would buy the link to save 50 dollars for 50 dollars…?

      1. He’s being sarcastic.

  2. i got a friend in Jesus… does that count? :-)

    1. Dammit… now I got that song in my head…

      1. You Love that song. Don’t lie. Lol

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