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Yesterday we saw what amounted to a fairly dubious leak suggesting Google would soon launch the Nexus 5 in a variety of new colors. Most prominently featured was an off-looking yellow, but red, orange, green, blue, and purple were also mentioned. One of those colors has turned up in a second leak featuring an image of a product sample of the purported handset.

The red Nexus 5 pictured certainly appears a bit more believable than what we saw yesterday (though we’re still not completely sold). As Droid Life points out, the color is consistent with the red Nexus 5 bumper already sold by Google, making it a more realistic possibility than the funky yellow spotted in the previous leak. However, while not pictured, the source did say that a yellow version is indeed also in the works.

Google Logo

If you notice the trend, the color options seem to mimic those of Google’s logo, which begs a question. If red and yellow versions become a reality, can we also expect blue and green? The story accompanying the image doesn’t say. It also makes no mention of a specific release date for the new color options, but a February or March timeframe was mentioned.

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