New Nexus 5 colors tipped in second, slightly more believable leak



Yesterday we saw what amounted to a fairly dubious leak suggesting Google would soon launch the Nexus 5 in a variety of new colors. Most prominently featured was an off-looking yellow, but red, orange, green, blue, and purple were also mentioned. One of those colors has turned up in a second leak featuring an image of a product sample of the purported handset.

The red Nexus 5 pictured certainly appears a bit more believable than what we saw yesterday (though we’re still not completely sold). As Droid Life points out, the color is consistent with the red Nexus 5 bumper already sold by Google, making it a more realistic possibility than the funky yellow spotted in the previous leak. However, while not pictured, the source did say that a yellow version is indeed also in the works.

Google Logo

If you notice the trend, the color options seem to mimic those of Google’s logo, which begs a question. If red and yellow versions become a reality, can we also expect blue and green? The story accompanying the image doesn’t say. It also makes no mention of a specific release date for the new color options, but a February or March timeframe was mentioned.

[via Vietnamnet]

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  1. I’d still buy the original =)

  2. Wonder if they will have silly coloured earpieces? That won’t look good IMO.

    1. Well, i think the entire front facing part won’t be altered. It will just be all black, like we see on the white version :)

      1. Huh? My friend has the white one and it has this little white dot on the front. It’s the ear piece I think.

        It’s… unique. I know that it’s not all black on the front. He kept mistaking it as a notification light and would grab the phone backwards. LoL!!

    2. As much as I don’t like the white version, I actually think that the colored earpiece is kind of cool. It’s not elegant, but it’s very Google.

    3. Hello, I’m Kevin Krause and this is how to look like a clown using colourful technology.

  3. I have always thought it is funny that a phone needed to be in 6 different colors. I have always been one to use cases. I don’t really care what color it is because as soon as I get a phone a case goes on it. I guess to those that don’t use cases this is important as allowing choices.

    1. I have been the same until I picked up a MotoMaker Moto X on one of the promo’s and got the bumper case (with a clear back) for next to nothing to match my accent color. I have been surprisingly impressed with it.

  4. How about they stop working on new colors for the nexus 5 and they focus on releasing accessories and different colors for the new nexus at launch.

    1. So they should start making… cases and stuff for the next Nexus device? Is that what you’re saying?

      1. No, I’m saying that a lot of android phones have a bad habit of releasing accessories and different colors in the 3 – 6 months after the phone is released. The nexus phones (and my $30/month T-mobile plan) are so affordable that I can afford to sell the old one and buy a new nexus every year. So if I’m buying a new phone every 12 months, it’s annoying when accessories or additional colors are released 3 months after launch after a lot of my time that I will ever spend with the device is already over.

        Like I remember one phone I had took about 6 months to release a custom car dock. Why’d I want to buy the car dock 6 months in when I’m gonna be getting a new phone in 6 months.

        That said, I guess manufacturers don’t really expect for people to only keep their phones 12 months so I might be an exception to most cases.

        1. Ah!! I understand now. That is true. I always wondered why they’d wait to release stuff like that. I was going to mention the 2 year contract thing, but the USA isn’t the only country in the world. Not everybody changes phones every 2 years.

          I can’t give you any answer to that. It makes you wonder why no interviewer never asked this question before. LoL!!

        2. T-mobile STILL doesn’t carry any decent cases for the nexus 5 in their stores. They have like 20 different cases for the samsung phones, but nothing more than a crappy store-brand gel case for the N5

    2. I’d prefer them at launch as well, since I just bought mine it’s annoying that they’re coming out with colors now.

  5. mmmh gimme some blue
    Now I felt good I held off from buying one

  6. I’ll take a purple one please

  7. Aw man I’d actually consider a green one. Oh well I have a clear back case. I can make it green whenever I want.

  8. I’m incredibly disappointed in Google. I bought my girlfriend the Nexus 5 for her to use on T-Mobile, and the phone can’t receive phone calls or text messages on WiFi while LTE is enabled. This is a well documented issue that has been present since the phone was released with Android 4.4 back in October/November. This issue paired with the Bluetooth pairing issue plauging my Samsung Galaxy S4 GPe and many other Nexus devices are unacceptable. My phone reboots after I pair it with my car’s Bluetooth. This whole experience really gives credence to the notion that Nexus/GPe users are beta testers. I can deal with glitches, but texting, making phone calls and Bluetooth connectivity are all core mobile OS functionalities. If Google wants to sell and support devices through Google Play, they need to step up and improve their quality control.

  9. Yesterday I was taking my dog for a walk when I notices that he was eating the grass and OH MY GOD THAT IS ONE SEXY RED NEXUS 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I want to trade mine in for the red one if this is true!

    I was talking about the possibility of a Kitkat Red version since before it was launched.
    They all called me crazy, but who is laughing now ey!
    MWAUAHAHAHHAHAHAHahahhahahahahahhhwhewhehehhwyhwywh-WHY did I get the white one and can’t I have the red one :'(

    1. Evil laugh

      Level – awesome super-villian

    2. Just buy a separate back off eBay after/if it releases. They sell both black and white backs for like $25

      1. Is it hard to replace the backs?
        Didn’t even know people did that, or that it could be removed without using surgical precision.

        1. Super easy. Pops right off almost like any other back (just need a nice little wedge tool).

          1. Thanks for the info. Might get a red one then if it becomes possible (because the leaks show the sides are also red, I don;t like that and maybe they changed the design to refrain it from being transferable between the white and black n5

  11. What if that black bar was supposed to hide the Nexus logo?

  12. The new colors would be nice, but the designers of Google’s phones are stupid!! They have the color on the back but the whole front is black, no matter if you get a colored one (like the white one). Who cares then? You put a case on it with any color you choose.

    1. It’s so the black blends in with the screen.

      1. I know that! But my point is that who cares what the back of the phone color is when you cover it with a case anyway? If the front trim is colored then it makes a difference because even with a case on, you can see the trim color on the front. Look at the white Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The white one, has white on the front too. Same with Google Nexus 7 that is white, it’s only white on the back, whereas the Apple iPad in white, has white trim on the bottom front.

  13. Don’t forget the Black version has a rubberized perimeter which aids in grip and comfort. White versions are devoid if this and can be very slippery without a case… I wonder how these colors will fair…

  14. lol… its not tru… This pic was taken with red cover on back…

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