Know someone who works at Motorola? They could get you a Moto X for free



Many expressed distaste with Motorola’s suggested retail price of $200 on a new two-year contract for the Moto X, but a few select lucky folks might be able to take another route to get this thing for quite cheap. And by cheap, I mean free.

The deal would be extended to those who agree to order the device through Motorola’s Moto Maker website (only available for AT&T right now) and are a friend or family member of someone who works at Motorola (we imagine that friend or family member will have to know of your intention to take advantage).

The catch is that the recipient must answer a short survey to get $200 back — $100 as soon as you check out, and another $100 if once you complete a survey and give Motorola feedback on the ordering process. A bit extra can be earned if you are selected to participate in a phone interview with Motorola about the experience.

This obviously won’t be a widespread solution for those looking to get this phone on the cheap, but with more than 2,000 workers being added thanks to Motorola’s Fort Worth, TX plant there should be a decent amount more who will be able to get in on it.

[via AllThingsD]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wish this was open to VZW customers. If it is, anybody who works at Motorola, this is an express invitation to be my friend.

    1. I’d like to be a friend too to get a T-Mobile version.

  2. I am always up for making a new friend… I need the AT&T version ;)

  3. I work for Motorola in Nigera. I can hook you up for a small donation.

    EDIT: This is a joke. Please don’t delete my account.

    1. …I’m a wealthy Nigeria’s Motorola sales representative…

    2. Why would they delete your account?

    3. do you prefer moneygram or western union?

  4. You’re leaving out “with a 2 year contract” in a couple of key places…

  5. Cool! The CEO is my best friend! – Yeah riiiight… lol

  6. I can see it now. “Yo! You remember me from the 2nd grade? Hook me up with a free Moto X!”

  7. Time to sign up for Linkedin and start making new friends.

  8. Still don’t want one

  9. HELLO,

    1. Lol…

  10. Hmmm. I just happen to live in Chicago and know a few Motorola Mobility employees from playing Ingress.

  11. I wonder how many people will claim to be Guy Kawasaki’s friend haha

  12. WTF!? It’s here in TX? Let me go be cheap and make a new friend. LoL!! The gas to get there would be the price of the phone. =.P

  13. lucky dogs.

  14. I only have friends at Google, Facebook and Groupon. Lame.

  15. So looks like I need some new friends.

  16. Great. Now I’m trying to decide if I want to switch to AT&T and sign a new 2 yr contract with them while I figure out how I’m going to make a new friend who happens to work at Motorola.

  17. What about facebook’s friends??? (sending request RIGHT NOW!!) O_o

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      It’s here in TX? Let me go be cheap and make a new friend. LoL!! The gas to get there would be the price of the phone. =.P

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