Jan 21st, 2014

nexus 7 folio case sale

Many of you expressed discontent with the prices of some of Google’s accessories for the Nexus 7 or Nexus 5. Sure, they have to make money somewhere, as selling a phone like that Nexus 5 for just $350 can’t be too good for their pockets. But if you were one of those not down with paying $30 to $50 for cases that aren’t exactly screaming quality, you’ll be glad to know you can get them a bit cheaper for a limited time.

Google is offering 25% off select accessories for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 over in the Google Play Store. Here’s a quick rundown of the cases, as well as a look at the prices you can get them for after the discount:

  • Nexus 7 2013 Folio / Bumper: $37.49
  • Nexus 7 Sleeve: $22.49
  • Nexus 7 Case: $37.49
  • Nexus 5 Bumper: $26.24
  • Nexus 5 QuickCover: $37.49

Those prices are still a bit tough to swallow after the discount, but if you had your heart set on getting these accessories right from Google, then this is about as good a deal as you’re going to get. Note that not all colors or variations of these products are in stock, and not all shipping times are the same. Head here to check them out for yourself, but be quick as Google is only offering this promotion for a limited time.

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