Jan 21st, 2014

100 according to google

We might be exactly three weeks out of 2013, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to step back and take a look at the year. We’ve already done a great deal of reminiscing with the base Zeitgeist 2013 site, but that required a desktop browser to take full advantage of. That is no longer the case, though, as Google has released an official app to do just that.

It’s called “100 According to Google,” an app made in conjunction with Pretty Good. Just like the Zeitgeist site, this app presents a collage of pictures related to all of 2013’s biggest moments, trends and stories, giving you a beautiful way to flip through the year’s most searched trends. The app features stunning design that emphasizes the top trends in areas of Sports, Technology, Music, Entertainment, Events, People and Celebrities.

Whether it was the hugely successful Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S or the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you’ll see that consumers got plenty excited about new tech in 2013. All of that and more can be found in the app here, so download it for free and give it a quick spin if you’re interested.

[Thanks Joseph!]

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