Jan 21st, 2014

LogMeIn made some pretty big changes today, folks. In order to “address the evolving needs” of their customers, LogMeIn has completely taken away the free, limited service that allowed users to remotely control and access their PC. Instead, they’ll be unifying their offerings and serving it up for an annual fee of $49 (which actually isn’t that bad for what you’re getting).

logmein tablet landscape

That’ll get you remote access to up to two of your computers using their apps on Android, iOS, and desktop, as well as remote printing capabilities, two-way file transfer and more. To top that burger of an announcement off, LogMeIn has also introduced a cleaner, sleeker Android app that does its best to follow the design guidelines set forth by El Goog.


It’s never good to see free apps fade away, but LogMeIn seems to have caught on to the fact that subscription-based models work. Just ask Microsoft with Office365 and Photoshop with the Creative Cloud. The industry has quickly moved to monthly and annual subscriptions for software after seeing it work for the likes of music, TV shows and movies.

Of course, there are several alternatives out there if you aren’t interested in what LogMeIn has done. We’re a tad fond of TeamViewer, for starters. Otherwise, you can login to the LogMeIn app to find out more about what you’ll need to do to transition to the new subscription-based model if you weren’t already on it.

Oh, and if you bought the paid Android app, LogMeIn is planning on sweetening the pot (because, hey, something you paid up to $30 for is no longer available). Free users will have 7 days from the day they next log in to use the app before they’ll be forced off of it, so enjoy it while it lasts, folks.

[Google Play via LogMeIn]