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There are tons of cool ideas for Google Glass app floating about, and some have already become reality. But for some reason, our heart warms up even more when we hear about a story like that of Patrick Jackson. This Google Glass Explorer also happens to be a firefighter for Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He wears a third hat as a developer.

So what do you get when you throw all three of those ingredients into a big pot? A desire to make Glassware that will help firefighters save lives. Patrick’s dream is to be able to deliver firefighters a hands-free tool that will allow them to be alerted to fires, track down hydrants, pull up extraction details for vehicle fires, building plans for structure fires, get exact direction to fires and more, all by using their voice.

The hands-free aspect is especially important for firefighters, who often have heavy gear on and might be tasked with carrying people to safety, moving hazards and obstacles, handling hoses and more. Being able to find what they need without having to use their hands, and without having to turn their eyes away from potentially dangerous surroundings, would be very key.

It’s ideas like these that make us extremely excited for Google Glass and its future. While we love the games, the cool entertainment and information apps, and the ability to record life in our perspective, it’s the stuff that’ll help improve and save lives that really make us believe Google is onto something special.


While we don’t have any deep details on this project yet, Patrick Jackson says it’s been an immensely useful tool so far, and he is continuing to test and explore Glass’s use in fire service.

When I got Google Glass I had no idea that this would happen! Very cool experience with Google and they capture what I am doing and plan to do with Glass for firefighters. Thanks to all those who supported my indiegogo campaign to make this possible and to my wife for being the best wife ever and supporting me!


We reckon following his Google+ page is a good place to start if you’re interested in supporting him and seeing how far this thing can go. Watch a quick clip of his vision of what he’s trying to do above.

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