Jan 21st, 2014

We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam let out a slight chuckle after T-Mobile’s unCarrier shenanigans netted them 1.6 million subscribers last quarter. The nation’s largest carrier has just announced that they’ve trumped that number by 100,000 by adding 1.7 million net subscribers in Q4 2013, bringing them to 4.1 million net postpaid additions on the year.

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Some other food for thought from the company’s financial presser:

  • 102.8 million connections (including postpaid, prepaid and more) — 4.7% increase year-on-year.
  • 70% of consumers on smartphones by end of 2013 — 3% increase quarter-on-quarter.
  • 4G LTE reaches 97% of American population — that’s 305 million people in over 500 markets
  • $21.1 billion in total revenue, including $17.7 billion from service revenues alone — 5th straight quarter with 8% growth in revenue.
  • $81 billion total / $69 billion service revenues on the year — up 6.8% and 8.3% year-on-year, respectively.

There are a lot more details to be had at the source link, but that’s about the end of the juicy bits. Not all of Verizon’s changes have been popular. In fact, you might argue that a vast majority of them haven’t been. But the company must be doing something right to be experiencing such healthy growth quarter after quarter and year after year. Perhaps a big, reliable network is the single most important thing a carrier can offer, because no matter how expensive Verizon gets, folks still flock to Big Red.

[via Verizon]

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