Jan 20th, 2014

HTC One M7 thin case DSC01079

Aside from a handful of rumors, we really don’t have much solid evidence when it comes to HTC’s upcoming HTC One sequel. The original model was so damn near perfect, one rumor suggested the phone’s design wouldn’t change much at all, opting instead for an iPhone-esque update where mostly the internal hardware would find itself upgraded. There was even a leak supporting these claims, showing much the same HTC One we’ve been manhandling these past few months, only with an extra cutout above the camera for the rumored fingerprint scanner or extra camera.


What is HTC planning for that hole above the camera? Hmmmmm…

While I’ll admit, I’m still very much in love with the HTC One’s overall design, there is one area of the device I’d love to see improved: it’s 4.7-inch bezelicious display. The HTC One launched during a time when a good portion of OEMs were ready to make 5-inch displays the new standard. I’ll admit, it took me by surprise when I learned the HTC One would launch with a smaller display than its Verizon cousin, the HTC DROID DNA, but still feature its overall size.

With the device’s front facing speakers already taking up a good portion of the device’s real estate, the HTC One was already at somewhat of a disadvantage. Any bezels further added to the device would only make matters worse, and they did.

HTC M8 One 2 concept

The HTC One 2 (M8) the way we’d like to see it

Google+ user, Nikolai Prettner, felt much the same way about the One, and in a concept image posted to his G+ page, envisions an HTC One 2 (M8) minus the original’s thick, black bezels. Sure, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an HTC M8 concept. Last month, Quentyn showed us another take on the device — again, keeping with the same overall design — only adding a wacky 2K display, fingerprint scanner, and 3GBs of RAM.

The problem? That concept was still using capacitive buttons. We’re crossing our fingers that by adding virtual buttons on the HTC M8 (still a rumor, mind you), HTC will be able to extend the display size to 5 inches, making for a more visually appealing device in the process.

Looking ahead, I would love to see manufacturers take more time on their flagships, sticking with the same overall design, then going all-out with a completely new model every other year. And it’s not only Apple that does this, think about the car industry. We don’t see a completely redesigned Corolla every year. But I digress…

There’s no question HTC has a lot riding on their next flagship. The best part is we wont have to wait much longer to see what they finally unveil. While official dates have yet to be announced, we’re thinking HTC will stick to the original’s late-February reveal date. Can’t hardly wait.


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