This is what the HTC One sequel (HTC M8) could end up looking like [VIDEO]


Yay, new concept renders! We always love a good fake phone, and this time we’re treated to a look at what one group imagines the next HTC flagship will be (otherwise known as the HTC M8). Right away, you can tell that this definitely follows HTC’s new favorite design language that was introduced with the HTC One. Rumors already state the HTC One sequel will likely end up with that same sort of design.

It’s the specs that we’re especially interested in, though, with the concept artists throwing out a nice list of changes that would be on this phone (if it were actually real):

  • 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 4,000mAh battery
  • improved fingerprint sensor
  • 5-inch edge-to-edge 2560 x 1440 Super LCD3 display
  • 10MP Ultrapixel sensor
  • 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage options with microSD slot
  • Android 4.4 KitKat and HTC Sense 6.0

Everyone’s obvious wish is to have the best of the best in every category, but there’s no guarantee HTC will look to push the limits with the HTC M8. We’ve already seen the company electing to go with a slightly weaker Snapdragon 600 inside the recently-launched HTC One Max instead of bumping it up to Snapdragon 800 like Samsung did with their Note 3.

We’ll have to wait until HTC is ready to unveil their latest creation — something that could happen at CES or Mobile World Congress — before we’re given a look at the real deal. Let’s just hope that it can stack up to the beaut you see in the video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks promising!

  2. Looks like a sick render! I wanna hope HTC can adopt the edge-to-edge display, but I seriously doubt they will. A bigger battery would be nice, and at least an 8 MP “Ultrapixel” camera is needed for decent shots.
    If HTC can introduce some of that, I’d hop right on it and pass down my HTC One to my mom… :P

  3. i don’t believe these specs would all actually make it into the device, but WOW.

    1. If they do, I will gladly pick one up if T-Mobile carries it.

  4. If these specs are true, especially the battery and storage options, it might be my next phone

    1. LoL!! That battery size, though. I was like they outta line. The Nexus 7 has a battery of about 4,000 and that battery is pretty large.

  5. lmao…

    What is this guy smoking? 10Mp UltraPixel?

    Hehe…yeah, right.

    Looks spiffy, but it’s just a render from a fan, so … yeah.

    Unless we see something dramatic for the M8, I’ll likely be sticking with the current One. As astounding as it is even to me, I’ve yet to see anything I’d prefer to use/own.

  6. Honestly it almost sounds too good to be true. That’d be sweet if it were true though.

  7. Why not a snapdragon 805 since it is all a guess…

    1. If they release this with the 800, then they will continue playing catch-up.

      1. yeah because the 800 would be obsolete….

        1. In the tech world, the 800 is comparable to a dot-matrix printer now. LoL!!

        2. No, not obsolete. It’s all relative. If the S5 launches with the 805, with the spec culture we all live in, they will be in the same boat as they are now with the Max.

          1. lol nah i know. I’m not as read up on the 805, but i don’t think the difference between the 805 and the 800 will be as noticeable as the 600 n 800. So i don’t think it’ll be much of an issue. Obviously if the s5 has the 805 and matches all the others specs then sure, but i’d glady take an s800 with a 4,000 mah battery over an s805 with a 3,000 mah battery. (if the 805 is nothing but an improved gpu like i am lead to believe)

  8. They actually addressed the cry of the people.
    -Added MicroSD card slot
    -Reduced bezel
    -Increased battery size/capacity
    -Increased camera resolution
    -Improved to Gorilla Glass 3
    -Increased RAM
    – + others
    If this materializes 2-3 months from now then, HTC is back!!

    1. Its a fan render, of course it has a SD slot. I doubt there will be one on the actual phone. Theres really no need.

  9. Loved the One , I was a little disappointed with the camera , but the speakers , build quality, design, more then made up for the camera, now if we get removable storage, a 4000 !!!
    mah Battery , I’m all in and might keep the phone longer then 6 mnths ………

    1. The previous one had a an ultra pixel count of 4 MP, this is 10 MP, don’t confuse that with regular MP cameras.. an ultra pixel camera with 10 MP should be amazing.

  10. I think this could actually happen, and I’m interested in seeing what they do. I wouldn’t write this off as a wish list. HTC is really pushed into a corner right now and can’t afford a mediocre phone so this could very well be make or break.

    They are the only company who almost pried me away from apple with the one so my eyes are definitely on this one with an upgrade around the corner :)

  11. Did no one else chuckle at the name the HTC One 2? I was waiting for it to keep counting.

    1. Preaching to the choir, man. It was the first thing I saw upon opening the article and I had to smile, haha.

  12. I reeeeally hope they slim down the bezels despite the BoomSound speakers. The One is the same size as my G2 with .5″ less screen. Heck, even if they got rid of capacitive buttons for on-screen buttons and left the giant bezels we’d be much better off. 5″ sounds about right.

    3GB RAM? Keep dreaming. 4,000mAh battery? Not happening – it’ll be 3,000 or less because HTC loves small batteries. 2560 x 1440 display? Ugh… Okay this is officially stupid. I highly doubt it’ll have a fingerprint scanner. And if the construction is anything like the One, it won’t have an SD card slot. Sorry.

  13. Yo, they added that expansion slot I always seem to say they coulda done from the start, and they decided to utilize the HTC logo as a finger scanner, pretty dam neat, A better render would be take away the capacitive part, reducing the phones overall size, give it on-screen buttons and put the scanner on the back, but that’s my opinion, this render is still very acceptable

  14. @geekman you mean they actually address to the tech savvy group. The main consumer really could care less about edge to edge, micro SD slot yadda yadda.

  15. I would be instantly purchasing a Dev edition for VZW if it existed.

    That said, I think we are in store for something slightly different. 8up camera, no mSD, 3,000 mah at most, featuring wireless charging.

    If they make a 64 GB option available, I’ll buy it instantly. if 32 I’ll wait out my contract and look at the gs5.

    1. I have a feeling that we will be disappointed with the gs5… Samsung always is a bit too gimmicky for me. PLUS we need dem kevlar backz
      And no, im not a samsung hat0r, I own a gs3 and like it, but i said SCREW YOU to touchwiz awhile back


  17. Oh my, this HTC One 2 looks dope! I wish I could buy it right away. Much better than its prequel. Does anybody have a release date?

  18. The specs include a micro SD slot! that’s good news.. but i’m likely sticking with Samsung.

  19. Would I be able to go that far down in screen size after my Note 3? The much improved camera, battery, SD card faster processor, increased ram and BOOM SOUND are very tempting though

  20. Everything looks good but I’d like to see wireless charging build into this device.

  21. I love hTC but this is too good to be true.

  22. I’d be sold. No question.

  23. After the Thunderbolt, Evo3D, Sensation, and numerous other devices (from that year) were kind of left to rot (as far as updates and support goes) – I lost trust in HTC and never returned.

    1. Too bad, you missed out on the ONE. You should have switched to T-Mobile, better service. I went from the G1 to the G2 to the ONE S and finally to the ONE, no disappointments here.

    2. Go for the GPe, never worry about updates with a clean OS.

      1. True, i actually hacked mine completely over to a GPE. It took a few hours to complete, but it was worth it.

      2. I have a Nexus 5 now =)

    3. I was starting to feel that way also, but once I rooted and got comfortable flashing ROMs to my Sensation that was no longer an issue. Now I just buy based on hardware and rest easy knowing updates are a quick and easy flash away.

  24. I know its a fan render. They wont have an SD card slot, plus people have been begging for some use for the HTC logo and wala its a fingerprint scanner ? A 10 MP ultrapixel camera ? Wasnt the whole point of ultrapixel to eliminate the need for a high MP camera in the first place ? Its nice, but i think it will look a bit different, the mock up looks like an updated ONE, which is good, but i think they will have to differentiate it a bit more to stand out.

    1. Yes. The design looks like a phone with small to medium hardware improvements. With specs like that, the phone needs to look different, yet the same. That’s very hard to do, which is why I’m not a rendering artist. =.P

      1. Another reason its prob just a fan render, “small to medium hardware improvements”. I hope its an upgrade, not a side step. It does have to look similar, but thats a bit too similar. I wouldnt want to be a renderer either.

        1. Well lets think about where technology is on a non-fanboy point-of-view. LoL!! The latest processor would probably be the SnapDragon 805, if they were to stay with SnapDragon. That’s not that big of a difference from the 600 series.

          The most that an end user would notice from that processor would be better battery life. Anything else would be a placebo.

          Phones are too powerful nowadays for the next year model to be much of an upgrade. So I’m expecting 2 years from now, the phone to be majorly different.

          I really hate the thought, but yea. Let’s see if HTC can surprise us.

    2. Lemme guess, downvoted by a SD-Card Slot or Die idiot ?

    3. What is wala?

      1. A really terrible spelling of voilà‎

        1. he probably doesnt know how to type á, v, i, or o.

  25. That looks so badass. One can dream. I just don’t want the SD as no one other than Samsung messes with that.

    1. SD cards are useful, why wouldn’t you want one?

      1. I don’t use them because I have no need for them. I currently have like 7GB left on my HTC One. I have the 32GB version. I need to clean up.

        I don’t have any need for more space. They were useful when I had a phone with like 16GB of space. Those videos were taking up a lot of space. LoL!!

        But with cloud storage, and Tmo being pretty reliable where I’m at, I don’t really need an SD card.

        That’s my reason.

        However, I’m getting to a fork in the road. I can either start investing in phones with SD cards, or start paying for more cloud storage. I’m starting to get low on my cloud space. =.S

        1. Still, its a nice easy way to transfer data (mostly what i use it for)
          Allows you to go into twrp and backup as you are transferring the downloaded rom onto your card :P
          I dont *need* mine, but its helpful.

          1. This is true. There have been times where I would love to throw my videos on an SD card and not have to copy them over to my computer all the time.

            I won’t lie, I do miss the convenience of an SD card.

      2. @No_Nickname90 hit the nail on the head. I’m fully engulfed by the cloud so I don’t need SD. Having to bother with SD is a thing of the past for me. I’m able to access all my stuff everywhere and anytime.

  26. If these specs are accurate, this will be my Nexus 5 replacement.

    1. If these specs were accurate, EVERYONE would get this phone. Like those are some pretty outrageous specs. LoL!!

      1. Except the people with big red. Well they’ll get it, just about 4 months after the newer edition comes out.
        HTC 360 anyone?

        1. I’m really interested in what HTC will name this phone. Like you can’t call it the HTC One 2. That’s just… IDK…

          I like the HTC 360 idea. Though the pun is quite obvious. =.3

          How about… You just can’t get a different name. I can’t think of anything. It’s like… it’s the one. They should just pull a Google and keep the device with the exact same name. LoL!! Call it the HTC One and it’ll be the 2nd Generation.

          1. Isnt HTC m8 rumored too? Although I’ll end up thinking people are talking about the M8a1 from blops2… Ugh.. struggles…

  27. looks like is would be great but I’m pretty fed up with android nowa days.. 3 years later and it’s still buggy and laggy as ever.. yet no other os pulls me in either!!

    1. Stop buying low-end devices… or lying… you’re doing one or the other.

  28. anybody selling pants on craigslist? I need some new ones, im all out…

    1. You can check in the free section. Craigslist apparently has a free section. *takes the comment seriously*

      1. I think that would come with *stuff* in the pants… if you know what i mean…

  29. 4,000mA battery? Calm down. LoL!!

  30. HTC having a 4,000 mAh battery in ANY of their devices is probably the funniest joke I’ve ever heard of! Thanks for the laugh!

  31. Lame. That better not be what it looks like. It’s exactly like the one. Really? And 4000 battery… Yeah right

  32. The “One 2”, pow pow! Just sounds funny :D

  33. In Martin Luther King’s voice… “I have a dream…”

  34. Took the world by storm? Which world was that?

  35. Sorry, but those specs aren’t going to happen on the next HTC or the next. Nice idea though.

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