LG G2, Moto X free on contract from AT&T



If you haven’t moved from the two-year contract model to AT&T’s new Next installment plan, there are some serious savings to be had if you are in the market for a new Android smartphone. Both the LG G2 and Motorola Moto X are now available for free when signing up for a new two-year contract with the wireless carrier.

Bothe phones typically retail for $99.99 on contract, but online buyers will see that amount immediately discounted to free. Unfortunately, the deal only applies to the standard white and black versions for the Moto X. Those wishing to build their own custom phone cannot take advantage of the savings.

Motorola Moto X DSC00695

Both devices will remain on sale from now until January 31st. If you are having trouble deciding, you could do worse than check out our full Moto X review as well as our LG G2 review.

[Moto X, LG G2]

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  1. Lol two year contracts lol savings oh Kevin you so silly

    1. there are times where 2 year contracts can be cheaper.

      1. Cheaper than what?

        1. than paying full price and going the route of a non contract on lets say tmobile for example. Usually it isnt, but a deal like this is one of the few times it makes sense.

  2. I’m never signing a 2 year contract again… buy and sell my phones off ebay is and always has been my route for years now.

    1. How have your experiences been in that regard, buying and using phones on Ebay? I’m curious because it would be an interesting solution to expensive devices. I take it you buy them barely used?

      1. Yup, most of the time they are lightly used, and i only buy from sellers with good reputation. Ive never really gotten a bad device. Most good sellers are detailed and let u know what ur buying. Ive bought 2 iPads off ebay too.

    2. Well, then you’re an idiot. Because you still do that and also get at least one free phone every two years. Most people are locked into a given carrier (gsm or cdma). I don’t know anyone who hops around to different carriers every few months. Everyone acts like “oh, but I like the freedom of not being locked into a contract.”But then they stay with thay same carrier for years off-contract. what did they gain? nothing. in fact, sometimes contracts are good. Carriers are cancelling older/better contracts in favor of crappy/pricier new plans. A person on that old contact at least has 2 years at that better rate. They committed to 2 years, but so what. You likely went 3 years off-contract with that same carrier and got nothing to show for it. .. at least that other person got one free phone or maybe even 2 in that same time period.

      1. Ummm nothing is free. The subsidy for your phone is included in the contract. No matter how you slice it, the big companies will always have you bent over.

  3. we should stop calling phones “free” on contract. it should be at&t will give u a free LGG2 or Moto X to own u for 2 yrs.

    1. majority of customers don’t switch networks every year and have probably one time or another been with one carrier for 4-6 years straight. So if you are staying put, then it is free.

      1. Exactly. All they guys who complain about contracts are plain illogical. I dont love them, but you DO get something for them: a free phone. What do you get when you are off-contract and paying full price for the phone (or near full price for a slightly used one on eBay)?? Oh, you get “freedom”?? Please!! You stayed with that carrier and plan for 3 yeara anyway. Go get a contract, save yourself $500-600 and be happy.

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    1. I hate spam. Spam, spam, spam! Here it goes down! Down into hell! Mm, mm, mm!

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