Jan 17th, 2014

LG G Flex CES 2014 IMG_0057

LG’s G Flex smartphone uses a forward-thinking flexible display, but is the technology still a bit ahead of its time? A new report from The Korea Times explores what seems to be a common screen defect associated with the smartphone: small bumps forming on the display. [Watch our LG G Flex hands-on]

The problem typically manifests as two bumps on the display, according to a Korean mobile retailer who has seen the issue affect nearly every G Flex to come through his shop. The bumps should disappear over time, according to LG. The company, acknowledging the issue, suggests that massaging the lumps out of the display is typically effective.

The formation of defects is directly related to the G Flex’s flexible display technology. LG says the bumps are a result of excessive force and stresses on the device and warns that applying such pressure is not recommended. LG sees the phone’s flexibility as a way to make the device more durable, not as a nifty party trick (at least not at this stage). A spokesperson for the Korea Display Industry Association claims LG was well aware of issues related to their curved OLED display, and while hesitant to do so decided to push forward with a release of the G Flex.

There is no indication that LG has found a way to eliminate the issue at the production level, which likely means US consumers can expect similar bumps when the G Flex launches later this quarter on T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. Something tells us the American market will be a little less forgiving.

[via Korea Times]

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