Jan 8th, 2014


T-Mobile has just announced some early numbers from their 2013 results. They revealed that the company brought in 1.6 million net customers in the foruth quarter of 2013. That number brings T-Mobile to 4.4 million net additions on the entire year, which they’ve announced makes them the fastest growing wireless carrier in America right now. T-Mobile also reminded us that Q4 2013 was their best 4th quarter in 8 whole years — yowza.

All of this came on the heels of an announcement that the carrier will now offer to pay the entirety of your ETF (up to $350) for up to 5 lines for porting your number over from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. T-Mobile believes they’ve already done a ton to shake the industry up with the first three phases of un-carrier, and this growth milestone is definitely evidence of that.

But they feel they can go even further by allowing folks to break the chains from their current carriers without looking back and without regret. Un-carrier 4.0 is a good first step toward that, and it’ll be interesting to see how 2014 fares for T-Mobile now that there’s practically no excuse to not give them a shot.

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