T-Mobile announces 1.6 million net additions in Q4 2013; 4.4 million on the year



T-Mobile has just announced some early numbers from their 2013 results. They revealed that the company brought in 1.6 million net customers in the foruth quarter of 2013. That number brings T-Mobile to 4.4 million net additions on the entire year, which they’ve announced makes them the fastest growing wireless carrier in America right now. T-Mobile also reminded us that Q4 2013 was their best 4th quarter in 8 whole years — yowza.

All of this came on the heels of an announcement that the carrier will now offer to pay the entirety of your ETF (up to $350) for up to 5 lines for porting your number over from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. T-Mobile believes they’ve already done a ton to shake the industry up with the first three phases of un-carrier, and this growth milestone is definitely evidence of that.

But they feel they can go even further by allowing folks to break the chains from their current carriers without looking back and without regret. Un-carrier 4.0 is a good first step toward that, and it’ll be interesting to see how 2014 fares for T-Mobile now that there’s practically no excuse to not give them a shot.

Quentyn Kennemer
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T-Mobile announces “get out of jail free” cards for people who want to leave their carriers

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  1. Title says 1.6Million in Q4, article says in Q1…

    1. And now the article says “foruth”…


  2. Good for them . the whole uncarrier thing is working! I have 3 lines at att for which I pay around 220 a month and I’m grandfathered into the unlimited data. Wondering if I should do this ..

    1. As long as you have good coverage, do it! We pay ~$160 for 5 lines with 2.5GB each line on T-Mobile.

      1. you would pay $240 +(20%) for unlimited everything with 5 lines on Tmobile just as a reference.

        for 3 lines it would be somewhere in the ballpark of 70+ 50 + 30 = 150$ plus taxes and fees (20%) = $180 for unlimited everything on Tmobile. Add in the cost of three new top of the line phones ($25.00 per month).

        The absolute worst you would pay is $255.00 per month, which would go down significantly if you had Nexus 5s or something of that ilk or if you got a decent trade in value on previous phones at AT&T or if you bought new phones out of contract etc. etc. etc.

    2. i have 4 lines..also grandfathered w/ T-Mobile.. 3000 minutes ( we only use about 10% of that) unlimited text and data (throttle after 10gb) all for 230….once contract expires or they waive my migration fee, I will take advantage of no contract prices..been with T-Mobile for 6+ years and I love how much this company has grown…

      1. This raises a good question. Will Tmo let you break your contract if you switch from their contract plans to a UnCarrier plan?


        Wait!! Didn’t Tmo say they’re completely getting rid of their contracts and moving customers over to their UnCarrier plans?

        1. That’s exactly what they are doing. I was on the same plan as the J Cav and when my 2 years was up, I switched over to the UnCarrier plans and scooped up 2 LG G2. All they do is add in the cost of the phones to your plans. Both phones add $50 bucks extra a month to my bill.

    3. 3 new phones are going to set you back anywhere from $18 to $25 per month per phone. I think you would end up paying potentially MORE with TMobile to get 3 lines of unlimited data plus the cost of the phones.

      1. You’re right. I have the nexus 5 at least that one should be pop the att Sim out and And in with tmo

        1. That is a great way to go! We ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy s3 this Christmas for our son .He loves it versus his s2 and it was a GREAT DEAL versus the cost of the newer phones. In just a few months the cost of the S4 will come down as well!

        2. My issue with TMobile is that they are KEEPING the cost of phones high under their new system. Are they artificially high? I guess that is up for debate.

          1. I could be wrong but It’s not artificial that’s what a smartphone actually costs. The cell companies subsidize them to make them $99-$199 in most cases and lock you in to a 2 year contract as a trade off. On the jump plan you’re pretty much financing that entire phone price with no price cuts from the subsidy

            I ” think ” that’s how it works someone correct me if I’m wrong

          2. I asked a Tmo rep to better explain Jump to me, and he compared it to leasing a car.

            Is that what you were asking?

      2. This is only if you get a phone on Tmo. If your phone is already unlocked, you’d be saving money.

        Hmm… I think I need to start investing in getting phones unlocked.

    4. Cool. That’s how much I would pay… =.[

      What? I pay $260 for 3 lines with unlimited everything and that price includes Jump on all phones and the extra $20. So that would mean I would pay $200 for 3 lines with unlimited everything!?

      MY GOSH!! I never realize how cheap Tmo is. =.S

      I gotta get these phones paid off. =.=

      1. I think your math is off…

        T-Mo Unlimited Data (2.5GB tether):
        $70 first line
        $50 second line
        $30 third line
        = $150
        + Jump! x 3 = $30

        $180 / month + Tax and Device payments.

        1. Ah!! Yea. My math is including the jump payments, I think. And some other stuff, I’ve added.

          I keep forgetting those extra features aren’t part of the plan.

          1. My math includes Jump, too. Just not Device/EIP payments.

          2. Eh… My head hurts. LoL!! I’ll go back and review this on some downtime.

            I need to make sure I know what I’m paying. My math can’t be off in this case. Money is involved. =.S

  3. As a T-mobile customer, I am am thrilled that their CEO has been able to excite people to making the switch. People don’t want another corporate suit and John Legere seems to be someone people can relate to..that and he’s flippin hilarious.

  4. My question is, if I switch how long do I have to stay. I wouldn’t be looking to take advantage the system to get out of contract, just wondering if I were to switch and their coverage wasn’t cutting it in my area how long would I have to stay or how much would I have to pay to leave?

    1. You could leave any time, because you don’t commit to any contracts. What you’d have to pay depends on how you buy your phone. If you opt for T-Mo’s interest free financing, then you have to pay for the balance on the phone that you still owe. If you buy your phone outright or bring your own (like Nexus 5 from Google), then you don’t have to pay anything.

      1. So basically, the phone that I’m trading in is paying for the ETF? If so that’s pretty awesome. I just assumed that there would be some specified length of time that I would have to stay and if I left any earlier I would be charged a penalty.

        1. I think Rage4Order was assuming you weren’t doing the “we pay ETF” deal, since you said you weren’t getting out of a contract…

          If you’re coming in with no ETF:
          1) You can trade your phone in towards a new one, or if the phone works with T-Mobile and is unlocked, just keep using it.

          If you’re coming in with an ETF you want T-Mobile to pay:
          1) You *MUST* trade in your phone towards a new one. The credit from your old phone goes towards the down payment on your new phone.
          2) You must stay active until you receive your ETF rebate, or you just don’t get it.

          I haven’t read the fine print yet to know if you have to repay the ETF rebate if you leave in a certain amount of time or not, though.

          1. I think you got it right. Once you get your ETF bill you give it to T-mo and they send you a prepaid MasterCard for the ETF. A lot it ppl are confusing and saying the trade in on your old phone pays your ETF. From my understanding this is NOT the case

    2. It’s worth noting that while the phone is interest free they do a credit check so the rate you pay for the phone could be higher.

      1. I believe the credit check is for the initial down payment. If you use their payment plan, it will cost $25 extra a month regardless of your credit.

    3. Well for starters, T-Mobile offers 14 days to try out a device. If the coverage isn’t to your liking, you can return the phone and only pay a restocking fee.

  5. I tried T-Mobile but found service wasn’t working well enough at my job to stay. I switched to aio but would gladly switch back to T-Mobile if they increased the coverage at my job everywhere else I went was good though

    1. If your job had WiFi you could always use one of their phone that support WiFi Calling

  6. John Legere is exactly what I’d want in a CEO. I’m proud to work for him.

    1. Me too !

  7. Is the HTC One a Catagory 3 device or 4? T-Mobile says they will get 20×20 LTE speeds with the Cat 4’s being the best and the 3’s being slightly slower.

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