Jan 6th, 2014


OCD sufferers rejoice! Corning — makers of the tougher-than-nails Gorilla Glass — have announced their newest creation: Corning Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass. The EPA-registered antimicrobial glass is infused with ionic silver to “inhibit the growth” of algae, mold, mildew, fungi and of course, bacteria — keeping you safe as you pass about your tablets, smartphones, and the like.

Corning says this new type of Gorilla Glass was made to help address the public’s growing concern with harmful bacteria, and its antimicrobial properties are promised for the life of the device. Some of you might remember a study from not too long ago that showed 1 in 6 smartphones had high traces of fecal matter, so maybe this new Gorilla Glass isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Corning will be showing off the Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass at their booth during CES. We’re not sure exactly how they’ll “demo” it (our imaginations are already running wild), but stayed tuned for our coverage later in the week as we follow up.

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