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Nothing like the biggest tech event of the year to announce an awesome new product. Pebble has what you need if you have been looking for a smartwatch that doesn’t look like an adult toy. Need a watch that will give you some style? The Pebble Steel is here!


The new watch comes in 2 new options: matte black, or silver stainless steel (both come with a metal and leather strap). The Pebble Steel comes with the same features as the regular Pebble, only you now get the ePaper display, water proof support, Gorilla Glass, and more.

App store launching this month


Pebble also announced its new app store, which will be available directly from the Pebble app. You will be able to download all your apps and watch faces straight from your device and transfer them to your watch — all on-the-go.

The app store will be available to Pebble users later in January.

New partners

If you are not seriously considering getting a Pebble yet, you might get more excited with the new partnerships Pebble announced. Once the app store launches, users will have access to the Pandora, ESPN and Mercedes-Benz apps. Other apps include Yelp, Foursquare, GoPro and iControl.

Price and availability: is the Pebble Steel worth it?

The Pebble Steel will cost you an extra $100! This means it will cost $249, and it will begin shipping on January 28.

I happen to love the new design and it seems like the display is even bigger. The original Pebble does look a bit “toyish” to me (just like all other smartwatches). It’s nice to see Pebble bringing more mature-looking options to the market.

Is the Pebble Steel worth the extra $100, though? It depends on your taste. As for me, I am kinda liking the one with the leather strap.



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