Much application. Such coin. Very Android. Dogecoin Wallet now available on Google Play



In their valiant effort to reach the moon in 2014, the Dogecoin community will be happy to know that Dogecoin Wallet is now available on the Google Play Store. Based off the popular ‘Doge’ meme, which features pictures of a “dog” that is primarily associated with pictures of Shiba Inus (nicknamed “Shibe”) and colorful comic sans words of praise, Dogecoin has been gaining a lot of traction the past couple weeks. As the trend continues to skyrocket (moon rocket), the young currency’s first Android wallet is born.

Dogecoin Wallet is based off of the popular Bitcoin Wallet by Andreas Schildbach and sports the same set of features one would expect in a mobile cryptocurrency wallet and includes an up to date exchange rate tool. No registration is required to get up and running with Dogecoin Wallet. Because security is a must, Dogecoin Wallet is completely decentralized, operating in a peer-to-peer environment. There’s no need to compromise your wallet’s security by using back-end web services here.

When it comes to sending, receiving, and spending your DOGE, Dogecoin Wallet allows offline payments via Bluetooth, sending and receiving Dogecoin via NFC, using automatically generated QR-Codes, and Dogecoin URLs. To request Dogecoin simply tap the request coin button and enter the amount in Doge or your desired currency, such as USD. From there, you can share the request via the Android share menu, have the generated QR code scanned, or tap an NFC enabled device. The send coins button works in a similar method, allowing you to type a Dogecoin address, pull one from your address book, or scan a QR code prior to sending coins to a fellow Shibe (Dogecoin user).

If you’re absent minded with your mobile device or into flashing different ROMs, have no fear, Dogecoin Wallet supports the backup and restoration of your wallet. Once a backup has been made, you can archive the file locally on your phone or choose to archive it elsewhere, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. You get the idea. Of course you can always slap a USB cable up to your phone and manually pull your wallet backup off and save it anywhere you please.

Dogecoin itself as a cryptocurrency is a lot of fun and easy to get into. If you’re looking to get started with Doge, I suggest you head on over to the coin’s official site as well as check out the various getting started guides on Reddit.

Much download. Very install. Dogecoin Wallet.

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  1. such app wow

  2. “dogecoin” – right. such serious currency. wow. speculation is for the dogs. i’d rather buy tulip bulbs! much better investment, natch

  3. I have no fucking clue what I’ve just read.

    1. Hahaha. Happy New Year!

      1. thanks mayne. same to you. buzzin now and now I REALLY have no clue. lmao

      2. died laughing at this article. why weren’t you hired sooner?

    2. Much coin! Very coin! Wow! So rocket! So mining! Much doge!

  4. A Simple trick to give away your money in exchange for virtual currency

    1. Yeah bitcoin is a virtual currency which reached $1400. That’s more than an ounce of GOLD! Virtual currency is the way forward.

      1. Yeah now what if the business decides to fold wheres your money then?

        1. What business?

          1. app/business what if then where your virtual currency?

          2. The currency is stored on your device. Bitcoin and other alt-coins are decentralized. No one entity exercises any control over it.

          3. That’s a bad thing.

          4. How so? I think it’s a good thing.

      2. “reached” not worth near that now..

        1. Reached or worth? What’s the definition of “worth”? When gold was $1600 was it “worth” that amount? Yes! Because enough people AGREED that it was “worth” that much and then paid that price. The same can be said for any cryptocurrency . Once enough people agree on a certain price and pay for that currency at that price, then that currency is “worth” that amount.

          1. How can it be worth anything without government backing? Money is just paper without governments to back it up.

          2. I judge worth of any currency by what it can be exchanged for. While it may have reached a theoretical value for 1600 at one point it is much much lower than that now making my comment completely valid.

  5. This looks like a great idea except for the fact that it recently got hacked and a bunch of money was stolen. Other than that, a great idea!

    1. Dogecoin didn’t get hacked. Dogewallet and Instadoge (online wallet websites) got hacked. The coin is perfectly safe and the app has nothing to do with the other online wallets.

    2. As Despye noted, an online website, not the currency was hacked (sort of like bitcoin or a bank robbery for that matter) and for the first time in the thousands and thousands of years of history of crypto currencies, a group of Doge supporters spontaneously decided to reimburse the idio a victims. Many made donations and in fact there is a doge mining pool going as we speak donating one percent of its findings to see that the funds are reimbursed. Just to clarify, the distinction Despyse is getting at, if the dogecoin or other cryptos were hacked they would quickly become worthless from repeat or fraudulent transactions, that the stolen Dogecoins still have value as something indicates the “thing” wasn’t hacked.

    3. Dogecoin didn’t get hacked, some computers housing the currency did (the same as one leaving their wallet on a counter inside of Walmart standing right next to it and saying, “come get all of my money out of it” while you watch people do just that! :)

      1. Actually, just so that it’s clear, the darn site that was hosting the Dogecoin wallet was just a outright scam. After people deposited their coins into the website’s wallet, the owners made off with the coins and claimed that they were hacked. It’s the equivalent of putting your money in bank and then the owners embezzle your funds and run off. Do you then claim that the US Dollar was hacked? No. The entity that was suppose to secure your funds turned out to be a scam as in the Christmas Day Dogecoin heist.

  6. No bitcoin no care

  7. Very Billions, Big Doge, Very Doge, Much Wag

  8. Cool, more fake money.

  9. I’ll wait for the shitcoin wallet, thank you very much….

  10. This is a farce, right? Please tell me this is a farce…

    1. Honestly, I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t happily mining Doge myself. What can I use it for? Not a whole lot yet besides tipping on reddit and trading it in for Bitcoin then trading the Bitcoin in for USD. I’m saving my Doges though.

      1. yep, I have lots of Dogecoin and Devcoin


  12. This is great, but I am new to this can you guys please donate: DBBpBBHtt8VBfvt7B9cmwmBC5ofmxaXtEq, thanks to you all

    1. Hmm. I’ll give you a Doge or two. Welcome fellow Shibe!

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