Use the official P90X app to meet your 2014 New Year’s weight loss resolution


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Everyone’s bound to have a new year’s resolution or two that they plan to tackle in 2014. There are a lot of cliche ones — stop drinking, stop smoking, stop being awesome, etc. But the most cliche of them all — lose some weight and get into shape — will likely be at the top of many of your lists. There are a ton of weight loss apps out there that can help you do this, but if you are looking for something a bit more extreme, there’s a perfect app out there for you.

The official P90X app is out in the Google Play Store if you haven’t heard, and it’s there to be your one-stop companion app for all things P90X. You can get information, instructions, and tracking for all the workouts you care about on the go.

It’s meant to go along with the P90X DVD program, though you can purchase individual workouts within the app at $6.99 a pop. You can also get 5 of the most popular and important workouts for $30, or get the whole kit and kaboodle for a cool $60. If you decide you want the full DVD experience later on, ordering it through the app will get you free shipping on your order.

The app itself costs $2.99 in the Google Play Store — hey, we never said working out was going to be cheap (though it can be if a convenient app like this one isn’t your cup of tea). If you’re sold, you can jog over to the Google Play Store and give it a download.

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  1. so, is this an advert for an expensive exercise regime or not?

    1. no. It’s an article regarding one of many apps that start to resurface after New Years for people wanting to lose weight. People are looking for exercise apps right now to supplement their resolutions. p90x is one of the most popular programs out so naturally they would post an article here about it. Don’t whine.

      If you feel hurt, thinking this is an advert for you to lose weight, maybe you need to think about that. Outside of that, if this isn’t something for you, then don’t worry about it.

      1. “no. It’s an article regarding one of many apps that start to resurface after New Years for people wanting to lose weight…..” which has been written like an advert.

        Unless you’re the author of the article in disguise, or the developer of the app getting a promotion here, why should you care? If you feel hurt about my comment, maybe you need to think about that. Outside of that, it isnt a concern for you, then don’t worry about it.

      2. Some people feel the need to think too hard about everything, about the underlying meaning of everything everyone says or types. He must be a miserable person to deal with in real life. To me and you its an article about apps. For him its an intrusive promotion for P90x on a site he feels it has no place on. Strange. But its the same type of person that sees products in a movie and cries about the movie being a commercial. What people like him dont realize is that what movies and TV are there for, promoting and selling of products in the background.

  2. Not that I’m trying to lose weight, but I really hate when an app uses Gingerbread for screenshots in the Play Store.

    1. Maybe you should look at losing some, but i really hate when people whine about perfectly good screenshots in the Play Store. What does it matter.

      1. 1. He/She could be at a healthy weight right now. Who are you to say a person should look into losing some when you don’t know them?
        2. It matters because Gingerbread is extremely dated. The last version came out Sept. 2011, over 2 years ago. Over three-quarters of all Android devices now run 4.0 or higher, which was a drastic change in UI and UX. Whenever I go browsing through the app store, I look at the screenshots. Based on those screenshots, I get a good feel for what the app does and what it looks like. If those screenshots are from Gingerbread or earlier, I automatically assume the app hasn’t been updated in awhile, and I don’t want it. Because who wants an app that seemingly hasn’t been updated since the Gingerbread days? Sure, you can take a look down at the Additional Information section, but most people don’t/won’t do that.

      2. Oh snap.

    2. Could be a theme

    3. You could say it grinds your gears. Haha. I agree, though.

  3. Or… if you already have the videos you can use this one:

    Which is free covers and P90X, X2 & X3 as well as a couple of others…

    1. niiice

  4. I don’t know, if tout didn’t try to stay this regime in the 31st, you won’t stay it next year

  5. I was gonna start losing weight this year, but then I’d have to chance my name to Slim Pickens.

  6. I’ve been using the app since it was released. I’m loving it so far. Really helps keep me on track and reminds me to do my workouts. If anyone is looking for help with motivation, advice, or support — I’d love to help you. I’ve lost 65 lbs in 2013 from INSANITY, Les Mills Combat, Focus T25, and P90X. Add me on Facebook ( or shoot me an email [email protected]. I’ve also got a private group on Facebook which you can join in on too :)

  7. Stop being awesome? That should never be a New Year’s resolution. I will not endeavour to calm down. I will raise hell and break siht! Lolololol.

  8. Just want to vouch for P90X. It’s a great program. As is X2 and P90X3. If you doubt that it works, I just want to tell you that it absolutely DOES work. So what are you waiting for?!

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