LG expanding Knock feature to all L-Series II devices in 2014


LG tried a lot of new things with the LG G2. The biggest bungie jump for the South Korean company was to place buttons on the back of the device instead of the sides. Folks wondered if this would affect the ease with which you can wake the device up from sleep, but one feature made that irrelevant — LG Knock.


It’s something Edgar Cervantes salivated over in his review, and the feature proved to be more than just a novelty for many other people. Simply put, LG Knock allows you to tap the display twice to turn it on, giving you a quick and easy way to open up the digital window to your mobile life.

LG then implemented Knock in the virtually indestructible LG G Flex and the LG G Pad 8.3, and they found that it was one feature that pretty much everyone seemed to love.

And now it’ll be in mostly all of their big devices for 2014. The company has announced that all devices in the L-Series II family (including the LG Optimus L7 II, LG Optimus L5 II and LG Optimus L3 II) will be getting LG Knock, whether it’s out-of-the-box or enabled via a global maintenance upgrade starting in January.

“Knock is distinctively an LG UX and a great example of what happens when you marry the latest in mobile technology with consumer-centric insights,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics’ Mobile Communications Company. “No one ever thought that a power button needed to be improved until our engineers wondered why they couldn’t turn the entire screen into a power button.”

While the feature alone is small, it’s the summation of all the small things that make up a big, robust, attractive package, and LG’s no doubt looking to find more of the little things that will make up their user experience for the future.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. DAT bezel!

    1. Your iPhone’s bezel is bigger.

      1. Yeah cus that makes sense.

    2. The bezel on the G2 is just the right size to be functional, without any bezel it would be impossible to play touch based games on a phone. How would you hold it without upsetting the controls? Think before you speak.

      1. Lmao what are you talking about. The lg g2 has the pretty much the thinnest bezel on a phone to date. You all do know that “DAT bezel!” Works for both a hug bezel and a thin bezel. Seems like everyone took it waaaaaay wrong and one person was smart enough to realize.

        1. The top and bottom arent at all actually just the sides, but the top and bottom are perfect for resting thumbs. I own the G2 btw.

    3. just your use of the word “dat” makes your post irrelevant

  2. This is a great feature, but it should be standard on all smartphones. Until then, for the adventurous, there are several third-party kernels that provide 2T2W (two taps to wake) functionality, along with long/short swipes to turn it off. The Elemental X kernel I’m using on both my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 also has seemed to improve battery life, particularly for the N5.

    Another good reason to root and install third-party recoverys.

    1. I got dt2w running on my n5 using faux. I love it and my battery lasts longer too now

      1. you beat me to it , I’m running Elemental X on my N5 Loving it……

    2. Who would downvote this? I own a G2 with the feature built in but I also had it on my tablet before it ever existed from LG via third party kernels. It was in fact “adopted” by LG from the modding world it is not something they created.

    3. Yes. I’ve used some of those kernels. There was a kernel that had the ability to flick your phone to wake it. That was… different.

      And I never heard anyone mention installing recoveries as the important thing with rooting.

      “Why root your phone? Because you can get a kick-butt recovery”. LoL!!

    4. Elemental X is awesome. I got it based on your post. Now i have 2T2W on my GPE HTC ONE.

  3. KnockOn is a really cool feature.

  4. I wish this was a simple APK to install. This is a great feature.

  5. I might just throw this onto my GPE ONE.

    1. Done !

  6. Every phone should have this!

  7. Well done LG. You bought us the Chocolate and the Viewty.. Now you’re back to your best with OIS, Knock, Flex & Self Healing backs! Proud owner of my Nexus 5 but secretly hoping you’ll still be Google’s vendor next year so we can continue to enjoy your innovation!

    1. What innovation, save for self healing.

  8. Knock phone twice? With Moto X, simply picking up the phone (or any other movement) wakes it up!

  9. It is innovative copying, isn’t it ?

    This is the Nokia “Double Tap to wake feature”, which is at least 5 years old.

    Stop copying. Innovate !

  10. Everyone phone without a home button should have this knockknock feature, and since there’s no way something so simple could possibly be patented……. why not.

    1. I have to say I feel that a home button and a back button should stay. They don’t necessarily have to be physical buttons, though (don’t freak out on me for saying any of this, please). I’ve only had one smartphone in my life (Galaxy S3 which I still have). Maybe I’ve just really gotten used to the presence of the buttons but I find using any iPhone that only has the home button impossible to deal with. I tried using an iPhone the other day and couldn’t get anything to work the way I wanted to.

  11. Love it. Find myself doing it on all my other devices.

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