Dec 30th, 2013 publishUpdated   Mar 18th, 2014, 2:16 pm

It didn’t take long for folks to learn that the original Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch was rushed to market. With a limited subset of features, and with it initially available for a very limited amount of Samsung’s smartphones, it’s no inaccurate to suggest the watch was a bit of a dud. Samsung later admitted that the Galaxy Gear was a bit rough around the edges, and seemed to confirm that they would be moving quickly on a more complete sequel. So when is that going to happen?


Latest rumors suggest we circle our calendars for February in Barcelona, Spain. That’s where Mobile World Congress takes place, a venue where Samsung historically has big announcements and product unveilings.

Beyond that, we’re told to expect the Samsung Galaxy Band, which is a fitness tracker that will be able to sync all your relevant workout and vitality information with your smartphones. Samsung already showed interest in bringing health-related features to their phones with the pre-installed pedometer app, so a full-fledged fitness solution doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary.

If we’re lucky, we might also get some new tablets and smartphones. Samsung could introduce new options in the Galaxy Tab line, and it might not be a bad time to bring the Samsung Galaxy S5 we’ve all been waiting for. And should the rumored 12.2-inch Samsung Galaxy Note Pro miss the bus to CES in Vegas, we could be seeing that launch, as well.

No matter which way you spin it, though, everything points to a very big Q1 for Samsung, and our attention will be focused squarely on the biggest player in Android (and, arguably, all of mobile).

[via Korean Herald]

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