Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2, Galaxy Band said to be coming to Mobile World Congress


It didn’t take long for folks to learn that the original Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch was rushed to market. With a limited subset of features, and with it initially available for a very limited amount of Samsung’s smartphones, it’s no inaccurate to suggest the watch was a bit of a dud. Samsung later admitted that the Galaxy Gear was a bit rough around the edges, and seemed to confirm that they would be moving quickly on a more complete sequel. So when is that going to happen?


Latest rumors suggest we circle our calendars for February in Barcelona, Spain. That’s where Mobile World Congress takes place, a venue where Samsung historically has big announcements and product unveilings.

Beyond that, we’re told to expect the Samsung Galaxy Band, which is a fitness tracker that will be able to sync all your relevant workout and vitality information with your smartphones. Samsung already showed interest in bringing health-related features to their phones with the pre-installed pedometer app, so a full-fledged fitness solution doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary.

If we’re lucky, we might also get some new tablets and smartphones. Samsung could introduce new options in the Galaxy Tab line, and it might not be a bad time to bring the Samsung Galaxy S5 we’ve all been waiting for. And should the rumored 12.2-inch Samsung Galaxy Note Pro miss the bus to CES in Vegas, we could be seeing that launch, as well.

No matter which way you spin it, though, everything points to a very big Q1 for Samsung, and our attention will be focused squarely on the biggest player in Android (and, arguably, all of mobile).

[via Korean Herald]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. hmm…guess I’ll have to return mine before the return period is up.

    1. You actually bought one??

      1. I know quite a few people with them. Most people who hate the device have not actually used one (as in day to day usage). It is actually a pretty sweet device.

        1. I finally tested one out in person. It’s not a bad looking device, but i can’t see myself paying that much for it. I’ll see what they do on the gear 2.

          1. See you say “in person”. So you held it, scrolled through the screens, took a few pictures, probably made a call? For $200 it makes a great WATCH, because my old one only used to tell me the date and time. Battery isn’t bad at all and with null_ rom it is much better. Of course this is MHO and have been using it for over a month. Will look to sell it and get the Gear 2. I’d say in order to not be biased is to use it at least for one full week without switching to a regular watch. Erica Griffin I believe did a full week without using any other device to see what she thought of it.

          2. Correction, it’s not $200 dollars it’s 300 plus tax, and the battery life is terrible on it. Plus i have a pebble, which cost way less.

          3. Well I got the Note 3 so the Gear came out to $200 at Verizon. And battery life is great ON MINE. You just have to be smart (not charging all night, brightness low when possible).

          4. yeah great deal there.

          5. Yea I wasn’t going to get it because I wasn’t aware of it until I went in to get the phone.

          6. My battery life is okay at best. By the end of my twelve hour (ten hours in maybe) shift I will need to recharge it like most electronic devices (i.e. laptops, cellphones, tablets, google glass, ect.). I rationalized my purchase taking into account the many watches that I own, which range from 400-600 dollars. These watches could only provide date, and time in different timezones. My gear does that and much more. With the latest update, I can now actually read text messages and not be forced to open the app on the phone. It will only improve with time, and as a tech-head, I am looking forward to the gear 2.

      2. it’s not as bad as everyone played it out to be – the hardware was fine it was the software that lacked but after the latest update the watch is pretty cool. More apps have been added to notifications, preview lines for emails and text as well as being able to read a good amount of text from emails. since the latest update I only take my phone out when I really have to and not every time it vibrates or rings…

    2. I will have to return mine as well. Just got the update to read notifications. This sucks. They heard the complaints and probaly revamped this baby. I will have it.
      edit: I just finished the article. this may be specifically for sports and exercise. will wait to see what happens.

  2. Galaxy Gear was a huge waste.

  3. Good. If Nike isn’t going to play the game, Samsung is the perfect company to push health & fitness to smart-life.

  4. They need to make it work with all phones (IOS if possible as well) for it to be successful.

    1. This would be awesome. I don’t own an IOS device but know a few people that would be interested in the Gear and they have iPhones.

  5. The biggest problem with Galaxy Gear is that it only really works fully with certain Samsung Galaxy devices. That is enough to keep me from even thinking about buying one. Sure, I have a Galaxy Tab 2 and a Galaxy S3, but my next phone may not be a Samsung, and I’m not spending Gear money so I can have a crippled experience with it in 6 months. Samsung, stop trying to be the Apple of the Android world.

    1. I like how you think Samsung or any other company caters to YOU. They have and will do what they want because they can. If you don’t need/want the Gear 2 or any other device. Don’t buy it. They are not forcing you. You have choices, stop whining.

  6. Well I only paid 170.00 for mine and I have the update. So this watch is nice

  7. Everyone who bought the galaxy gear got PLAYED. 300 bucks for some nonsense that Samsung knew it was replacing in less than 6 months. Wow. And people have the nerve to talk about Apple because they release a new phone every year. I switched to a note 3, but Samsung is a copycat and this phone is an iPhone knockoff from the os to the way it takes screenshots. That’s why Toyota started making curved metal panels, to prevent Koreans and kia/hyundai rom copying them. Copycat korea….

  8. The only reason people with iPhone want the gear is bc iPhone doesn’t have one. Samsung is totally the best products to have! I phone is not user friendly. I can use my Samsung phone just as easily as people use their iphones. And I don’t have to use Icloud or iTunes. And so many more apps r free. I don’t even use a computer and can back up everything on my phone without a computer. IPhone is flat out retarded. And small! N slow.. obviously some people r in their feelings about the gear simply because they refuse to use anything but crap apple. Smh.idiots! Android all the way! But Samsung is the best!

  9. Great watch. Does everything I would want it to do, Amazon and Best Buy recently had them on Sale for $239.00. Why are you paying $300.00? Use a little effort people!

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