Samsung announces 8-gigabit LPDDR4 RAM, could bring 4GB of RAM in future devices


Samsung has announced yet another mobile silicon breakthrough. The South Korean company has announced the world’s first 8-gigabit LPDDR4 RAM capable of 1GB of RAM on a single die. The mark is heralded as the largest density of memory available on a single embedded die today. Samsung says it will provide performance that’s 50% faster than the fastest LPDDR3 RAM while using 40% less energy overall.

samsung lpddr4 8 gigabit ram 1

What’s more? This will enable Samsung to offer 4GB LPDDR4 chips in 2014, a mark that would be absolutely insane considering most OEMs have yet to adopt 3GB configurations. Such a development would probably require brand new chipsets to take advantage, though we imagine that’s something Samsung is also thinking about behind closed doors. The company is rumored to be working on a new Exynos chipset that will enable 64-bit computing.

That won’t be the end of it, of course. We still need to wait for further advancements in Android before OEMs can take full advantage of 4GB of RAM, but it’s not impossible to believe Samsung would develop their own solutions custom fit for their own devices and tablets. The company says the new 8-gigabit memory will be available at some point in 2014, though it remains to be seen which device will carry the honor of being the first to offer it.

We’re all obviously hoping it’s something that’ll be on the way soon, like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note Pro tablet, but we’ll try not to get our hopes up just yet. Besides, 3GB of RAM has proven to be more than enough for most mobile needs.

samsung lpddr4 ram 8 gigabit 2[via Samsung]


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  1. Great, now hopefully they can change their whole design language and UI and I just may consider… Nah not really, I’m definitely getting the HTC Two

    1. Or maybe it will be called the HTC One II ^_^

      1. HTC One and a half

    2. I’m actually more interested in what the name will be over what the phone is.

  2. I have the Note 3 and if all goes as I hope it does and this RAM make it’s way into the Note 4 I’ll be grabbing that next year.

    1. I’m in that Boat……

    2. If they give touchwiz an overhaul I’ll be getting one too.

  3. Sounds like the galaxy note 4 will be super over powered.

    1. There will never be such a thing as super over powered for Android Die Hards…LOL

    2. Doesn’t matter how over-powered any Samsung phone is, until they drop their laggy skin they will never beat the real world performance of a Nexus. I used to be a Samsung fan, but after getting the N5 I will not consider anything that doesn’t perform as well. My N5 makes my colleagues Note 3 look like a joke, performance-wise.

  4. @toomuchgame I agree. I’m getting tired of touchwiz. Ready to give HTC a go again. Had the Dinc2 a while back. Loved it. But Sense 5 is so clean and simple looking. Compared to touchwiz. Trying to get rid of my note 2 and get a One for now. Then the M8

    1. I own the HTC One Max and I love the UI. It runs smoothly with the SD600. I got tired of TouchWiz and now I’ll never go back to it again.

  5. Good news, mainly on the 40% less energy if true. More RAM has always been known to be a battery life draw in mobile devices.

    I guess 4GB phones will be coming in 2015 so 64-bit ARMv8 is right on time. Why they’ll need that much RAM to send emails and texts? No clue :) On a side note, this will probably push Apple to go to 2GB RAM in their devices as well.

    1. it’ll be nice for those 3d games like shadow gun

      1. I ran shadow gun on my GS II without any issues. All that power, IMO, is a waste. I would be more impressed if Samsung figured out a way to use the existing hardware and made their UI and device(s) 50% faster. I’m tired of all that power packed into phones but never putting it to good use. That said, good on Samsung for being the first to accomplish such a feat.

    2. I’m going to laugh when Apple just does 1.5GB to save money.

      1. I wish android users think out of box , and see that Apple is not about hardcore spec ,looks at there specs , but still there mobile is smooth as hell , just see gta performance

        1. Apple really is able to make good use of their specs, I will admit. And yes, a lot of it has to do with the way iOS was written, for better or for worse. I was bashing iOS or the iPhone. I was just making a joke about Apple since it seems like some of their moves recently were just done to save money and try to help their slimming (but still massive) margins.

    3. So I can play Gamecube emulators. I’m patiently waiting for the day. There’s a Dreamcast emulator.

      Phones are getting powerful.

      Playing League of Legends on the go. LoL!!

  6. I am excited if it really does improve battery life, also more ram always speeds things up and will allow android to truly multitask

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