Dec 30th, 2013

Samsung has announced yet another mobile silicon breakthrough. The South Korean company has announced the world’s first 8-gigabit LPDDR4 RAM capable of 1GB of RAM on a single die. The mark is heralded as the largest density of memory available on a single embedded die today. Samsung says it will provide performance that’s 50% faster than the fastest LPDDR3 RAM while using 40% less energy overall.

samsung lpddr4 8 gigabit ram 1

What’s more? This will enable Samsung to offer 4GB LPDDR4 chips in 2014, a mark that would be absolutely insane considering most OEMs have yet to adopt 3GB configurations. Such a development would probably require brand new chipsets to take advantage, though we imagine that’s something Samsung is also thinking about behind closed doors. The company is rumored to be working on a new Exynos chipset that will enable 64-bit computing.

That won’t be the end of it, of course. We still need to wait for further advancements in Android before OEMs can take full advantage of 4GB of RAM, but it’s not impossible to believe Samsung would develop their own solutions custom fit for their own devices and tablets. The company says the new 8-gigabit memory will be available at some point in 2014, though it remains to be seen which device will carry the honor of being the first to offer it.

We’re all obviously hoping it’s something that’ll be on the way soon, like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note Pro tablet, but we’ll try not to get our hopes up just yet. Besides, 3GB of RAM has proven to be more than enough for most mobile needs.

samsung lpddr4 ram 8 gigabit 2[via Samsung]


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