ARCHOS announces line of connected devices (including smartwatches starting at £50) to debut at CES 2014


Archos Connected Home
With CES 2014 barely a week away, we’ve already got our list of vendors handy to visit on the showroom floor. Seems like almost every year we pay a visit to ARCHOS, and this year will be no different. According to ARCHOS’ press release, they’ve got quite the lineup planned, with a variety of “connected devices” to show off at this year’s CES — including smartwatches.

Billed as “well-designed” and affordable, these devices are all aimed at enhancing connectivity at home, while keeping tabs on personal health. Let’s take a look at what they’ve got lined up.

ARCHOS Connected Home

ARCHOS Connected Home Objects

First up is ARCHOS Connected Home — featuring a 7-inch, custom designed “Smart Home Tablet” at the forefront. For those looking to bring their own device, there is also the Smart Home app for Android and iOS. The app can customize Connected Home actions, like turning on the lights and triggering pingpong ball-sized camera when movement is detected.

Connected Objects include: mini cam, motion ball, movement tag, and smart plug. There’s even a “Weather Station,” used for monitoring indoor and outdoor information like humidity, CO2 levels, temp, etc..

ARCHOS Connected Self

As part of ARCHOS’ Connected Self line of devices is a Connected Scale that recognizes up to 4 different users, tracking body fat and measuring body shape to help lose weight “intelligently”.

ARCHOS Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker measures footsteps, calories burned, and shows the time while syncing data through the smartphone app. With promised 7-day battery life, it sounds like it should easily get users through a solid week of runs.

Also announced was the ARCHOS Blood Pressure Monitor that does, what else, but monitor your blood pressure. It also tracks displays heart beat information, that can be used to detect irregular heart beats.

ARCHOS Smartwatches

Still kept behind the curtain were ARCHOS’ upcoming line of smartwatches, starting as low as £50. The achilles heel of currently available smartwatches are their normally high entry fees, so consider us more than intrigued.

We’ll be bringing you more next week during our CES 2014 coverage, so stay tuned!

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  1. I hadn’t been interested in their stuff because I’ve thought it to be slow and clunky. But with smart watches they have piqued my interest.

  2. Is Archos still putting out low quality product these days? Their stuff always sounds good, but the one product I got from them has kept from ever buying another Archos product.

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