Is this Samsung tablet spotted at the FCC the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4?



A new Samsung tablet has popped up in the FCC’s filings, and we have just enough info to suggest it could be the rumored Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. An outline of the device in question confirms its display measures somewhere in the 8-9 inch range, but the real giveaway is a listed model number of SM-T320.

That number was previously associated with the tablet as part of a report that claimed Samsung would launch both Pro and Lite tablet models in their Galaxy lineup during 2014. The Pro 8.4 would be joined by a Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and Pro 12.2  as well as a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. All devices are expected to launch during the first half of 2014 and could debut at CES, which just so happens to be only a few weeks away. Perhaps our questions wills be answered then.

[FCC via Engadget]

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  1. Let’s see.. this thing will be similar spec to the LG Tab 8.3 but like $150 more expensive!

    1. And the GPad is already too expensive !

      1. It was great when I got it for only $250.

        1. It was even better when I was able to get it for $175 and flip it for a nice $150 profit.

  2. Ooooh goodie ANOTHER Galaxy device…

    1. The level of sarcasm in the comments of the past few days

      is too damn high

      1. But they are humorous

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