LG G3 rumored to carry Quad-HD display, octa-core chipset



Good things come in multiples of four, or that must be LG’s line of thinking based on the latest spec rumors for the LG G3. The G3, which naturally would be the followup to the recently launched G2, could feature a major upgrade in hardware compared to LG’s current flagship (and nearly every other smartphone on the market).

According to ZDNet’s Korean branch, LG is building a handset that will feature a QHD display and octa-core processor. The chipset is said to be under development in-house under the LG Odin name. The phone might also feature a 16MP camera.

The QHD display, which is of an unknown size, is not to be confused with previous qHD displays. Note the capitalization. The upper-case Q stands for ‘quad’ and features a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The LG G3 is expected to launch sometime in 2014, but exact details haven’t been pinned down. No word on if LG will continue to locate the volume rocker and power button on the back of the phone.

[via ZDNet Korea]

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  1. Take the buttons off the back and add MicroSD support and this could be a winner.

    1. I like the buttons in the back. External microsd card slots are known to slow down device. Bring on the G3 as is :D

      1. That’s interesting. None of my devices with micro sd slots have ever, EVER performed slower than ones without. Certain apps not optimized for use on an sd card, sure. But overall device operation? Nah… find another reason to bash the use of sd cards in phones and tablets, please and thank you.

        1. Who is bashing? You see someone bashing?
          I personally have experienced the slowdown. That was one of the reasons I returned the sgs4 for the G2. Now by all means if you prefer a device with a microsd slot then buy one? Thats what choices are for :)

          1. Sounds like you should have gotten a class 10 card. Even recording 1080p video, it copies, what appears to be, instantly.

          2. I did have a 32gb samsung class 10 card. I figured same brand, pure performance. But as bmg314 mentioned some apps werent optimized and I flashed all sorts of roms and weird behavior was happening on boot ups. You were also restricted to installing apps on the device iin most cases anyways and not just samsung, its a google standard now right? I honestly dont miss sd cards :)

          3. I don’t think most people would miss sd cards if more oems started making 64gb and 128gb variants. 32gb on my n5 is barely enough for me.

          4. Ha! What do you have on your phone??
            Granted I opted for the 32GB N5 also (good games are getting bigger), but 16GB N4 was plenty for me. I’m probably in the minority with the grandfathered Unlimited AT&T Data plan so I streamed most everything and kept a GNex backup for music and whatnot

          5. I for one have never experienced a slowdown with a sd card. But to say that sd cards are known to slow down a device sounds like bashing to me

          6. Well, there’s ‘ur problem! Too much rootin’ and tootin’. Root once using CM and yew will be good! Y’all come back now, y’hear?

          7. Really, because my 32 gb Samsung sd class 10, is faster than my San disk ultra 64 gb uhs1

          8. aixnj be like, “Now by all means if you prefer a device with a microsd slot then by one?”

            Ron Burgundy be like, “I’m Ron Burgundy?”


  2. LG is staying active and now will catch up with the QHD displays, Sony will likely be next. Still, I thought they would have released a phablet in between the G3 and the G2. It lets them catch up on the QHD display while prepping up for the G3.

    1. you keep saying catch up.. whom are they catching up to?

      1. To the companies that will release phones with the 2560×1440 resolution.

        1. but they dont exist yet. An unreleased device cant be playing catch up to another unreleased device.

          1. The Vivo Xplay 3S alredy has a 2560×1440 display.

  3. ok….I’ve finally reached that point….I’m sick of the spec wars!

    WHEN ARE WE GOING TO FOCUS ON BATTERY LIFE!! I don’t care how efficient they claim the new processors are going to be……The manufacturers need to be in a battery life race, not a race to get the highest definition screen or see how many cores they can pack in.

    Give me a phone that is 2-3mm thicker and pack the biggest battery possible in there. A week’s worth of heavy usage! And no, swapping batteries or buying a phablet is not good enough. If I use my HTC One for a short trip in the morning, leaving GPS and data on, I don’t want the damn thing at 40% by 11:00 AM.

    1. Agreed, although I would also love to see some awesome cameras as well.

    2. LG nailed the battery life on the G2. I imagine with every generation, battery life gets better so I am sure that the G3 or whatever it gets called will be fine. And yes, I think the Moto X sealed the deal that specs are not everything.

      1. The G2 is almost great… better than any phone that I have used previously but with my usage, i still struggle to get thru a day

      2. I agree, the G2 was a huge step in the right direction as far as battery life…..hopefully HTC will catch on to LG and Motorola and step up and give us the same battery life.

    3. Lg g2 allegedly gets 2 days of battery life. Phones are getting better battery life despite their resolution increases. Your phone this year lasts more than lasts years And that lasted longer than the year before.

      1. It does, I have one. A few nights out if the week I don’t bother putting it on the charger overnight and it’ll get me through the next day just fine.

    4. You mad? Why don’t you design a smartphone for yourself and manufacture it.

      1. Problem, demanding consumer? ;D

    5. With all due respect my Note 3 gets 2 days of battery life easily……

      1. With all due respect, 2 days is still a long way from a week.

        And like i said….”buying a phablet is not good enough”….Sorry, but I’m not buying a ginormous phone to gain one more day of battery life. EDIT: I will buy a THICKER phone to gain battery life, but not going up in screen size.

        1. The G2 isn’t a ginormous phone and the battery will go 2+ days.

          1. The g2 is slightly smaller than the note 2. Listen a weak is a farfetched dream and I’m sorry but by this time 2 yrs from now all phones cept iPhone will be 5′ or bigger!

            BTW running a note 2 rooted running 4.4.2 and I get a full day of hard hard use!

          2. The G2 is huge. Just get a Moto X is has awesome battery life and is the perfect size.

        2. Why in the world do you need a week’s worth of battery life? Do you regularly go camping in the wilderness for a week straight? That’s completely unnecessary, and you are in the vast minority that “needs” a phone to last that long.

      2. Clearly you don’t your phone. I barely get a day most of the time..

        1. Get a new phone clearly you have a defective one……….

    6. I would take 2 full days and not a week and would be happy.

    7. The g2 has great battery life where have you been hiding under a rock. It gets at least two days on moderate use. I’m sure this g3 will be even better.

    8. Every phone I’ve upgraded to has had updated processors and screens and also has had significantly better battery life. I feel its just a myth a higher clocked processor and screen will be worse on the battery. I had the HTC One and yea that thing will be dead by 11:00 am due to sense and the tiny battery inside it.

    9. Go with Moto phones then they should leave you happy with your battery life then

    10. HTCrap!!

  4. I think it took me a day to get use to the buttons on the back, and with the knock on feature you really can’t complain about them. I really like the way LG has stepped up their game and should be seen a a real threat/ competition to Samsung.

    1. With current sales figures I don’t see them being any threat but more competition is good

  5. Would rather see someone focus on a reasonably high end phone that lasts 2-3 days on charge than more performance than needed and more pixels than eye can detect.

  6. They put all the cores in the world into that phone and give it a 4k display, but I still won’t buy it if it has that ugly UI. This goes double for you Samsung

    1. many millions of people don’t agree with your sentiment!

      1. Many millions of people own a “Galaxy” or a “DROID” and still don’t understand what Android is.

        1. yet those people are what keep companies in business. They do need to be catered to.

        2. People being that clueless is the reason why I sometimes just shake my head (and cry a little on the inside). Dem tech feels…

    2. Cyanogenmod’s UI is great on the S3, though. Functional and beautiful.

    3. I do use a root gesture app and Nova, though. No icons. The menus the CM guys use still look great.

  7. How pathetic is is that we have 5″ phones with these resolutions and the majority of laptops are still sold with a crappy 1366×768 or 1600×900 displays. I wish these low res displays would die a cruel death.

    1. Big high-res displays are very costly to produce due to poor yields obtained on large screens, hence the high price tag for Retina category laptops. That’s a shame.

    2. all those low res high definition displays

    3. It’s equally pathetic that almost every smartphone manufacturer is joining the pixel- race with 450 ppi + screens and in the meantime not focussing on developing batteries that give 24 hours screen-on-time and can last for a week.. It’s like a car that runs 250 mph and does 10 mpg, I want a “car” that runs 160 mph and does 50 mpg

    4. I agree. You can get laptops that have 1920×1200 max resolution but they will cost you probably $1200 minimum, though.

    5. Laptops are dying…

  8. i hope htc also comes up with something unique i don’t want htc closing down

    1. I hope the M8 will be awesome…

    2. agreed and if you think about it it’s not rocket science. just keep all the good features on the HTC one and improve on all others. the ppiis already pretty damn high, keep it at 1080p and give us insane battery life!!!!!!

  9. Keep the volume rocker on the back…make it a branding identity.. if they switch…then they are just smart phones. #BrandImage

  10. I rather want the G3 with Snapdragon 805 instead of that octo-quad battery draining and heat generating thing.

    1. What if they ad a huge battery? That would be so nice..

      1. 5000 mAh and I am sold :)

  11. I was very Tempted to buy the G2 this year but got trumped for the HTC ONE , now if lg can turn the competition up even more I would be hard pressed to pass it up a second time ……

    1. G2 is awesome. Now if only they’d make one with Wacom technology like the Note 3…

  12. And watch it only be available overseas….

  13. so Odin eh? will we see LG first own SoC in their next flagship?

  14. Of course it’s going to have these specs.

  15. The number of spam posts on Phandroid the past few days

    is too damn high

  16. I have never owned Crapsung. LG G3 here I come! Proud LG G2 owner – the best phone ever!

    1. Crapsung? Both lg and samsung are very good manufacturers of devices with comparable builds

    2. If the G2 is so good why would you already be upgrading to the G3?

      1. To have the latest. That’s the main reason. Well… That’s mines at least.

  17. and 2 or 3 months after release something will come along with even better hardware and this phone will be considered obsolete.

    i’m more interested in what unqiue features, functions, and software this phone will come with.

  18. Karen james great post.

  19. Lg had one of the first touch phones the lg dare and then they lost there way.

  20. The G2 is a great phone and this makes me very curious about how the G3 is going to be… As a proud Note 3 owner (and former Note 2, GS4, GS3 and 2) I really think the only phone that will possibly be able to compete with the Note 4 next year is the G3… unless Sony is cooking something really surprising and/or Google makes a Nexus 6 PRO or something… LG has the best odds for now though.

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