HP Chromebook 11 returning to retailers, Amazon kicks things off



We’ve been following the HP Chromebook 11 since the device officially announced back in October. Since then, we watched as reports of faulty chargers prompted retailers to pull the laptop from their shelves, eventually leading to a full recall of all chargers sold with the Chromebook 11 a few weeks back.

After all that drama, the Chromebook 11 is now officially making way its way back to retailers, the first of which being Amazon who is once again listing the laptop as “in stock” and for $280 on their site. Still nothing from Google Play or Best Buy, but we imagine it wont be too much longer before you can pick one up from them as well.

Buy the HP Chromebook 11 from Amazon


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  1. “is now officially making way its way back to retailers”

    I think you may have gotten a little excited with the ways, Chris.

  2. Not touch screen?

  3. I’m glad its back..I saw it at Best Buy and I knew I was gonna cop it when Xmas rolls around…but no retailer had it due to recall. you have to see this thing in person…aesthetically…. this is one sexy Chrome book…..

  4. Link is 404

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