Alleged 3D model of HTC M8 (HTC One 2) pictured


HTC M8 wax 3d print model

No, HTC hasn’t begun selling bars of soap in the shape of their Android handsets, what you’re looking at before you is an alleged wax sculpture of the upcoming HTC M8, better known as the HTC One sequel (or HTC Two, or HTC One 2 — whatever you wanna call it).

According to the poster of the original image (which has since been removed from the Chinese blogging site Sina Weibo), this wax sculpture was based on a 1:1 3D model of the M8, more than likely used by Chinese accessory manufacturers. How this person was able to secure images of, or make a wax model is anyone’s guess, so for now, we’ll take it with a grain of salt.

The only thing we really know is that the release of HTC’s followup to their hottest Android to-date is imminent, given the February announcement of the previous flagship. In order to get the jump on the competition, we’d expect HTC to follow that same timing, only minus the manufacturing delays that plagued the HTC One’s launch initially.

Rumored specs for the M8 are exactly what you’d expect of a flagship in 2014, although you’ll notice the absence of an HTC One Max-like fingerprint scanner. One thing that is easy to make out is a dual-LED flash on the back, similar to the white/amber combo used on the iPhone 5s to help better adjust to the surrounding light. Interesting…

[via NWE]

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HTC gives us a behind the scenes look at the Android OS update process [INFOGRAPH]

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  1. This phone is why I signed up for Jump. I want it the day it comes out.

  2. Also looks like due to the bezel size it will still have physical buttons.

    1. Yup, right along the bottom. :/

      1. HTC, I am disappoint.

        1. Why. HTC hasn’t even announced there phone yet nor name soooo, don’t be disappointed with HTC already because of rumors

    2. Those bezels…
      are HUGE!

  3. I think this model is complete bull #$%^.

  4. What we know for sure is that they’re are keeping the front facing speakers, and they got that going for them, which is nice.

  5. HTC Bezel Monster

  6. HTC one two? it should be just called the HTC two

  7. I can’t buy this leak.
    it looks like an unrefined concept of the original one.
    the bezels are just insane and it is fatter than the iphone 5c which the original one isn’t that much taller in comparison. It just doesn’t add up. dismissing for now until better proof shows up. Besides this is nothing like the blue leak that popped up awhile ago. This one suggests sharply cut beveled front and side edges whereas the blue leak suggested it was all rounded. I think both are just early case concepts for the htc one.

  8. This model looks like a rapid prototype made by HTC out of clay. It’s very common for manufacturers to make these scale models after the initial technical drawings are developed. This tells me that the device is still being refined and is not close to a public release. I highly doubt this is for an accessories manufacturer, as they usually receive technical drawings with detailed dimensions and tolerances. If anything, this is a leak by HTC.

  9. Would calling it the HTC One^2 work?

    1. It would still be a HTC One then.

      1. True dat

  10. If they name it the One 2, they better do a “Mic Check” commercial or I will be mildly disappointed.

    1. I’ll go with “One for the treble, one for the bass, one to get ready, kick it” as a slogan for the One 2014 series.

    2. lol clever and agreed

    3. …or perhaps a One 2 punch?

    4. Hoping they just call it the HTC TWO

  11. Introducing the HTC Bezels. Now with biggie top and bottom bezels.

    1. lol ikr

  12. WTF…Thats a pice of Soap…

  13. Reduce the chin and I’m in.

    1. In HTC’s defense, the bottom “chin” is likely that big to accommodate the hardware navigation buttons. (and the useless HTC logo which should be replaced by the home button)

  14. So they’re going away from Aluminum.

  15. htc needs to fix their bezel that ish is ridiculous…in know they need room for the boom sound(which i like) but they need to remove all other bezel at all cost you shouldnt have a phone that a moto x can fit in with the same size screen as a moto x

  16. wait no fingerprint scanner?…blasphemy!

  17. Can’t do it. Can’t sacrifice small bezels for front facing speakers. The tradeoff isn’t worth it to me.

  18. That shape and the dual lights tell me this is a pre-production mock-up of the One. It’s shape is very similar to my old Sensation 4G. Take the Sensation, add the dual speakers and this shape comes to mind.

  19. I have been using my HTC One (replacing my Sensation) and really like it. Only weak area is the camera but I take a lot of low light pictures and there it excels.

  20. Doesn’t appear to be a massive change, but I liked the form factor as it is. Seems like they’re doing away with the LED notification light though. Spec wise, it shouldn’t be radically different than the HTC One, but just have more optimizations and better battery. it takes forever to charge my HTC One

    1. Looks like there’s two cutouts to the right of the top speaker grill thing. One of them might be for the notification LED.

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    got a 9 month old Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL63 AMG only from working off a home
    pc… go now B­u­z­z­3­1­.­ℂ­o­m

  22. Still gawd awful top & bottom bezels and I bet they’ll skip on the SD card support. I guess HTC will never learn.

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