HP Chromebook 11 chargers recalled after reports of melting and possible fire hazard



It was barely a month after the release of the the ultra stylish HP Chromebook 11 that the laptop began disappearing from store shelves. While this is usually indicative of good sales or high demand, this wasn’t the case for the HP Chromebook 11.

As it turns out, retailers were pulling the laptop after reports of faulty chargers affected a few owners. Today, the Consumer Products Safety Commission was finally able to confirm this information, stating that Google/HP received a total of 9 reports of chargers overheating and even melting, with 1 report of a charger causing a burn, and another causing damage to a pillow.

While that may sound like a relatively small number, this was enough for Google and HP to officially issue a recall on all HP Chromebook 11 chargers sold with the laptop before December 1st (approximately 145,000 units).


Owners have been instructed to stop using current chargers and get in touch with Google at (866) 628-1371 from 5 AM to 7 PM for a replacement. There’s also a handy web form you can fill out online here. If you’re leery about using your Chromebook 11 in the meantime, don’t worry, it was only the chargers that were faulty. In fact, Google recommends using any ‘ol standard smartphone or tablet micro USB charger you got lying around until a proper replacement can arrive.

[via ChromeSpot | CPSC]

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  1. “If you’re wondering what to charge your Chromebook 11 in the meantime, Google recommends using any ‘ol standard smartphone or tablet micro USB charger you got lying around until a replacement can arrive” – said no Apple product ever. recall sucks, but isn’t it nice that you can use a charger from anything? in my house we have that micro usb charger for; my nexus 4, family nexus 7, my old droid/milestone, my wife’s old blackberry, my daughter’s leapfrog pen thing, a little stereo, my kobo, my wife’s kobo – you get the idea. I don’t know how apple keeps getting away with their chargers (or Dell, etc for that matter)

  2. Only about a month old with this article….

      1. Weird because Engadget had reported the halt of sales for the same reason.


        1. Huh? The article mentioned — and linked — to a previous article talking about the removal of the Chromebook 11 from store shelves.

          The point of this article to make known the recall of the chargers (which went live today), confirming reports that overheating chargers were the reason sales were, in fact, halted.

          In other words: sales stopped a month ago. People suspected but didn’t really know why. Chargers were recalled today. Now we know it wasn’t faulty Chromebooks, just the chargers. All is well.

          1. Hey Ryan Smith back off Chris, Your just mad his hair puts your mop to shame!!

  3. They stopped selling the whole chrome book as well didn’t they? I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere

    1. Yeah, almost exactly this same time last month. Today the chargers have officially been recalled.

  4. hmm Kind of month old news, HP has stopped shipping these faulty chargers

    1. Yes. After December 1st. This news is for those that purchased before then. They were finally recalled and can now be replaced.

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