ASUS teasing dual-boot tablet ahead of CES; Android and Windows in tow? [VIDEO]


It looks like ASUS can’t get enough device convergence, as the Taiwanese company is gearing up to bring us yet another dual-booting hybrid convertible doohickey. This time, they’re teasing a device that might dual boot both Windows and Android.

They did so with a video short of the Statue of Liberty holding up both a blue and a green device. The caption? “Green or Blue? One or Two?” It sounds like they’re going to be giving us the goods we want in one solid package.

So what can we expect? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen ASUS try something like this, with the company’s Transformer Book Trio giving you a similar dual-boot option. The caveat was that you had to be in laptop mode to gain access to both on-board operating systems.

We imagine ASUS has found a way to do away with that requirement, so a brand new product to unveil that achievement is most certainly warranted. It’s all going down at CES starting January 6th, and you know we’ll be there to take it all in live. Watch the quick teaser above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. maybe it will dual boot gingerbread and honey comb?….. lololol

    1. i think the biggest thing that would make it sell is price point $1000 or under

  2. Microsoft is just dying for even the smallest amount of attention. Microsoft is pathetic for talking a manufacturer in to doing this crap. I see MS has very little shame left :-D

    1. The surprising thing is you thought Microsoft ever had any shame..

    2. Isn’t this what people are wanting to happen? To stop having these “patents” and just work together?

      I guess not… =.S

  3. I like the idea, would be easy easier than having two devices, an Android tablet and a Windows laptop, just switch boot to the one you want/need at that time. I need a new laptop, so let’s see the specs and price point on this thing.

  4. Hopefully it will dual boot Android and Windows 7 because Windows 8 is dreadful!

    1. not sure why people say that win8(.1) is bad. i have an Asus transformer t100 and its awesome on it. the “metro” start screen is really great for touchscreens. Win8.1 is also less resource intensive, so you can run smoother with lesser hardware.

      i really hope someone can port android dual boot to the t100, it would be amazing for a $300 device

      1. It’s too new. People don’t want to take the time to learn. I used to hate it a lot, and I work in our school’s IT support desk. LoL!!

        After using people’s computers with Windows 8, it started growing on me. It’s not really bad, just have to learn a few things. I’m starting to not mind it at all.

        I still don’t have it on my own laptop. I don’t want it on a non-touchscreen laptop. That’s what ruined the experience for me.

        1. nickname nailed it here i believe. i enjoy windows 8. its great for touchscreen devices but it a bit harsh on the learning curve for the non-touch screens. it does crash less…it does use a lot less memory and it operates faster (statistically) than windows 7. It does have its problems and i still do have a windows 7 box for those problems but overall, from a ‘techie’ standpoint its pretty good :-)

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    1. Paid for the mortgage and a Range Rover in only 11 months?!? Dayum! Congrats!


      Get your crud outta here.

      1. If you believe that poster I have some swampland in the Deep South ready for development that you’ll simply love!

  6. why pos windozwe make it webos or Ubuntu…no one cares for windoze phones or tablets

    1. actually most everyone cares for windows / android / apple tablets because they are easy to use and compatible (except for the apple ones, but they are easy to use) people like the windows tablets because of the compatibility, ease of use, and familiarity. webos was quite possibly the worst idea ever and destroyed HP. there was already windows, apple, android and BBY…WHY would someone create a 5th OS? Ubuntu is awesome, i love using it…but people would have to learn how to use it and lets all be honest…that will NOT happen. its great but if you really want to USE it and take advantage of its capabilities the OS can be a bit complicated. once you get past that quick learning curve its awesome though…but that is far too much work for people these days :)

      1. you have never used webos and worst os in world is windows its been 20 windrows has been a pos due monopoly with oem it has survived.. windows is a cancer it has literally destroyed innovation it is now playing the scum bag dirty trick with rockstar like it did with sco Unix . want more example let me know. BTW ms paid HP to destroy webos when it saw how great it was and how HP plans were to include it to desktop.. remember my OEM monopoly statement ms played it again like Netscape, WordPerfect, Sybase on on.

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