ASUS Transformer Book Trio brings Android and Windows in one notebook/tablet hybrid experience



ASUS had a lot to announce this week at Computex 2013 in Taiwan, and one of the biggest was the addition of a notebook/tablet hybrid. They’re calling it the ASUS Transformer Book Trio, and it will bring Windows 8 and Android Jelly Bean together in a three-pronged experience that should bring folks the best of both worlds in both form factor and operating system. For the Windows portion, you’ll have Intel’s Core i7 chipset inside, and Android will sip on a less powerful 2GHz Intel ATOM-based Z2580 chipset.

The device will feature an 11.6 inch 1080p display for your viewing pleasure. For storage, you’ve got 64GB of flash memory inside the tablet portion, and a 1TB hard drive sitting inside the dock. This sort of dual-headed attack has also been applied to the battery portion, with the dock housing its own bigger battery independent of the one inside the tablet.

Both sides of the pie will offer up full experiences, so you’ll be able to do everything Android allows once you boot into that side of things, and take extent of the full power of the Windows desktop experience if you’re looking to do a bit more serious computing. It’s an interesting development for sure, and one we hope makes its way to all facets of the world as soon as possible (ASUS only promised Q3 for the time being).

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  1. I sure would have considered this a year or two ago, but it seems too little too late now that I have my nexus 7 and netbook when absolutely needed.

  2. Sounds cool.Curious about a couple of things :

    1) Pricing

    2) Are both O/S operable once detached from the dock?

    Just bought a touchscreen ASUS VIVOBOOK, but, will be selling/returning it unopened if the price is right & both O/S are usable undocked.

    EDIT:Looks like ANDROID ONLY when undocked:

    Still kinda cool,would get it if was in the market for a desktop &/or laptop.

    1. I am sure it functions much like the asus AIO desktop. Tablet can only run android, but can have a remote desktop app. AIO came with one, nothing was said about a built in remote desktop app for the trio. Loo at how the AIO functions and imagine it in a laptop. This is how the trio will work

  3. This is why i luv ASUS

  4. I’m confused, where’s the trio? Isn’t this a duo of Android/Windows or netbook/tablet?

    1. I’m guessing that the 3rd leg of the trio is the “desktop”, when connected to another monitor.

  5. Sounds interesting but I think it’s only duo I’m hearing? No trifecta?

  6. Ill be honest, I am really intrigued! I would personally switch it over to Windows 7. But I do think this dual-boot setup is going to be VERY impressive. Lets hope the price point is good. A bad price will kill this beautiful machine!

    1. I’d keep the W8,& just load an app that gives a W7 look & feel(they’re inexpensive, about $5.00) & get the optional VIVO MOUSE:

  7. Let’s see how long this takes to be released….. Transformer Book anyone? I’ll believe Q3 when I see it…..

  8. according to the asus press link someone posted, its up to 64gb on android/tablet side and up to 750gb on windows/dock side, also i5 or i7 so im guessing a top rung device will easily push $1000 or more, interestingly though its a 4th gen i series processor, this would make more sense without the atom processor, but im guessing it comes down to a weight/ battery life problem in the tablet

  9. I want this. Will this be available in the US?

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