Winkfeed is an RSS reader for Google Glass


If you can’t stand to be away from your news feed for any amount of time throughout any given day — and you just happen to own a ridiculously expensive pair of Google Glass — we’ve got the perfect app to show you. It’s Winkfeed, the latest app by Winklogic that will serve up all the latest news from the sites you love to follow (such as Phandroid).


So just how comprehensive of an experience can a Google Glass RSS reader provide? A pretty darn good one, according to the following list of features:

  • Your favorite feeds and more – Setting up your news experience is easy with Winkfeed’s library of sources. Simply click the subscribe link and you’re set. Don’t see a feed you love? Request it and we’ll add it to our list.
  • Never be out of the loop again – Winkfeed monitors major social trends and keeps you up to speed on important subjects. If something breaks, you’ll know the second it happens.
  • Save your favorite articles with a tap – Gone are the days of sifting through endless blog posts and articles. Save only the important updates to your connected Pocket account and enjoy what you’re truly interested in.
  • News that works around you – While the newsroom never truly stops, you can tell Winkfeed to update you on a schedule that fits your needs. You can also sleep uninterrupted by setting customized quiet hours.

It’d be a whole lot better if we could add our own sources or hook up to a service like Feedly. We’ll be pinging Winklogic to see if something like that is in the cards, but for now? What you see is what you get (and what you see is a pretty useful app for the face-dwelling gadget). [Update]: Winklogic says they definitely are working on their own backend service that will allow you to manage your own personal list of RSS feeds.


Winkfeed can be activated using the MyGlass app on your Android device or the website, so be sure to head in there and give it a whirl if you’ve been waiting on something like this. Let’s hope this is just an early beginning to truly great things. PS: don’t forget to subscribe to Phandroid once you’re locked and loaded! You’ll find us under the Technology category. ;)


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Im confused by this “It’d be a whole lot better if we could add our own sources” when in the features list it says “Don’t see a feed you love? Request it and we’ll add it to our list.”

    Is that not the same?

    1. “Requesting” a source and being able to maintain your own list are two different things, even if they flat out say they’ll add it to the list. What happens if they end up getting over a gazillion requests? Can they add all of them? It’d be a bit of a mess. Thankfully, Winklogic tells us they’re working on implementing a full-blown RSS management system.

      1. Got ya. Thanks for clarifying.

  2. Over the past 6 months with Glass, this is my most favorite and most used app.

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