SwiftKey gets a surprise winter holiday themed update


SwiftKey featured

Fresh off the Google Play Store is SwiftKey with a festive new update to one of the best Android keyboards on the market. Aside from introducing a more streamlined installer and patching up a few bugs, SwiftKey is introducing an fun winter-esque theme for the holidays dubbed “Ice”.

Once selected in the options, you’ll notice glossy blue keys with little snow caps on them. But the theme isn’t just static. SwiftKey went all out with key popups in the shape of snowflakes and gestures swipes that create little snow storms, even dropping snow that builds up along the bottom of the keyboard. Super impressive.

Swiftkey Christmas update

The best part about the update is that it’s available via official channels (Google Play) and for those testing their experimental emoji/number row beta. You can grab the official version via the Play Store link below, or directly download the new beta here.

Download on Google Play: SwiftKey Holiday update

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  1. No update available yet in the Amazon App Store. I can’t complain too much since I got it as The Free App of the Day awhile back. Still the best keyboard I have used, hands down.

  2. Can it be used like a standard keyboard, or is swipe the only way?I played with swipe a long time ago. Didn’t like it.

    1. Just an option.

  3. I’d rather they finish the numeric row. It’s a keyboard. I don’t need it to be fancy, just to work better than all others. Without a numeric row, it isn’t as good (in one respect) as the stock keyboard on a Galaxy Note II.

  4. The Holo theme is by far the best one in Swiftkey.

  5. Too bad swiftkey has became awful lately. The word prediction is no longer precise.

    1. I’ve had no issues and have noticed no changes. I’ve been using it for over a year now.

  6. Got my update today and it works well. The falling snow is cute enough. I read elsewhere about some other holiday goodies if you typed hohoho but did not see anything with that.

    Still the best keyboard out there although the default android keyboard has made great strides and is quickly catching up to swiftkey.

  7. I like how you added the beta link!

  8. Using it now just for the holidays, but little busy and painful on the eyes.

  9. I downloaded the SwiftKey beta a while back but just ended up returning to TouchPal. It’s my favorite so far and the features that I miss from other keyboards (mostly “slide through space” functionality of SK and the Google Keyboard) are made up for by the unique features and crisp appearance of TouchPal. I kind of wish that TouchPal had a cooler looking tracer though.

    …though when it comes to prediction nothing seems to beat SwiftKey, another feature that TouchPal lacks. (by that I mean it’s prediction isn’t as good as SK’s, not that it doesn’t exist)

  10. Now this is pretty neat. Definitely going to try this :)

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