Dolphin Zero aims to be the Snapchat of browsers by shredding every piece of data


Dolphin has announced a new browser that they hope will assuage the privacy fears of paranoid people everywhere. Dolphin Zero is the name, and it’s being described as a “Snapchat of browsers,” of sorts. In an age where secret data collection is becoming the norm, Dolphin wanted folks to have a solution that would shred every piece of data they could without fear of leaving a trace.

dolphin zero

Here’s a list of just a few of the things Dolphin Zero will look to scrub clean from your device’s slate:

  • Browser History
  • Form Data
  • Passwords
  • Cached Data and Files
  • Input Data
  • User Address Book
  • Cookies
  • Location Information

The browser will also come with support for do-not-track requests built-in, and will feature DuckDuckGo — a privacy-based search engine — as the default search engine. “We are excited to be the default search engine in Dolphin Zero,” said Gabriel Weinberg, CEO and founder of DuckDuckGo. “It is encouraging to see companies like Dolphin making privacy a primary focus, and I’m glad DuckDuckGo can be a part of it”.

Dolphin Zero is already sitting in the Google Play Store for free, so get on over there and give it a try if you’re looking for something that has your back against all the prying eyes of the digital world today.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Cool that companies are taking notice of privacy concerns, but things like this may present a false sense of privacy to the average user. Scrubbing your local cache may be good for guarding against local law enforcement that may try to search your device directly, but will do nothing to guard against the NSA who is actively watching/logging your pipe.

    Native Tor support through Orbot integration or something of the like would be nice.

    1. I was hoping for Tor support also when I clicked the article. maybe we should email them?

      1. yeah do that.

        1. done:D

    2. i don’t know how much opera can be trusted, but they are currently working on a universal turbo mode which routes all your traffic through their servers.
      i also don’t know the exact method they use, but there’s a good chance that it will hide your activities from your provider(they only see traffic to opera) and your identity from websites you visit(they see you as opera)

      you still have to trust a company with your traffic, but at least it’s not a company that has to obey all demands the US government may choose to make.

      use the 2 together and it will probably be much harder for anyone to trace what you’re doing.

      1. “you still have to trust a company with your traffic, but at least it’s not a company that has to obey all demands the US government may choose to make.” With a court order. You know a that validates the reasons to honor the governments warrant.

    3. “but will do nothing to guard against the NSA who is actively watching/logging your pipe.”…they are?

      1. It would be safe to assume as much; considering they can watch your Skype and XBOX live communications to name a couple, and they have effectively given themselves carte blanche in observing US citizens through a flimsy “incidental collection” defense; anyone security/privacy minded should assume all their packets are being observed.

        1. Do you have any PROOF that they are engaging in this, Cartman?

          1. Only the very well documented leaks of secret NSA documents by some guy named Edward Snowden… have you been living under a rock?

        2. Are you communicating with terrorists?

          1. Is this the part where you defend the US governments right to spy on its citizens without a warrant? The fourth amendment of the constitution, which protects ALL US citizens, might beg to differ. By the way, it’s not just anyone that communicates with terrorists; it’s anyone that communicates with anyone outside the country.

          2. When you look at THE FACTS of what the NSA is actually doing YOU QUICKLY LEARN how much disinformation and paranoia is being spread by people like you.

          3. Tell your boss to stop spying on us, please and thanks.

          4. Man the phuck up dude! Back your claims!

          5. Wow! Could you possibly be any more unoriginal?

          6. An admirable defense in favor of overlooking the basic rights ensured by our founding fathers.

            “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.”
            -Ben Franklin

          7. Is that what you do? Post the same BF quotequote and think you are sooooo creative and original?

          8. Nope… basic civil rights has absolutely nothing to do with originality. However I will grant you that arguing against these same rights is indeed very original. Kudos.

        3. Do you have any evidence to support your argument that they are watching people’s Skype and Xbox Live? Do you have any evidence to show this at all? Or is this one of those, ” well they could do it” arguments?

          Let’s get downto the things you paranoid’s like to avoid… FACTS AND EVIDENCE!

    4. You could use PPTP or a VPN as an alternative to Orbot

  2. We all know what this is REALLY for ;)

    1. Buying Chriatmas presents?

      1. Yep. Now you can feel safe when browsing for that perfect gift.

        1. ….and C batteries to go with the new, “toy”.

          1. Calm down.

          2. C batteries?!?!?! that’s a big ass “toy”!!!!!!

    2. My porn addiction? JK JK JK

      1. yours and mine.

      2. Assuming it’s an addiction…………

          1. Outta line.

  3. Girlfriend: “Hey, what is this Dolphin Zero app on your phone?”

    *starts sweating profusely*

    1. Just tell it is browser with no artificial sweeteners!

      1. Coke Zero still has artificial sweeteners, just different ones than diet coke.

    2. Assuming your girlfriend knows what Dolphin Zero is. =.D

      1. Assuming Chris has a girlfriend that isnt a robot that he could just wipe the memory of…
        Guys! New invention! Once google glass gets implanted in people’s heads, we can just wipe their memory for the last 10 minutes Men in Black style
        I would have like 10 more girlfriends… For a total of 10…
        (weirdest Phandroid comment ive ever written…)

        1. LoL!! I’m sorry…? =.P

          1. I guess thats the right answer? To be honest I was a bit sleep deprived when I wrote that, functioning only on the wisps of energy i was able to suck out of mtn dew…

          2. I don’t like Mountain Dew. But then again, this isn’t about me. LoL!!

  4. Woo hoo, my new illicit activity browser!

    What’s the difference from going ‘incognito’ instead?

    1. I think that’s it. There is no difference. So instead of going incognito, you use a completely different browser. IDK…

  5. I wonder why people would use this browser…

    1. To process a transaction online because the app just isn’t enough…………

    2. *wink* *wink*
      after seeing the comments on the BBM LG article, I have a good feeling…

  6. Does it actually scrub the files it erases (writes random 1’s and 0’s over top of them)? Files are still recoverable after deleting, even on solid state memory.

  7. some of you that are posting seriously need to seek mental health care asap! They AREN’T SPYING ON YOU CARTMAN!

  8. Chrome incognito problem solved

  9. Cool! I like products like this that offer privacy. I’m a big fan of DuckDuckGo, Ravetree, and HushMail, and now I will have to add this to my list.

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