T-Mobile CEO John Legere teases UnCarrier 4.0 on Twitter; what’s in store this time?


UnCarrier has been the absolute most interesting string of carrier news to follow in the past year. T-Mobile has made tons of great blockbuster announcements, from unlimited international roaming to their  early upgrade program dubbed T-Mobile Jump. Now, a new wave of announcements is set to take place at some point in the near future, according to their own CEO.

John Legere Twitter

John Legere posted the following Tweet on his personal account this morning:

Everything about this Tweet is interesting. The Happy New Year wish seems to indicate the announcement — being billed as UnCarrier 4 — will happen at some point right after the calendar turns. CES, perhaps? One can only hope so.

And what’s with the #Randall hashtag there at the end? Is he calling out AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson with that one? Or are the two going to be working together for the first time since T-Mobile and AT&T’s acquisition deal was blocked by the US government? The possibilities are endless, and endlessly exciting. You can bet Magenta will have our attention in the weeks to come.


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  1. Why do I feel like the announcement will be about retail?

    1. Can you be more specific?

      1. Not based off of anything, but I have a hunch that they are going to do some sort of makeover in their retail stores. That’s the last major headache I can think of in a phone buying process and dealing with a carrier. It might be a makeover for just the looks of their stores and maybe having less dummy phones/more real ones, and possibly retooling how customers are dealt with.

    2. Viva T-Movil

  2. att just announced a 4g partnership with a british telecon. maybe t-mobile is going to up their 2g offering for international use to 4g? usually they go above and beyond what’s already out there though so maybe something more?

    1. They already offer 4G roaming you buy speed passes from them for the week.

      1. right. you have to buy them.

        1. Which is a lot less expensive than the $15 a mega byte at&t charges when using international 4G roaming.

  3. to quote the movie SEMI-PRO “I don’t know why… but I just got an erection.”

  4. Refunds for unused data?

    1. They do this. I had the 6.5GB of tethering before I knew they upgraded the free tethering from 500MB to 2.5GB.

      I went back to that plan and they refunded me the data I didn’t use with the tethering. I remember hearing the word “pro-rated”. I’m guessing that was the difference.

      So if you get a lower data plan and didn’t go over that lower data plan, they refund what you would have saved.

      is that what you meant?

      1. Not really, I mean that if I have a 2.5geebe plan – like I do – and only use 300mb or so – like I do… do I get like a $5 credit on my account for only using a small amount of data?

        1. LoL!! That would be lovely, wouldn’t it? I HIGHLY doubt that, though. That’s the same as buying a large soda, drinking half of it and wanting a refund of the half you didn’t drink.

          I would expect roll over data, though. That would be a bit more on practical then refunding you money every month.

      2. They give that 2.5 to everyone? Darn I thought I was special lol

        1. LoL!! Nope. You ain’t special. =.P

          Yea, it used to be 500MB and they just randomly updated to 2.5GB. I was like “HAIL YEA!!” LoL!!

    2. roll over data?

      1. I don’t know about roll over data especially since all their plans are pretty much unlimited (just at 2G speeds)

        But it am sure they are going to offer rollover minutes to match AT&T. They didn’t already do that right?

        1. The primary plan is unlimited minutes already.

  5. Maybe a free phone every year you stay with T-Mobile???

  6. Hopefully an improved network coverage!

  7. The last portion of that tweet is directed at the AT&T CEO, but its not because they’ll be working together. Its “Happy New Year Randall”. No period in between. If you follow his tweets, and not read just one, you’ll see that he called out Randall a few tweets prior. Whatever 4.0 is, it’ll be a direct hit on something AT&T is doing poorly.

    1. Yup I think there was a heaping load of sarcasm in wishing Randal a happy New Year. I love how ballsy John Legere is!

    2. Agreed. With as many direct shots as T-mobile has made in their ads recently, I don’t see a lot of cooperative spirit there anytime soon!

    3. A direct hit on something AT&T is doing poorly. Gee, that really narrows it down, doesn’t it?

  8. Eliminate credit checks? No data roaming within the US?

  9. A better 3g roaming agreement with at&t? Say 1gb of roaming data per user.

  10. I may get flak for this but I love t-mobile and admire them and john especially for shaking things up and calling out the other mobile CEOs. One thing that not many people mention is that everytime I call t-mobile I get a friendly American customer support agent. Yesterday I was speaking with one about my wireless hotspot and discussing options for something better than 500 mb for free and she offered me 2.5 GB for free!! Doesn’t AT&T charge like $20 for that??

    1. I love what T-Mobile has been doing lately. I just hope they expand their network fast. I hope I can make the move when Verizon kicks me off of unlimited data.

      1. I’m just worried about the eyes Softbank has on them. I don’t want to leave Sprint for T-Mo just to get required through a buy out.

  11. They’re going to start selling all the used phones that the JUMP program has been bringing in, to customers that don’t qualify or want a cheaper option to the installment plans.

  12. This is an exciting time to be a T-Mobile customer..

  13. Good customer service? Nah

  14. The only pain point I have with TMO is that their network is awful if you’re anywhere even the least bit remote, and oftentimes even in solid metro areas. I would have Pandora drop on my commute right through the heart of Phoenix, and VZW works literally anywhere in the US. I had service on Mackinac Island. There are no cars, and no TMO service, but VZW worked.

    VZW is kind of evil though, and literally nearly twice as much, and awful with their phones, and I’d LOVE to switch back to TMO, but the service. is. awful.

    1. No, that’s true with your areas. I live in a small population town(less than 10k) surrounded by small population towns and I regularly get LTE.

    2. It really is on a case by case basis. There are quite a few times that I beat out all other carriers on speed and coverage, while others I’m left in the dust.

      As long as you get great service where you are, like myself, T-Mobile is the best option due to price. If I were to travel a lot I’d pop in a Straight Talk Sim for AT&T and be good to go.

    3. I hate it when people act like their coverage = everyone else’s. T mobile works great in Houston even in this metal building I work in where every other carrier dies upon entry lol

    4. Tmobile doesnt travel well but they’re great in most metropolitan areas and if you live in those areas Tmo is a excellent deal over the big 2.

    5. What part of Phoenix are you driving? I am able to go from Gilbert to Sun City, Cave Creek to Anthem with zero issues.

      I do agree tmobile may not be the best but it works for me and them some.

  15. Unless 4.0 is better coverage, nothing for me here. I do enjoy the figurative finger they are giving to the industry. Well, sorta.

  16. I’m hoping that they’ll credit cancellation fees for those that Jump to T-Mo

  17. I’m hoping they don’t screw over their flexpay customers by promising a $30 unlimited everything plan in a letter then giving them a $50 plan or a $35 plan with no web. Oh wait, they already did that! #shaftingcustomers

  18. If he is calling out At&t CEO Randall Stephenson, Mr. Stephenson has it coming. T-Mobile appears to be moving in a good direction; they seem to care how their customers feel. That’s more than I can say for At&t. Much more.

  19. My only issue is I would love to see a real coverage map broken down by network type

      1. The problem with sensory is where I live all the coverage for lte has been submitted by me

      2. Three weeks ago this was a blank map but I’ve been aggressive in trying to map my town

        1. Nice. I’ve tried my best to fill in the few gaps in my heavily-populated nyc area.

          1. Yeah for awhile I thought tmobile did not have lte in my town because it was blank on sensoly but I recently received my s4 that I won from their hate to wait contest (kind of ironic because I had to wait forever to receive it) and sure enough lte popped up on it. I could not test it before because my s3 was the original release without lte support.

  20. What he needs to do is tell Dan Hesse to F off.

  21. 1.Getting a MINIMUM of HSPA+ to their still VERY numerous GPRS and EDGE areas. Yep, we’re one up here in Mendocino County in Northwestern California.
    2.Letting their customers use Metro PCS’s LTE, there are several areas, mine included that are LTE with Metro PCS, but still GPRS and EDGE with T-Mobile. So, it’s like dangling a carrot, it’s there, but you can’t have it.
    3.Getting big John to learn how to dress, I mean, come on, a CEO that dresses like a 13 year old? Ugh. lol

    1. I like that about him he does what he wants

  22. Half Life 3 announcement.

  23. Legere is a CLOWN!!!

  24. From another site….”TMO is readying a program code-named “Houdini” which will give ATT and VZ customers up to $350 to offset early termination fees. There will be an instant trade-in and a follow-up credit when the cuts submits their final bill from ATT or VZ. Program launches around 1/8. It’s a major effort within TMO right now — as big as JUMP was last spring.”

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