Humble Bundle PC and Android 8 offers 6 cross-platform games for PC, Mac, Linux and Android


Humble Bundle PC Android 8

We know, many of you still reeling from the last Humble Bundle sale that took place only a few weeks ago, offering a handful of awesome Android titles on the cheap. Today, HB is back with a new cross-platform sale, letting gamers pay what they want for games that include PC, Mac, Linux and of course, Android.

Proceeds go to help developers and/or charity and if you pay more than the average, you can unlock 2 additional titles — Hero Academy and Anomaly 2. The full list can be found below.

Pay what you want for:

Pay more than the average to unlock:

Remember, the beauty in this is you’ll only be paying around $4 to unlock all the titles, which can then be downloaded to your PC, Mac, Linux and Android device. They get me every time. Link just after the trailer below.

[Humble Bundle | Humble Bundle app on Google Play]

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  1. Every time. Every freakin’ time. *hands over wallet*

    1. IKR!? And what’s this Anomaly 2? Is that after Anomaly: Korea?

      1. Yeah, it is realy quite new and a great game.

      2. Great sequel to Anomoly HD/Korea

        1. This is good to hear. Then I guess I will be getting the Humble Bundle.

  2. i paid 4 dollars for all these games, I feel like it’s almost free.

  3. awesome, these Humble Bundle purchases are starting to be a regular thing for me :)

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