Dec 17th, 2013


Let me talk to you about this “Amazon phone rumor” thing real quick. It’s tiresome. It’s old. It just. Won’t. Die. They’ve been alive as long as the Amazon tablet rumors have, and we’ve seen multiple generations of that thing launch by now.

But here we are again, once more pondering whether Amazon will look to enter the smartphone arena despite the online retailer attempting to deny it at every turn. DigiTimes says there’s still reason to believe Amazon is going to attempt to break through, with the company reportedly getting Primax to supply the camera sensors for this mystery smartphone.

We still don’t have the slightest clue what this smartphone could end up like, as every report we hear makes it sound as if Amazon is in the very early stages of research and development. We do expect it to be a fork of the Fire OS, which itself is a fork of Android.

This would give Amazon a unique smartphone user interface unlike anyone else’s, though it might be to the detriment of the open, customizable user experience Android users are known to love. Amazon will obviously want to tie in their own multimedia ecosystem such as Kindle Books, Instant Video and Amazon MP3, but at what expense?

Will we be treated to more devices without access to the Google Play Store? And will these devices be subject to the “with offers” form of advertisement that recommends books and videos to buy on your lock screen? Those are questions that can only be answered once official details are ready, though you’ll have to forgive us if we aren’t willing to hold our breath waiting for said details to come to light.

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