Humble Mobile Bundle 3 is live, Ridiculous Fishing makes its Android debut


Humble Bundle Mobile Android 3

Feels like it was only yesterday we were telling you about the Humble Mobile Bundle 2, a charity auction for gamers, delivering some of the hottest indie games, at bargain bin prices. Last time around we saw a few titles make their Android debut, and this time is no different. Vlambeer’s Ridiculous Fishing and Touch Foo’s Swordigo are some of the newest titles joining the cause, making their Android debut with Humble Mobile Bundle 3.

By now I’m sure you know how things work. Gamers can donate a customizable amount of money to HB, the developers of these fine games, as well as the Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Those that donate higher than the current average — presently hovering around $4.77 at the time of writing — you’ll unlock, not only Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush, but whatever new titles to be unveiled in the coming days. That’s more than 6 titles, for just under 5 bucks. Crazy.

Here’s a quick run down of the titles being offered, as well as their normal prices on the Play Store to give you a better sense of the “deal” you’ll be receiving:

Head on over to the link below to donate and claim your games. Don’t forget, the official Humble Bundle Android app is also available for free on Google Play, allowing you to keep track of your running library of games and download as you please. Enjoy!

Humble Bundle | Humble Bundle app on Google Play

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  1. Gosh, they get me EVERY TIME. Haven’t even played all the games from the last round :/

  2. It’s a deal even if you only play a couple games. And the fact that it supports a charity is just gravy.

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