Soak test invites going out for Motorola’s DROID phones on Verizon; KitKat on the way?


It looks like Motorola is starting to survey owners of the Motorola DROID MAXX, DROID Ultra and DROID Mini on Verizon about a forthcoming upgrade, telling folks that a soak test would soon be going out to a limited number of users. The company seemingly went out of its way to hide details about what the upgrade brings, which immediately made us think that this could be the same Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade that has been rolling out to Moto X users across various carriers. That isn’t a guarantee, of course, so we’ll try and curb the excitement until more details leak out.


No other details were provided, though we should note that the survey asked users if they were rooted or have ever been rooted before. Motorola made it a point to remind folks that rooted devices would not be able to properly apply the upgrade, so if you’ve made any changes to your phone you’ll want to roll them back in order to receive it.

Motorola didn’t give any indication as to when this rollout would begin, but asked folks to be patient as it’s possible we might not be hearing anything right away. Read on for the full contents of the invite email being sent out to owners of Motorola’s latest DROID phones.


Thanks for joining the Motorola Feedback Network. We are inviting owners of Droid Ultra, Droid Mini or Droid Maxx on Verizon to participate in an early preview of a new software release, and provide feedback. If you are not currently using a Droid Mini, Ultra or Maxx, please excuse and ignore this email.

This is a confidential test under the terms of the Motorola Feedback Network. Please do not post any details or information about this on any public sites or report it to sites that cover our industry.

Click this link — [REDACTED]  — to take the enrollment survey if you wish to take part. Note that you must be a member in good standing of the Motorola Owners’ Forums to be included. The registration window could close without notice so please respond as quickly as possible.

Thanks — please understand that start times are always fluid. We ask for your patience if you register but don’t hear from us right away.

Motorola Owners’ Forums
Motorola Feedback Network

[Thanks, anon!]

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  1. “This is a confidential test under the terms of the Motorola Feedback Network. Please do not post any details or information about this on any public sites or report it to sites that cover our industry.”

    Phandroid laughs at danger and breaks all the rules

    1. selective reading all the way

  2. I was laughing at the huge section saying not to post this to public sites. Reminds me of cartman’s “I do what I want!”

  3. I’m enjoying the improved update speed for Verizon devices. It’s great news for Android updates in general.

    1. So where is that Galaxy Nexus 4.3?

      1. -_-

        Don’t hold your breath..

        1. I am not. I am only pointing out VZW is not changed. This is just moto trying to survive.

          1. I can’t be the only one who’s seen recent improvement from Verizon.

      2. Even CM isn’t planning to update for that phone.

        1. Citation for that?

          1. Nightlies for 11 are already out.

  4. I just signed up for the forum. Here’s hoping that they allow a forum newb join in the fun.

  5. KitKat is very unstable on my wifi N7(2013).

    I hope that isn’t the case with the Droid update……

    1. It’s been incredibly stable on the Moto X, so I see no reason why it shouldn’t be equally fine on these Droids.

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