Verizon HTC One receiving Android 4.3 next week, 4.4.2 hits Google Play edition [DOWNLOAD]


HTC One Google Edition vs Sense

It’s time to get everyone up to speed on the saga that is the Android update schedule for the HTC One. First line of business is the delayed Android 4.3 update for the HTC on Verizon.

Verizon HTC One

Last we heard, it involved a 2-stage update that began a few weeks ago, with the full bump to 4.3 promised for sometime in December. Here we are well into December and today, HTC’s Executive Director of Product Management confirmed via Twitter that the 4.3 update has finally been greenlit by Verizon Wireless with a rollout set to begin next week. Keep in mind 4.3 will still run HTC’s Sense 5.0 user interface, with 5.5 arriving along with KitKat in January.

HTC One Google Play edition

A little earlier today, HTCDev also made available their Android 4.4.2 framework support files and zips for the HTC One Google Play edition. Shortly after, we’ve been receiving reports that the update has already commenced, bringing HTC One GPe users completely up-to-date with their Nexus brethren.

Direct download via Google servers: 4.4.2 OTA for HTC One GPe

Sprint HTC One

Those of you with the HTC One on Sprint, it looks like a maintenance update is scheduled to rollout on Tuesday of next week that looks to address a “no SIM” bug among other weirdness — so be on the lookout.

The “new HTC” is going hard in the paint with Android updates on their flagship devices, a fervor we wouldn’t mind seeing in more Android OEMs. We’ll keep you posted on further updates.

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    1. What is the download ?

      1. It’s the OTA direct from Google. If you know what you’re doing, you can download and apply via fastboot if I’m not mistaken.

        1. Yup you are correct! :)

        2. I have a GPE, will it just come on its own ? I converted my Tmobile ONE into an official GPE device. I had to use fastboot for that.

          1. An idiotic downvote once again. Coward.

          2. If youre not man enough to tag my comment with a response dont downvote me. Pussies do that. Hiding behind your keyboards and downvoting over a simple question because you were awesome enough to know the answer, or think you know the answer, and i wasnt sure, so i asked. Grow up and grow a pair or dont downvote for no good reason.

          3. lol whenever i see your logo on here, I just ignore it. Be good for this site and just don’t even bother commenting.

          4. Care to clarify ? Why do you ignore it ? Not that I care, never saw your name at all.

          5. Don’t worry about it, they’re just a bunch of cowards (that probably don’t even smoke crack).

          6. Thanks. Im not a genius and sometimes like to ask questions and i assume there are other people like me that may have the answers. Usually this is the best place to ask. I just didnt expect hostility and arbitrary downvotes.

          7. Yeah asking questions in tech forums garners a lot of hostility sometimes, it’s bizzare. Especially in XDA, those guys come off as autistic douchebags.

          8. No it’s just that this isn’t XDA

          9. And im getting downvoted because of that, why ?

          10. If you did the full conversion (and you’re note just running a stock GPe ROM), then yes. It will come on its own :)

          11. Yep i went through the whole s-off procedure, changed the cid and the mid. It was a lengthy process but it was worth it.

        3. Operative phrase: “if you know what you’re doing”

  1. Hoping 4.4.2 comes to the GPE on T-Mobile.

    1. The update is pushed out by Google, so carrier wouldn’t matter ;)

    2. This doesn’t make sense. Tmo doesn’t sell the Google Edition phones.

      1. Yea, i know. What happened is I converted my Tmo version into an official GPE so im not used to that quite yet. Lol. But thanks for clarifying your confusion with my comment politely and without being rude. I appreciate it.

        1. I’m pretty sure thats not how it works, I would believe each device has a certain serial number of some sort to denote a GPe

          1. I completely reworked the software with help from a few websites. I had to get S-off before i could change the CID and the MID from a T-Mo phone into an official GPE.

        2. Also if you went the length of root why wait just install it I’m sure it has already been made into an extracted form

          1. Once i converted it, root came off, it was as if the phone was reborn.

  2. Chris –

    Samsung beat HTC to the punch on the source upload (by a few hours at most). All GPE devices got the 4.4.2 push today.


  3. Sad this thread is filled with cowards that downvote instead of answering a simple question like Chris did. Thanks Chris !

    1. Vaginas hiding behind keyboards. You guys are so sad.

    2. LoL!! While you can ask questions here, if you don’t get an answer, you’d be better off asking in the Android Forums, or XDA.

      People here usually tell you to Google the question, which just leads you to some article with someone asking the question, meaning that at some point, someone HAS to ask the question. =.=

      1. Lol, again thanks for responding. But have you tried to navigate XDA for something. Sometimes its a breeze, sometimes you go blind from so many posts. I typically Google everything, but I figure we’re on a site for Android enthusiasts that could answer the question just as easily as Googling it. I just got annoyed i suppose at being downvoted for making a comment or asking a question. Its just a question. Lol oh well whatever makes people feel good about themselves.

        1. At the top of this page is a button that says forum – try that.

          1. Thanks ! I appreciate it. Just figured someone would just be nice enough to throw me a bone. I gotta stop feeding the trolls. lol

    3. Against my better judgment, I decided to post this. I’ll only communicate this to you once, so do with it as you will.

      This article was about a set of software updates. You got one or two downvotes and quickly turned it into your rant against downvotes, which lead to more downvotes. I’ve only ever had one other interaction with you, and it was again, all about downvotes.

      I would guess that you’re being trolled. You’ve built up such a reputation and irked so many people that they actively downvote you because it’s fun to watch your response. Don’t like it? Ignore it. Truly ignore it and it will EVENTUALLY go away. But if you keep whining about it, you’re effectively feeding the trolls, and they will keep doing it to you.

      Like I said, I’ll only tell you once. Feel free to downvote me if it makes you feel better.

  4. Loving my s4 gpe, should be getting the update sometime this week I assume.

  5. What can I expect to see on my Verizon One after 4.3?

    1. Not much will really change if your coming from 4.2.2, I think u chain emoji support in your keyboard but I’m not certain

      1. Some Bluetooth enancements, too.

  6. thats great. the end of 2013 is quickly approaching. what about my Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE?

  7. For those like me that have to install the update manually, don’t forget to change back to stock recovery. I forgot that part and a couple of the apps didn’t like it.

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