Dec 16th, 2013

motorola moto x wooden back teaser

Motorola may not have had the wooden backs for the Moto X ready for launch, but the company isn’t going to give up on bringing them out for Moto Maker customers. Motorola took some time yesterday to remind us that the option is still coming with the image above, telling folks they should put their DIY projects on hold.

This particular quote still doesn’t give us a solid time frame to look forward to, but a tease lets us know that Motorola is ready to make this thing available any day now. We expect the wooden backs to be available for all editions of the Moto X sold in Moto Maker, which is now open to nearly any carrier the device is available on.

moto x wooden verizon

We already got a look at press renders for one version of the phone, with @evleaks giving us a quick peak at the thing in Verizon’s drags (which, in case you didn’t guess it, was plastered with out-of-place Verizon logos). We’ll be looking to see if we can get a definite time table from Motorola, but in the meantime let us know if you are holding off on buying the Moto X until this beautiful option is made available.

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