Sony ‘Amami’ passes FCC, looks like Xperia Z1 Mini



A Sony device with codename Amami recently passed through the FCC, and all indications are that the filing is for what will eventually launch as the Xperia Z1 Mini. The device, previously referred to as the Z1S, is given model number D5503.

The Z1 Mini is expected to be a variant of the Japan’s Xperia Z1f (pictured above) for the US and Europe. Pending any possible tweaks, it should feature a 4.3-inch 720p display and 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800. Most impressive, though, is a 20.1 MP camera.

According to the filing, it looks like the Z1 Mini/Amami will launch with Android Jelly Bean rather than KitKat. An official announcement could come early next year at CES.

[via FCC]

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  1. Hopefully the phone doesn’t ship with those icon, they’re TERRIBLE!

    1. No, the xperia phones don’t have those icons.. i am not sure how they got in there.

    2. is that sense?

  2. Great specs for such a small device and im sure it will find a market cause there are enough people that demand a high end device with a small screen everytime a 5 inch device is released.
    The one thing i do not understand is the CPU. Why not a high clocked dual core or a lower clocked quad core?
    It would reduce the cost price of the device cause i doubt that much power is needed.

  3. iCan think of another device it looks like…

    1. The iPwn 5C?

    2. looks like the jony :O

  4. This will be the fastest 720 phone on the market right now along with g flex. after that moto x, xiaomi.

  5. This is readily available for use in us unlocked for T-Mobile and AT&T @ Amazon.com . i talked to t-mobile and they said yes buy and bring it this will work on the network with a 5″ screen curios why they are dropping it down to a 4.3″

    1. Well, some people think that 5″ phones are too big. And since this phone does not sacrifice spec for size, it will be good for them

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