Dec 13th, 2013


Google and LG apear to have tweaked the physical design of the Nexus 5, according to some folks over at the XDA Developers forums. The changes appear to address a few minor issues with phone that have been bugging some users.

The most noticeable change is the presence of larger cutouts for the speaker and microphone on the bottom of the device, perhaps addressing complaints about low volume. The other changes aren’t as easy to spot, but the claim is the Nexus 5’s physical buttons now feel a bit sturdy and the SIM tray sit more flush with the phone’s body.

Subtle tweaks, yes. The new design is probably no reason to return your current Nexus 5 (unless you are having major problems), but it sounds like they make a positive difference. Anyone recently purchase Google’s flagship that can attest to these changes?

[via XDA]

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