A picture of Will Smith and Justin Bieber was the most-liked Instagram photo of 2013



Folks, what you are looking at above was the most-liked Instagram photo of 2013. Is it any surprise that instead of artsy composition and striking subject matter it features two uber celebrities? The recipe for success if Justine Bieber and Will Smith bro-ing out (throw in a peace sign for good measure).

The photo’s status was revealed as part of Instagram’s yearly re-cap, which ranked #love as the hashtag of the year behind #selfie and #tbt and reconfirmed that Thanksgivukkah was one of the social network’s biggest days ever. Instagram also covered the top cities and locations of the year, which not surpassingly included Times Square, Disney World, and Las Vegas among others. The full list can be found over at Instagram’s blog (along with plenty of great shots to take a gander at).

Have a great shot from 2013 you want share? Drop it in the comments below!

[via Instagram]

Kevin Krause
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  1. ..

    1. beat me to it

    2. I guess getting a tattoo just wasn’t enough…

    3. Didn’t hurt as bad as it looked.


  2. *in my peter griffin voice* omg… Who the f*** caaaaaares??

    1. you know what really grinds my gears

      1. Hehehe

        1. Your laugh made me laugh. =.P

    2. This is even worse than that time Kanye West became the biggest douchefag on the planet (in Peter’s voice and the FCC not making you change the dialogue).

  3. “Justine” – haha!

  4. Seemed to have missed that picture. Thanks Phandroid for ruining the end of the year for me.

  5. Seriously

  6. wait… why is this news?

  7. Would have been better if i knew he strangled the little rat right afterward. lol

  8. “The photo’s status was revealed as part of Instagram’s yearly re-cap, which ranked #love as the hashtag of the year behind #selfie and #tbt and reconfirmed that Thanksgivukkah was one of the social network’s biggest days ever. Instagram also covered the top cities and locations of the year, which not surpassingly included Times Square, Disney World, and Las Vegas among others.”

    ..thus confirming Instragram’s status as one of the top Douchestinations on the internet.

  9. This isn’t meant to be rude but how does this wrap into Android news?

    1. Instagram is an app for Android devices. Phandroid covers all things Android+mobile related. Was a fun post. *shrugs*

  10. Idiocracy just got that much closer to being real.

    1. Now there just needs to be a tv show called “Ow, my *alls!” lololol

      1. I thought MTV had that?

  11. Really who on here gives a rat’s ass.
    How about some carrier holiday device sales going on now or early next week?
    Something worthwhile like the Note III, HTC ONE, GALAXY S IV.
    Don’t waste our time with the mini free 2yr contract crap either

    1. Would you really like to see another article about those phones? Because we haven’t seen like thousands of articles about the Note 3, HTC One, and GS4.

      I mean, what’s new in the Android world today? It’s pretty much a standstill now. The only thing they can show is what the ads on this site are already showing already. LoL!!

      I’m just waiting for that article about San Andreas being released. =.D

      1. I would rather see anything Android related an app or game review… damn near anything tech related really even…

        1. This is about Instagram, an app. It’s talking about what was Instagrams most liked picture.

          What’s the problem?

          I’m not even being sarcastic, I really want to know what’s wrong with this article? Why is it not Android related if it’s about an Android app, which you said you would rather here about?

  12. Come on PHANDROID. Fans of ANDROID. What the hell is this doing on my feed. I thought you guys were better than this.

    1. Calm down. There is nothing wrong with a little variety.

    2. Better than..?

  13. The epitome of awesome and douchiness captured in the same pic.

    ps. I’ll let you guess which one Bieber is

    1. Lol leave the little punk alone.

  14. Why is this on an Android related website?

    1. I guess, the Camera they used was an Android device.. lol

      1. Doubtful, knowing it’s Bieber they probably used an iPhone. :/

  15. “when little girls grow up and realize he was never cool” moment..

  16. Wtf? This does not belong on phandroid.

    1. Are you saying you aren’t a….. Belieber? O_o

      1. Calm down.

      2. Don’t mind him/her they have the …..Fever!

  17. I’m still mad get this crap off of here.

  18. And crap like this is why I stay away from Instagram. Will Smith is cool, but Justin is ass, and there’s nothing special about that photo at all. Also, the stupid filters piss me off, why take a good picture and make it look like there’s something wrong with your camera?

  19. Kevin Krause is trolling Phandroid again. Accept this time it isn’t with rubbing his Apple love in our face, it’s torturing us with a completely irrelevant article about a picture with a kid that is completely irrelevant (unless you’re a teenage girl).

    1. So does this mean there shouldn’t be any more app reviews on Phandroid? Hmm…

  20. I wonder where his other hand is?

    1. George Takei would say: “Oohh myy!”

  21. People are raging hard. I hope they realise Bieber is just another pop culture icon who will become less relevant in due time.

  22. Besides, Chris seems to be the most likely culprit to troll on Phandroid by creating something like this. Probably just for our benefit so that we know what’s popular. Now we can mock it. Problem, pop culture? ;D

    1. Trolling would have been talking about Rebecca Black’s new song, Saturday. LoL!!

      That ending though. =.3

      1. I haven’t even heard of it. No doubt that it would have made a trolltastic Phandroid article, haha.

        1. It’s funny. She starts off CLEARLY making a reference to her song Friday. LoL!!

          It’s some party song, so the music video is a party. They have this blow-up doll like floating around and I’m all like “Rebecca be gettin’ down like that!?” LoL!!

          1. Should screenshot and photoshop Krusty the Clown from the Simpsons into it. “Get down with the clown!” Lol.

  23. Just one more illustration of the collapse of western civilization.

    1. yes because two people posing for a pic is just the worst thing ever/

      1. No, because a totally trivial picture of two unimportant people was the most “liked” picture of the year. We’ve become a people that cares more about what Justin Beiber does than we do about truly important things.

        1. it’s instagram I don’t think people go on to learn things, I know I don’t, they go to look at pictures they like. Now the infatuation with celebrities and other vapid things is a problem but I’m sure it’s has been like that since the dawn of man. Genius is rarely ever appreciated in it’s lifetime outside of intellectual circles. All the the truly important things will be remembered. The important things of the past are remembered today because they affect our lives as will the important things of today be remembered.

  24. WTF is the FRESH PRINCE is thinking?

  25. Pathetic.

  26. Will Smith – Popular Actor, Producer and Very Well Rapper

  27. While most of you were commenting on how this isn’t android news, you failed to notice comedy gold ‘Justine’ ahahahah, good one.

  28. That was actually a doctored photo, they added the pointing finger, the actual one just had the middle finger pointing at Justa boobie. :D

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