Dec 13th, 2013


Folks, what you are looking at above was the most-liked Instagram photo of 2013. Is it any surprise that instead of artsy composition and striking subject matter it features two uber celebrities? The recipe for success if Justine Bieber and Will Smith bro-ing out (throw in a peace sign for good measure).

The photo’s status was revealed as part of Instagram’s yearly re-cap, which ranked #love as the hashtag of the year behind #selfie and #tbt and reconfirmed that Thanksgivukkah was one of the social network’s biggest days ever. Instagram also covered the top cities and locations of the year, which not surpassingly included Times Square, Disney World, and Las Vegas among others. The full list can be found over at Instagram’s blog (along with plenty of great shots to take a gander at).

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[via Instagram]