Plants vs Zombies 2 update brings new foes, a new map and new features



While we’re anxiously awaiting the first 3D Plants vs Zombies release — Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare — the folks at EA have given us a little something to tide us over. Plants vs Zombies 2 is getting an upgrade that should add a lot of cool new additions. Take a look:

  • We’ve upgraded the map to make game progression quicker and easier.
  • It’s simpler to know how much you’ve done, where you’re going, and what loot you’ll get along the way.
  • You can invite your friends and send ‘em gifts.
  • Use the Turbo button to speed up your planting – and speed up the zombies.

Oh, and apparently someone forgot to watch the “gargantuars” while the upgrade was being worked on, so it seems a bit of them have sneaked into this upgrade, as well. Plants vs Zombies is a fresh take on the defense genre, with you — as the plant master — being tasked with keeping those hungry zombies out of your beautiful garden. We’ve never known zombies to be herbivores, but we’ll roll with it!

The app itself is free, but you’ll obviously be urged to spend some real coin to get some fake in-game coin. Microtransactions are alive and well, folks. The game still offers loads of content without spending a dime, though, so if you are interested then it’s worth a download. Find it here in the Google Play Store.

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  1. This update really isn’t that impressive. The best thing about it is that they turned all the extra keys I didn’t use in coins. I wish they could do something about the massive brain drain. I was really hoping this update was to open up the 4th world.

  2. If only it would stop crashing on my HTC One. :(

  3. Too bad it doesn’t actually work. Launching it gives me the spinning daisy of doom…FOREVER!

  4. new monster is good but how are we suppose to defeat Gargantuars in endless mode!?
    (jalapeno or cherry bomb cant instant kill..)

    im on level 147 dead man booty..Gargantuars appear after few zombies and it keeps coming.. 20-30 Gargantuars at a same time???? you must be joking.. i spent 50,000 coins on 2 levels and hell im not buying anymore coins

  5. Please help. How can i get over from Pirate seas level 14? It’s very difficult. Please help me.

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