Android 4.3 upgrade begins for the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE


The upgrade to Android 4.3 has been going out to folks all over Galaxy land, but Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE owners have been left out… until now. SamMobile is reporting that the upgrade is now rolling out for that smartphone. Folks on the international unlocked version will obviously be first in line, but it shouldn’t be terribly long before carrier-branded versions to follow.


Even still, you’ll want to remember that rollout schedule can differ from region to region and carrier to carrier. The Android 4.3 upgrade brings a lot of changes specific to Samsung devices, with the most notable being Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch support, new camera features, Samsung Knox security features, a move-to-SD feature, support for TRIM and a ton more. You can find the full list at the tail-end of this post.

As usual, you can use KIES to receive the upgrade over a hard line, or you can opt for it over-the-air by checking Settings > More > About Device > Software update > Update. This one should be quite hefty, so charging your battery up and getting onto a WiFi connection is a good idea before attempting to pull it down. Read on for the full changelog.

– TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
– Core UI elements updated to the ones on the Galaxy S4 (Galaxy S4′s theme all over)
– New Samsung Keyboard
– GPU drivers have been updated (Higher GPU benchmark scores)
– New Lockscreen: Multiple Widgets, improved ripple effect than Android 4.1.2, ability to change clock size and set a personal message
– New Screen modes (From S4): Adapt Display and Professional Photo
– Daydream
– Driving mode
– Actionable notifications
– Move-to-SD-card feature
– New Camera mode : Sound and Shot
– New Additions in Notification Centre
– Completely revamped Settings UI (Tabbed interface – Exactly like the Galaxy S4)
– Implementation of Voice controls (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands – Galaxy S4 feature)
– New Samsung Apps: Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music
– Full screen Samsung apps
– New S-Voice (from Galaxy S4)

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  1. Weird that you appended ‘LTE’ to the name…

    1. Not really, because there are GSM variants in some markets with an Exynos quad-core SoC and 1GB RAM whereas the US and other LTE markets receive a Snapdragon S4 dual-core version with 2GB RAM.

      1. No that is GS4 you are talking about, the GS3 has a Quad core Exynos, 3G versions have 1GB or RAM and the LTE version has 2GB.

        1. hkklife is correct.

          US S3 = 1.5 dual-core snapdragon 2GB RAM
          INT S3 = 1.4 quad-core exynos 1GB RAM

        2. Actually no he’s right

  2. About time :-/ hopefully big red doesn’t block or delay this one

  3. What about carrier branded non LTE S3’s? Still haven’t had 4.3 update for that yet. And now they’re giving the LTE models first priority when the first s3 to be released was non lte? At the rate this update is moving we will be seeing kitkat before we ever get updated to 4.3.

    1. It’s fairly typical to start with more recent models and move back with upgrades. This is likely due to the older device owners being closer to upgrading.

  4. No update I will see.. :((

  5. But … I already have 4.3 on my Sprint S3. I’ve had it for a few weeks now. And, let me check… yep. 4G LTE in my status bar. Am I missing something? I probably am.

    1. How did you get it on your Sprint S3? I have yet to see an update come over the air

      1. It’s been rolling out ota for a couple of weeks now.

      2. Just woke up one morning and found a notification that I needed to update.

  6. I have a galaxy s3 from Metro Pcs and I haven’t got the update I would love to get it I just don’t know what’s going on! Help :(

  7. I’m on Verizon… We’ll be getting it sometime summer 2015

    1. Update…FALL OF 2015

      1. End of Fall of or early Winter 2015.

        1. Once the new top gun film is done filming….

          1. When the detox album drops

          2. Dre…. C’mon dogg, drop detox already, we want 4.3!!

  8. I’ve had this update for almost a month now. Art s3…

  9. Uh my Sprint 4G LTE started getting the notification for this over 2 weeks ago. A Knox free version has been on XDA for around 2 weeks now also.

    Edit: you guys even posted an article about it:

    1. it seems that some people have gotten the update and some have not.

      I’m on metroPCS and haven’t received it yet. there was a thread in AF of someone on metro getting it but i think he was trolling.

      1. do you know when metro will be getting the update? i have been waiting for a while

        1. no idea. different carriers get it at different times and different areas on those carriers get it at different times.

          the whole thing is completely scattered.

  10. Really your guys articles have been horribly inaccurate latley.

  11. My galaxy s3 is on 4.3.. and I have AT&T. have had the update for sometime now.

  12. My Verizon GS3 is still on ICS, rooted and blocked the updates. Is it going to be worth going to 4.3?

  13. I haven’t still received official 4.3 update for my s3 gt-9300.When it will be available in Pakistan.

  14. I got the update…. It’s updating now.

    1. What carrier do you have (Verizon, T-Mobile, or another)?

      1. T-Mobile. It popped up last week. I didn’t know what it was. I was randomly looking around and hit “update now” and it updated. Swype is harder and smaller now. It keeps missing checkpoints for my password.

  15. can you do the update on a s3 that’s been flashed? will it lock the phone up? I heard that one of my friends with a flashed s4 updated and it bricked the phone.
    I keep getting the update but im scared coz I have a galaxy s3 (sprint) but flashed to boost mobile.. and im scared its going to brick my phone if I update.. but if I don’t then ill need to root my phone because this is going to piss me off because it is always popping up on my screen and im going to accidently hit it.. someone help me!

    1. just update it! life is boring without taking any risks

    2. Shouldn’t have “flashed”. Easy.

  16. Got my update about a week ago. Maps app chick has an annoying freaking voice and my battery life has gone from an average of 12 hours with about 45% left to 8 hours and dead.

  17. If metro and tmo have the same exact lte samsung galaxy s 3, how come metro has still yet to release the update?

  18. Why would anyone want this? It’s neither a significant upgrade nor anything special. Plus you get a locked bootloader too? No thanks. I’ll keep my rooted and rommed gs3 thank you.

    1. Depending on your carrier the update may be on XDA with Knox removed. It is for Sprint :)

      I’m still avoiding it though do to bugs. I’d rather have a Rooted a flawless S3 on 4.1.2 then a buggy piece of crap on 4.3. I would like some of 4.3’s features though and now that removing Knox isn’t a problem, for those who don’t update OTA, I hope Samsung gets it sorted out so some awesome devs can have fun with it.

    2. Bubba, you do realize plenty want this, as do many devs, this provides a lot of useful base code for many roms, provides proprietary code and other such enhancements as trim, ant, better ram management, updated GPU drivers, better display color & sharpness, adapt display, snappier UI, ability to use apps that require 4.3 and above, it helps you have those custom roms you love so much!

  19. I am in India. .. and I not have update :((

    1. It is here now

      1. Previous one was 800MB, how much this is ?

        1. is it really 4.3 in india… i got firmware update from 4.1.2 to 4.1.2 after 3-4 hrs….

          1. yeaa i thought it would be 4.3 but its again 4.1.2….wtf

          2. Yes u r right there is no update .. this is giving fake info.

          3. how do we know that you are not the fake jay? you look like the fake jay!

          4. Same to you.. nd I m talking to the author .. not to u … so I not want ur advice ok

          5. OK, we now know you are the “real” jay, because we all know that the real jay has no sense of humor. Thx 4 the V.

      2. There is no update. . I call customer care and they said in all india ..there is no update. . So please stop fake info.

        1. We have it here in America on the very same day that this article was posted for the S3 on Sprint! I don’t see anywhere above where it states that India is specifically getting it. Updates take time to roll out to certain carriers and regions…Always…. The information in the article above is actually perfectly true and not fake as everything he said is on my S3!

  20. When will metro pcs get the update? Weren’t they suppose to realease it since they are with t-mobile?

    1. Apparently Samsung confirmed the release date to metro and tmo December 9th. Samsung.com said that metro has the software but for whatever reason has chosen not to release it.

      1. How can I check for my self? Just by going to samsung.com?

  21. You are also forgetting New video app is also new. Tmobile USA SG3 lte finally got the update with premium suite as well.T-Mobile non SG3 already had it. So far no problems with update.

  22. Nexus 5 is getting update for 4.4.2 now, and they are available to download from here if you guys want to check it out. http://tech-diggers.com/2013/12/13/nexus-5-quickly-updated-to-android-4-4-2-kitkat-ota-files-available-now/

  23. Did anyone on Verizon get the update yet?

    1. Gordon, it looks like 1 lucky soul got a splash test 4.3 build on his Verizon Galaxy S3 on the 4th of December. Build JSS15J.I535VRUCMJ3, kernel 3.0.31 built Friday November 22nd. He posted screens on xda in the vzw gs3 forum. Another gentleman in there said he spoke with a vzw tech and they said tomorrow the 14th….. Who knows. I think Verizon is pushing out a kitkat build for the OG DROID first, then a 4.4 build for the Samsung DROID Charge, then a 6 month late 4.3 build to the Nexus then….. A 4.3 update to the Note 2 and GS3 mini….then to the Galaxy S3 :-) So…. Valentines day roughly… Give or take a few months and a few soak builds or so…. You know, just gotta make sure it runs good :-)

  24. Its ok

  25. This is fake post. . There is no update in India. . I called in Samsung customer service and they said in all india there’s no update in Samsung galaxy S3 .. this is so fake info that we get ! :(((((

  26. Cant you all read? You have to wait for the roll out period. Only the unlocked fones will get the upgrade before anyone, like any other upgrade that has previoulsy come in unlocked fones get it first. After that it all depends on your carrier as to when they will have their roll out come thru. that can vary from the day they first started rolling out for each carrier and a few months for all. Just relax, u aint missing much.

  27. my husband got the update but I didn’t receive mine and I have been checking through the settings

  28. i’m just confused because my mother, father, and myself all have the same phones: galaxy s3 on sprint. and my mother got the update, but neither me or my father can get it. ???

  29. after i wrote my below message… i am at this very moment receiving my update… TMO CARRIER

  30. Just got my update today. Galaxy s3 on sprint

  31. I am with Sprint, I am able to pick up the update. If you are still show up-to-date and running 4.1.2 or so and would like to pick up 4.3. You can try below:

    Clean up cache and data (Google play service and Google Service framework)

    Go to Setting/Application Manager/All then looking for Google play service, Clean up the cache and clean up the data.
    Do the same for Google Service framework

    When you go the the Settings > More > About Device > Software update > Update

    it will show 1969, then do the Update again, see if you able to pick up the 4.3
    Good luck. So far 4.3 on my S3 running stable, no battery drain.

    1. Did not work for Verizon (CT region) thanks though!

      1. Drew, this only works when there is an update rolling out. Verizon may not be pushing the GS3 update until Q1 of 2014…. Cool huh?

    2. I have Sprint and it didn’t work for me.

      1. I take that back, I did this once then waited a few minutes then a second time and on the second time of clearing those things it finally popped up.

        1. Ok, Glad that work for you. Take about 20-30 mins you download depends upon your connection for 430M. Take about 5-7 mins to install. Enjoy.

  32. So I installed the upgrade this morning. So far, so good. I like the new features HOWEVER, what the heck are the little coffee cup symbols above the incoming TM’s???

    1. Ann, no worries it’s just us little nobody Verizon customers with S3’s knocking at your door wanting a piece of that jelly bean update!

    2. Are they showing up in hangouts or the regular stock messaging app?

    3. In the messaging app! There’s a coffee cup above incoming sms/mms and a bird carrying an envelop in its beak for outgoing messages. Very strange.

  33. I flashed the German (DBT) 4.3 firmware on my international i9305 and it broke my wifi (wifi won’t turn ON). Did anyone else suffer from this problem?
    I had to reflash 4.1.2 and wipe the whole phone :(

    1. you probably broke something due to the different regulatory zone of German WiFi frequency’s…. did you have a US phone or was it international?

      1. I bought the phone with France (SFR) FW, so it’s international. I later switched to (NEE) to remove bloatware. And now that the German 4.3 FW came out, I wanted to flash it.

  34. I received my OTA update from 4.12 to 4.3 at about 4:00pm EST on my S3 from TMO. Took an hour to download via 4G and another 20-30 minutes to install. Went smooth as cream and it sped up the entire phone. I have 204 apps on it with over 1500 contacts, 2000+ songs, 3000+ pictures and about 500+ videos.

  35. I got the update yesterday… don’t like it. How do you turn off the auto correct on the Samsung s3? I never had it before now I can’t turn it off. Don’t like the text display on the lock screen, if you turn it off, you don’t see the preview in the pull down menu.

  36. firmware version still showing 4.1 after successful upgrade via kies
    and no new features added
    someone pls help

  37. Has the update come to sprint yet?? Just curious because I know my cousin has received her update for another carrier but I was just wondering if anyone else from sprint got it.

    1. yes i just got it this morning

      1. Oh Okay thank you so hopefully I should be getting the update soon then..

        1. You can download Samsung Kies on your computer and manually update your phone.

          1. Thank you but unfortunately I have a chromebook and in order to download Samsung Kies I would need a windows associated laptop

        2. I’m with sprint and I haven’t received it yet. But my husband has the same phone and carrier and received his this morning.

          1. Yeah I’ve been waiting for awhile and it hasn’t showed up yet.

    2. I got it 15 mins ago I am on sprint

  38. Got my phone back from Samsung Repair in Texas yesterday and it had 4.3 loaded on it. Doesn’t recognize a SD card and it freezes on the start screen when I try to play Kabam’s Hobbit game. Hopefully the card is a glitch and the Kabam thing could be a problem with Kabams code and 4.3. Patience…..

    1. What carrier ya with???

  39. So not happy with the upgrade….anyone know why I keep having my downloads ‘re downloading over and over again?

    1. To keep the download notifications from reappearing, go to Settings > More… > Application Manager > Swipe over to ALL > Scroll down to Download manager AND Downloads > Clear data and cache from both. Then reboot your phone. You should not receive the notifications anymore.
      **This should help you with that problem**

  40. I have galaxy s3 did the kit Kat 4.3 update. My battery last about 4-6 hours max. Any ideas on how to figure out and fix this problem?

  41. Just updated it… MY CAMERA ISN’T WORKING!!! :-( is anyone else having this issue?

    1. Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 updated and camera is working.

  42. How do you take the update of your phone i am not satisfied at all this update is working my last NERVE!!!!!

  43. HELP! I upload the new Android 4.3 software on my Samsung Galaxy 3 last night. Now I’m having problems with the phone giving me notification about photos I downloaded weeks ago! Anytime I update an app or download new apps or every other hour, I keep getting notifications on those same photos saying download is complete! On top of that on some apps I open, its flickering on screen black on and off like shutter speed and running in slo-motion. I Google and found no answers. Hopefully I can get help here because I had no problems before i downloaded this update!

  44. I downloaded the update and now when I click on the phone icon it keeps saying “unfortunately contacts has stopped”. how do I get my phone to work as a phone!

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