KitKat India does the right thing, promises to ship 2013 Nexus 7 to contest winners


The other day, we reported on a maddening story that formed over the weekend. Tons of Indian KitKat consumers reported that they’d received a 2012 Nexus 7 as a result of winning the promotional contest that ran alongside the launch of the Android version by the same name. The problem with that is that Nestle was advertising the contest using images of a 2013 Nexus 7, leading folks to believe that’s the version they’d be entitled to should they have won.

Kitkat Nexus 7 2013 winners are

While the contest language never specified which “Nexus 7” winners would get, many — including us — called Nestle out on such an obvious bait-and-switch. The company responded with an excuse, saying that the 2013 Nexus 7 was not yet available at the time the contest ended, which is why they sent the 2012 version out to winners. While Nestle didn’t get back to us about our inquiry surrounding this unfortunate episode, it does appear they were listening.

On their Facebook page, KitKat India had the following to say:

We are delighted to announce that winners of ‘Android Kit Kat promotion’ will receive the new 2013 Nexus 7 tablet. If you have received an earlier version of the device, we will contact you separately to get it replaced. The delivery schedule for the new dispatches as well as the procedure to be followed for replacement will be communicated shortly.

It’s not often we get to see such quick turn around on issues like these, so you can imagine how thrilled those who voiced their opinions were after hearing this news. It just goes to show that a little shouting can do some good after all. Kudos to Nestle for doing the right thing.

[via Facebook, thanks Patanjali!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Kudos to NESTLE,once the 800 lb. GOOGLRILLA was finished stepping on its neck to do the right thing……

  2. Thank you Phandroid for your support and Thank you Nestle Kit Kat India for the doing the right thing.

  3. Thank You Quentyn and Phandroid for reporting this GOOD news after your reporting on the fiasco on Monday !

    THIS indeed is a happy news to lots o Indian winners who wanted the amazing Nexus 7 badly ! and now Christmas is coming ! so double happy !

    and to your point it was not just a “little” shouting ! WE WERE SHOUTING AT FULL THROTTLE ! and scrambling a lot to ultimately get success !

    Once again thank you and all for the support !

    Manu Presannakumar

    1. Congratulations. I hope you understand that your bitching will most likely result in India being excluded from all future promotions of the sort. Its ok though right, you got yours

      1. @Dan: Nestle Kitkat India is an Indian company and if they can give the new Nexus 7 (2013) after the winners campaign, it means they VALUE the Indian Costumer ! And who is going to exclude India from any such offers, when India is a growing hot market for many such first world products !

        This fiasco by the promoter which was corrected now, will in fact only add to strengthening the brand image of Nestle India and Google India !

        So keep your expectations with yourself.

      2. No, that means they get what was advertised. But it’s ok, you can be a condescending douche. We understand.

    2. With as many Hindu and Muslim people as there are in India, is Christmas a big thing over there? I know there are TONS of Christians as well, but not nearly as many as Hindu, so I’m genuinely curious.

      Edit: Acording to Wikipedia, India sports a 2.3% (28 Million or so) Christian population vs a 13.4% Muslim and 80.5% Hindu pop.

      I know that Christmas has a different flavor in the Middle East for Christians vs the US, but I have no idea what Christmas is like in India.

      1. @robb: Christmas has always been popular here in India ! although not much celebrated at homes of non-christians, it is still popular in the society. Basically people like to take it as the end of a great year and do some nice discount shopping and party and continue that till new year. there is a considerable proportion of Christians in Indias southern state named KERALA (almost 1/3 are christians). It is big thing there atleast. btw kerala is the largest consumer of liquor.

        hope that gives u some idea.

        1. Nice! Sounds like a fun time!
          Note: I’ve been to a Hindu temple during one of the festivals, and never felt as welcome anywhere. (The temple was in Texas mind you!) I’m sure the celebrations are a lot of fun with the people being as warm as I’ve found them.

  4. Thank You Phandroid.com for your support and Nestle KitKat India for doing the right thing!

  5. When you have literally every single android news outlet reporting on it, it gets it the attention it deserves

  6. well..

  7. Reminded me of Michael Scott trying to do Chris Rock. Do you want a cookie, for doing what you ARE SUPPOSED TO DO?!

  8. And I have yet to see a kitkat with the promotion

    1. same here

  9. My wife found one kitkat with promo and that was in a discount food store

  10. I’m in Canada and was just contacted on Tuesday saying I won the tablet. Cant wait to get it. I was about to order one from google play.

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