Dec 11th, 2013

Rovio has released a new game in the Angry Birds universe that is quite unlike anything they’ve done before — a kart racing game! Dubbed Angry Birds Go, this game will pit you against other birds and those dastardly egg-stealing pigs. You take the track to race to the finish line, using every devious tool at your disposal to gain the advantage you need to claim that #1 crown.

This release marks the first ever Angry Birds game to be set in a 3D universe, giving us a look at these two warring factions like we’ve never seen them. You’ll get to race with Red, Chuck, Terence, Stella, King Pig, Moustache Pig and more in 5 different game modes, upgrade your ride, and use Telepod figurines to “teleport” characters into your game.

Oh, and all of this is free, so don’t hesitate to give it a download (but if this hefty 168MB download is too much for your data connection you might want to wait until you’re on WiFi). Find it sitting in the Google Play Store, and don’t forget to take a look at the launch trailer above.