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We’ve been wondering what the next Nexus tablet would end up being. Google has yet to reveal a new 10-inch offering to replace the Samsung-made Nexus 10, so we were starting to worry that they wouldn’t be bringing us a bigger tablet at all. Fortunately, a glimmer of light exists at the end of the tunnel. That light comes by way of @evleaks, who suggests we should be seeing an LG-made Nexus tablet at some point in the future.

The tablet’s model number is tipped to be the V510, with the most popular guess being that this will debut as an 8-inch device. That’d be a tad weird considering the ASUS-made Nexus 7 isn’t that much smaller. Perhaps we’ll be getting the same 8.3-inch form factor LG brought with the G Pad 8.3. Of course, those are only predictions, so we’ll have to wait for more information to surface to see if there’s still a chance for the more traditional 10-inch form factor we’ve all been waiting for.

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Dangit and I just bought a nexus 7. I’ll definitely have to consider this if it is true.

  2. when is Android going to have a GarageBand-like app?

    1. I’ve been asking that since 2009.

      1. Google is not Apple. Most Android users are not using their phones and tablets to produce music like iOS and Mac users. Google probably saw no point to implement such an app. Plus they don’t seem to have the musical creativity to create a quality app like Garage Band anyway.

        1. one could argue… if you build it, they will come…

          edit: there are many iphone users i have spoken to that said “i would switch to android but they dont have *insert specific app here* or something equally as good.”

        2. Google doesn’t have to make the app….Any developer can make an app. The same people who make the one for Apple could also fro Android. Obviously there is not real demand because developers would make it happen. Google is completely open for that to take place….

    2. I can answer that. It won’t until Google is able to overcome the lag inherent to running the Android OS in a virtual machine, and there are successful paid apps that Google could see monetizing for themselves. Perhaps in app purchases of sample content, with uploading straight to the Google Play Music store, and gDrive sync for project files. Google has been pretty hesitant to put IAP in any product of theirs, so I don’t this will happen for the next three or so years.

  3. I gave up on Google releasing a 10″ nexus device so I went ahead and bought the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition).

    1. too bad for you. lot’s o lag with that one.

    2. Any regrets?

      1. No, I haven’t noticed any lag issues but I have the LTE version with the Snapdragon 800, so perhaps that makes some difference (no idea). It’s my first Samsung tablet so I’m not particularly comfortable with the overlay yet, and it’s definitely made of plastic which is a bit disappointing, especially since I’m coming from owning Asus tablets.

        All in all though, it’s fast, the screen is absolutely brilliant, and the spen works great so I’m pleased with the purchase.

  4. Personally I like better the 8″.x size, hopefully it will have the full HD resolution 1920×1080 and a CPU at least similar to the Nexus5.

    1. Just get an LG G Pad 8.3″…. but it has resolution of 1920×1200 though.
      S600, 2GB RAM.

  5. It could also be a sandwich, could go either way.

  6. LG has been pretty good. Coming up with great devices with competitive prices. I just got my LG G Pad 8.3″ and loving it so far.

  7. I’m waiting for these “code-named” devices to be announced before purchasing my next tablet. I’m really hoping an 8″ nexus tablet is announced. If so, I’m getting it. Otherwise, I’ll probably get the Nexus 7.

  8. What happened to the rumoured 10″ nexus tablet by Asus? Wasn’t that rumour also distributed via @evleaks?

  9. Yes finally a nexus tablet made by someone other than asus. Please let this be true. I have considered the nexus 10 but when it came out my n7 was still Farley new now that I’m ready to get a new one the n10 just seems old.

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