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Motorola Active Display update fixes cumbersome lockscreen lag


The Moto X was one of the first devices to get Android 4.4 KitKat, but not everything was joy and rainbows for the device’s owners. The latest Android version brought along some problems with Motorola Active Display – there was a lag of 1-2 seconds after selecting a notification. The issue has been fixed, though!

1-2 seconds may not sound like much, but it makes a huge difference when trying to perform a simple smartphone task. This is why Motorola has updated Motorola Active Display to version 1.00.01.

The update doesn’t bring much more, but this shows how having these apps in the Play Store can be much better. An issue like this would normally require a system update to be fixed, because it’s more of a system app. By putting it in the Play Store, Motorola/Google can fix issues much sooner!

You can get the update straight from the Google Play Store to make your Moto X work just as it was meant to!

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. I’m waiting for the kit kat update (due 1st quarter) i wonder if this fix will be included.

    1. What carrier you on?

      1. Republic wireless. awesome service!

  2. Tell them to build in 4.4.1 for the camera improvements too :P

  3. This makes me very happy. I’d thought I was the only one with the active notifications lag, but I guess not. They fixed this very quickly!

  4. Do I need this app if I have a Moto X?

  5. The Moto X splash screen also updated to be holiday themed today. It was a pleasant surprise!

  6. Wish they’d put Exchange and Email on the Play Store so that could update faster. Exchange sync is really broke in Kit Kat 4.4. 95% fixed in 4.4.1 and seems to be perfect in 4.4.2 which is posting soon. Bring on the OTA’s. Although I HIGHLY doubt Verizon will allow Google the goodwill to shove out 4.4.x update to Moto X super fast like 4.4 to it (which I got 1.5 weeks before my Nexus 7).

  7. KitKat is still on developing stage, so flaws may still be forgivable. Hope it keeps having radical changes, so we could get the best of it.

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