Android 4.4.2 (KOT49H) heads to Nexus devices with quick bug fixes



Some folks have been peeved that their Nexus devices haven’t received the camera-fixing upgrade to Android 4.4.1, but there’s a reason for that — it seems Google wanted to get those who were queued up to the brand new Android 4.4.2 update instead! This upgrade doesn’t change much over 4.4.1, but it does bring a bevy of bug fixes that should go toward a better overall user experience.

Sprint’s version of the Nexus 5 is getting upgrade as well, so the carrier was nice enough to outline the different fixes folks can expect. Here’s the short list:

  • Fix for clearing the VM Indicator
  • Fix for delivery of the VM Indicator
  • Various additional software fixes
  • Security enhancements

You’ll be able to get this upgrade on all the latest Nexus devices, including the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 10, and the 2012 and 2013 Nexus 7 tablets. The upgrades are rolling out over the air, but if you aren’t seeing them then be sure to check back soon as we’ll be tracking down the manual upgrade files for all these. Don’t forget to charge your battery and turn on WiFi, though we hear this is a very light upgrade by today’s standards.

[Update]: and here are the links. Use them at your own risk if you know how.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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    1. Last week it was 4.1.1 so its nice to see such a jump

    2. Poor article writers keep getting confused lol

  1. Was a nice surprise after turning on my new nexus 7 for the first time today

  2. If you need someone to proofread android versions let me know

    1. I think this might end up being a whole new field in journalism, proofreading. It seems to be severely lacking in all aspects of news reporting lately. Which baffles foreign journalists since they view a mastery of your native language a basic before even thinking of becoming a journalist.

  3. I haven’t seen either of these updates wtf! n5

    1. WTF, how are they deciding who gets the update? I haven’t seen either 1. Nokia 1520 is starting to look appealing.

      1. It may be based on device serial number, or device region.

  4. Android version Throwback Mondays FTW

  5. Very light indeed, the N5 update is barely over 1MB.

  6. I think Quentyn missed a 4 in the header of this article, which is sad because I have fond memories of riding in a 442…

  7. I had been thinking I was left out of the party all weekend. “Aww man, you got the Nexus 5. Did you get the update?” I had to reply…”Umm, no…not yet.”. It popped up a couple hours ago. 52 MB though? All is well in the world.

  8. My Galaxy Nexus has had 4.2.2 for months. You fools with your 4.3 and 4.4 versions…..turns out 4.2.2 was the best version all along! Thanks to Verizon, my phone has the most cutting edge Android OS apparently. Yay.

  9. I also see a change in the Power Control widget icon for the GPS and Bluetooth. I’ve turned on Face Unlock again in the hopes that it’s finally fixed.

  10. so does this include the generic display mirroring via casting that dutta said was coming very soon?

  11. Got my nexus 5 today….nooooooo updates yet! Still on 4.4 with this crapppppy camera software.

    1. Hate to bury your hopes and dreams but 4.4.1 didn’t make a huge difference on mine. The color tempreture is different, but I don’t know if I’d say it’s better.

  12. Got 4.4.2 on my b-e-a-utiful nexus 5 today. Camera enhancements make for a MUCH better camera experience. Thank you GOOGLE!!

  13. What changes will be there for N7 2012 from 4.4.2??????

  14. What changes will be for N7 2012 after 4.4.2?????????

    1. not sure… let me see

  15. Glad they fixed the temperamental transparency on the notification bar, this really irritated me!

  16. That was fast… seems like Google decided to start pushing out Nightly builds.

  17. Some of the above links are for devices already running 4.4.1 to upgrade to 4.4.2 if you are still using 4.4 then you will (in some cases) require a different download to those listed above. one example is the 2013 wifi link above is for the jump form 4.4.1 to 4.4.2, below is the link to use if you do not already have 4.4.1

    Full update for 2013 nexus 7 (from 4.4 to 4.4.2) = http://android.clients.google.com/packages/ota/google_razor/6216288dd8f9416bb6b6bab78f7db0fbc012cd8f.signed-razor-KOT49H-from-KRT16S.6216288d.zip

  18. I just want my chocolate already.

  19. Just updated to 4.4.2 on my N5. The phone does chime anymore when charging is activated via a charging mat. Maybe now it’s an option that needs to be turned on?

  20. I just upgraded to 4.4.2 for my original Google Nexus 10, let’s hope they fix that problem with charging, it seems every update I get, the charging gets worse to the point where I have to spend all day with it on the charger.

    1. I feel your pain. I’m installing 4.4.2 right now after doing a factory reset.
      My battery drain problem even when on charger made my Nexus 7 2012 useless.
      I’m hoping this fixes it as well. It all started with 4.4 update. I was rock solid under 4.3

  21. What will be the name of the Nexus phone 2 years later? Because with the current pattern, this does not look good.

    Well, they have 2 years.

    1. the Nexus7 came out last year, and the Nexus7 came out again this year… they were both 7.x inch screens…….. Last year the Nexus4 came out with a 4.x inch screen, this year the Nexus5 came out with a 5.x inch screen (rounded), so whatever nexus phone comes out next year will follow the same pattern I presume.

      1. What about the Nexus phone that comes out 2 years from now? The pattern so far is 4, 5… If they follow that pattern, that’s 6, 7… Now you see the conflicting issue. LoL!!

        Maybe by that time it won’t be numbers anymore.

        Hmm… I’m really interested in what’s going to happen that year.

        1. I dont think you followed my pattern……. if the 7-inch nexus tablet in 2012 was called the Nexus7, and the 7-inch nexus tablet that came out in 2013 was also called the Nexus7, then next year’s 7-inch nexus tablet will also be called the Nexus7…. in 2 years from now, if the Nexus phone has a 5 inch screen then it will be called the Nexus5 again….

          1. In order to do that, next year’s phone will be called “Nexus 5”. So 3 devices called the Nexus 5? Well… They already have two devices called the Nexus 7. =.S

            But I understand what you mean now. *sigh*
            I think it’s time for a name change, or some way to distinguish these devices from the previous years and the next year.

            Though since you really only get them from Google, it probably wouldn’t matter. I mean, iPod Touches didn’t have a different name and people knew that there were different generations.

            Hmm… Very well then.

          2. Yeup, I have the Samsung Google Nexus 10, but the next Nexus 10, will be by Motorola I believe.

  22. still waiting on my 4.4.2 update.

    I have the 32gb nexus 5 on tmobile.. does that matter in when the update comes? have heard from mostly sprint users they got updates.

    1. I just got the OTA update to 4.4.2 for my Nexus4 on Tmobile (I bought it unlocked though). Small update, ~50MB.

      1. thanks for letting me know!

        i bought mine from google direct as well unlocked. so hoping to get it soon!

  23. Got the new 4.4.2 for Nexus 5 from 4.4. No more restarting to use the camera and face unlock is back in business. No glitches to report yet.

  24. Is it just me or does the front face camera quality look slightly worse than before on the Nexus5?

  25. Why do they fix and then break Bluetooth and WiFi at the sametime every update???

  26. 4.2 fixed 4.2.2 break 4.3 broke 4.4 fixed 4.4.2 broke again unreal

  27. Gonna have to roll back nexus 7 and 10 back to 4.4 and roll galaxy nexus back to 4.2 what a fckin joke

  28. Just got my 4.4.2 update 30min ago. Got to admit the camera is much better as well the phone itself is faster. If only hangouts can fix their MMS messaging

    1. They just released a new version of Hangouts, so check it out!

      1. yea the new version didn’t help. In previous version my MMS did work

  29. I got my Nexus 5 from T-Mobile on the first day it was available from carriers. I don’t buy new phones unless I need them so it made more sense for me to purchase it under contract and it was less of a hassle to be able to walk out of the store with it in less than 10 minutes.

    It’s been about three weeks and I haven’t seen any of the problems that many people seem to have had with it, except for a lack of volume from the speaker. The sound is actually balanced well by phone speaker standards and is nice, but as a result, the lack of volume kind of make it inadequate as a ringer. It can get drowned out easily, especially in a pocket. This seems to be an issue with the placement of the speaker and the overall design of phone more than anything else. The sound is being directed out unevenly.

    I haven’t had any problems with the camera. I absolutely love the spherical panorama feature and the editing capabilities built in to the gallery. There’s nothing wrong with the photo quality, at all. It may only have 8MP but anyone who thinks the number of pixels and quality are proportional clearly has no idea what they are talking about.

    (rant begins here)
    Let’s not forget that this is a smart phone, and a damned good one at that. The whole gadget geek phenomenon has seriously gotten completely out of hand. The insatiable lust for having higher and higher specs is completely disproportionate to what little importance or value they actually have. It has driven prices up to an absurd level and tech companies have lost the incentive to actually spend time on refining the device design or making sure all that all of the extra silicon they’re jamming into smaller and smaller shells of plastic is being used efficiently.

    Instead, new models of smart phones hardly work better than the previous one, they’re still costing a hell of a lot more in spite of the inevitable drop of component costs, and they have shorter and shorter lives. On top of that, companies are terrified of trying different things using new technology or creative utilization of older technology because they are often forgotten about after a few months of zealotry and end up being a waste of time or will be unreasonably discredited by impatient electronics enthusiasts who don’t actually know much about technology based on flippant sensationalism, even before they’ve released it. Once the gadget geekdom has arbitrarily decided against a piece of technology, companies have no choice but to scrap it, rather than develop it overtime to work out the problems like they are supposed to be because so-called tech enthusiasts are too stubborn to admit that they were too quick to judge.

    Does that sound like healthy technological innovation to you? I don’t think so.

  30. Should i update my nexus 5 to 4.4.2 or should i wait for sometime “till the smoke clears” because i don’t find anything wrong with my 4.4 except the speaker volume……… The ‘system update downloaded’ symbol at the top left corner is really bugging me………

    1. Yea you should update, this is essentially “the smoke clearing” after the minor bugs that were still there in 4.4.1 last week

  31. I just did my 4.4.2 OTA from 4.4 on the N7 (2013) and it was noticeably smoother scrolling and typing like it was before KitKat. Yeaaaaaa!

  32. It caused another bug. Now I can’t slide up to use Google now. Also with the home button not working that’s just makes my device worthless

  33. Downloaded 4.4.2 today on my Nexus 7 2013..and now I do not have option to upload photos from gallery to Picasa..anyone else have same problem…

  34. Please help me.
    I and my friend have nexus 4, when we got android 4.4 system update, i done factory reset before installing 4.4, but i lost my system update also, then i downloaded OTA update and sideloaded the system update, but my friend didn’t done reset he updated to 4.4 straightaway, now he got 4.4.2 update 2 days back but still i am not getting 4.4.2 update. Whether i lost google support? Whether i won’t get updates in future?

  35. I received notification that my Nexus 4 was getting the 4.4.2 (KOT49H) update and was asked to reboot. When my phone rebooted, I no longer have access to wi-fi. I have since rebooted several times, and my wi-fi is permanently stuck off, and when I go to the wi-fi screen, it is frozen with “Turning Wi-Fi on…” but nothing ever happens. It is a NEW BUG! How do I revert back to 4.4 (as 4.4.1 also introduced a few bugs as well as changes to my Contacts, which I do not like)?!!

  36. I noticed after updating to 4.4.2 on my Nexus 5 that the Tap to Pay option is missing. Am I the only one?

  37. Factory image download to broken, damn you Google!

  38. Factory image download is broken, damn you Google!

  39. After the update from 4.4 to 4.4.2, my phone overheats a lot! Please fix it.

  40. Nexus 7 (2013) LTE
    fix bluetooth issue +1
    Mobile network problem -1
    Excellent mobile network +1
    Very slow WiFi -1
    Can’t read usb drive -1
    Cool new ART runtime +1

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