LG G2 struggling against the competition, sales lower than expected in Q4



LG went all out with the G2, a smartphone that competes against the best of the best. Many of you know the LG G2 is actually my favorite device right now. I use it as my daily driver and am more than satisfied with it (read my review of the LG G2). Is the phone all that LG wanted it to be, though?

Life doesn’t seem to be so good for the Korean manufacturer. They have reported good sales, but not as good as they were expecting them to be. The LG G2 has sold about 2,250,000 units, which is several hundred thousands less than the 3 million units they were expecting to sell in Q4, 2013. 600,000 of these units were sold in Korea alone.

What is the problem here?

So the phone has received stellar reviews from the media. Those who own it love it and there are very few things wrong with it. What is stopping this phone from being sold as much as it should be?


There is a big problem in a world where most smartphones are being manufactured by two companies. Of course, I am speaking of Samsung and Apple. Those are the phones most people know – the “galaxy” phones and the iPhones. Even renowned companies like HTC and Motorola are struggling to sell their smartphones.

Many would agree that the LG G2 is better than a Samsung Galaxy S4. At the very least it beats it in specs, yet there aren’t nearly as many LG G2s being sold. People simply don’t tend to trusts brands they are not familiar with. LG may make awesome TVs and appliances, but they simply don’t have the same fame in the mobile industry just yet. I know they are in the right track, though.

What could be turning customers away? The phone surely isn’t perfect. The button placement (they are in the back) can be gimmicky, or even bothersome to some users. Others don’t like the UI and, though solidly-built, the phone is not as durable as others (mostly because it cracks easily). Are those the reasons why most people are not buying LG G2s, though? I doubt it, but maybe.

The future of LG

lg-g-flex-frontDoes LG have room for growth? Of course they do! The company did a great job with last year’s Optimus G and they only improved with the G2. Their devices have been great since then and they certainly have a huge market to cater to. But in a market where the third place (HTC) is struggling, it’s just hard to see the other manufacturers rising.

And that is regardless of ow great their products are. People have a perception of what is “the best smartphone brands” out there, and it’s hard to change people’s minds. It’s the same reason why people continue avoiding Hyundais, even though their cars are said to be much better than before (they got a really bad fame for making bad cars).

This phenomenon is a bit interesting, in general. More so because of how the industry works, not just because of the LG G2’s success (or lack thereof). Is there room for profits in a world where only the top 2 smartphone manufacturers are really making it?

I will tell you one thing: if HTC falls, I have most faith in LG becoming #3. The LG G Flex and LG G2 are amazing devices that rival Samsung in every aspect. Some features and design elements can be a bit gimmicky, but they are also not unbearable and some people like them.

What do you think? Is LG a sleeping giant or is there no way to beat Samsung and Apple anymore?

[Asia Today]

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  1. I love my G2. They need to step up their OS update game lest they get the reputation of being the last big company to the update game. I hope they keep pumping out great devices.

    1. I was tied between the Nexus 5 & LG G2. Ultimately, I went with the Nexus 5 because of the updates. And the Unlocked GSM part.

      1. An excellent choice! Especially after this big camera update! That would have been my purchase as well except………… Verizon……..

      2. How is battery life?

        1. I’ve only had it for a day, so I haven’t been able to make a good judgement on it. I did, however, switch it from Davlic to ART (Android Run Time) as I heard it helps increase battery life.

          1. How do you do that? I just picked one up after work today.

          2. You have to enable Developer settings by clicking the build number so many times, I think 8.

            Then you should see an option to change the runtime from Dalvik to ART.

            I went 14 hours on a charge today with 2+ hours screen on time. Still had 35% left when I plugged it in for the night.

          3. Thanks!

    2. The KitKat update has started seeing out to the Korean market about a week ago. So we should see the update soon.

      1. Oh wow. I had read that we would get it in February or March. I like your timeline better!

        1. I think Feb & March are for the carrier versions AFAIK.

          1. Gotcha.

  2. LG needs to revive the SD card slot. Was really wanting to do an early upgrade to the Flex but lack of memory expansion will push me over to Samsung or Sony if LG doesn’t change course.

  3. The problem here is other phones has so much hype like the Moto X thus, uninformed people bombarded with the same word “Moto X” over and over and over again becomes brainwashed. Then people starts buying the Moto X and no more left to buy the LG G2.

    1. Except nobody is buying the Moto X, apparently.

  4. I am one of them who love this phone but avoided.. Cause LG does not care of its existing customers well I had bad exp at their Singapore service center and phone software updates are freaking SLOW.

  5. I used to love LG, until I bought the LG G2X, biggest piece of garbage, and LG dropped all support to it rather quickly, only 2 updates, and nothing. that was the only reason I didn’t get the G2, companies need to support their products and existing customers to retain loyalty, that is the biggest problem with Android.

    1. +1 to this. The G2x left such a bad taste in my mouth that it’s going to take a while before I can trust them again.

  6. Until LG has money to dump into marketing, it won’t happen. I thought the G2 might have the same result as the S2 did for Samsung, but apparently not. If that had happened, I could easily have seen LG making a good push to compete with Samsung. That said, LG obviously has Google’s approval for manufacturing quality products, considering the Nexus 4 and 5 are both LG made products.

  7. Hands down the best phone available now. Sold the S4 to buy it and never looked back, Tried the Nexus 5 twice and it doesnt come close. I have new respect for LG after using the G2.Button placement is never an issue. With Kock on, you almost never use the buttons.

    1. nexus V for the MF win… get down or lay down.

      1. I prefer a battery with more than 3 hours of on screen time. I chose the Note 3.

        1. Me too.

        2. Um… The Note 3 has a muh bigger display that is going to be more of a power hog… Yet the Note 3 only has another 200mAh (3200 vs 3000) over the G2 and the note has more processes running… How is the battery going to be any better?

          1. My reply was to the Nexus natze. I was referring to needing more battery than the Nexus can provide. The G2 battery is fine, I just don’t like the buttons on the back and the lead in the cord.

      2. Nexus 5 is the CHUMPS g2 sucka! can be had for same price, get same roms, but better camera,display and battery, PFFFT!

    2. Be sure to wash your hands after you touch the charging cable. LG uses lead in its cords.

      1. lol, I only use samsung 2a chargers

    3. Agreed. I have no problem with the back buttons, and I much prefer them to the side buttons. I’ve owned my phone for several months now and I’ve had no accidental volume presses like I used to have on the daily with my older phone. Moreover, I don’t think I’ve ever actually used the power button before, I always knock on and off.

      In my mind, the G2 is what the galaxy wanted to be when it grew up.

      1. I couldnt have said it better!!!

  8. It’s so similar to Nexus 5 that most went to N5 for native Google experience and latest updates. And N5 is LG made, so…

  9. Non removable battery, non removable battery, non removable battery!

    1. But that is true for almost every device being sold. It’s what is causing me to wait until I buy my next device.

      1. Non-removable battery that will easily give you 72 hours of charge… There is no need to remove it really.

        1. If it can go that long, yeah. The N5 seems like it wouldn’t. The G2 does?

          1. Yea, quite easily actually. It is weird to take your phone off the charger at 6 in the morning, look down at it during lunch and see that you still have 98% battery life.

    2. Means nothing to me, I never swap batteries, I’d rather have it be thinner/better built with an integrated battery.

    3. You know you will get rated down for practical comments about batteries, yet here I sit with my Samsung GS3 at one and a half years old. The battery it came with is now starting to get to the point where I am left with little to nothing at the end of the day and I still have a number of months to go before my contract is up. Fortunately, I can buy a replacement and be back in business for little cost.

      People can poo poo removable batteries, but for phones I see tham as a big checkmark in the + catagory.

      1. THANK YOU! I was a step away from buying three Moto Gs this morning until I found out they come with sealed batteries. My parents change phones every 3 years or so, so a changeable battery is a must.

  10. My guesses:

    1) LG still isn’t as well known or trusted as Samsung and HTC

    2) the LG G2 just crosses the line over into too big. People who like gigantic phones will go for a Note 3 and the average consumer wants something a little smaller even if only by a couple millimeters especially in width.

    3) the back buttons probably scared a lot of people off. Doubt they are coming back.

    1. How is it too big? Its the same size as the S4.

      1. yup. same size, .0.2 inches bigger in the screen itself. i lay them side by side, and the G2 is only a tad wider.

        1. The buttons take up that .2″ extra screen.

      2. It’s actually slightly larger than the S4. But, still not too big. The buttons on the back and the lead in LG cords is what scared me away.

        1. What lead?

          1. LG includes a warning with every one of its products, as required by law. It says something like, “This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects”. “Wash hands thoroughly after each use.”. It is referring to the lead in the cord. That’s not a big deal in something like a TV cord, but you touch a cell phone charging cable daily

          2. I think we’ve had this conversation before a few months back lol. I don’t see any warning, anywhere the user guide or box. I live in Australia btw.

          3. You don’t see the warning, because it is only required in the US, because of California law. The lead is still in your cable, they just didn’t tell you.

          4. I don’t know about that, i’ll have to look into it.

          5. They aren’t making lead cables just for the US. Literally every LG product in the US with a cord comes with this warning.

          6. If the cables contained lead levels that were above the safe amount required, they would either have a warning or sales of such products would be banned over here. That is a requirement for most of the states in my country, including mine.

          7. The issue with that is that nobody agrees on what a safe level is. So, the safest level is none. There is just no point in putting poison on something that people touch every day. No other OEM does it.

          8. Right but i’m not touching the cable every day and its not like im fondling it when when I do lol. Even still, considering there is no mention of lead in any of the LG phones that I have, I only have your word to go by and no offence but that doesn’t mean much.

          9. You don’t see mention, because it is not required there. This explains it. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2013/03/what-does-california-s-cancer-warning-mean/index.htm

          10. That mentions nothing about the laws in my country, I told you in the above post that there would have either been a warning or the product would have been banned if that were the case.

          11. That goes back to my point that nobody can agree on safe levels. To me, zero amount is best. If you don’t mind the exposure, go for it.

          12. AFAIK it is zero. Either way I don’t touch the cable for more than 5 seconds.

          13. The level is not zero. If it were zero, there would be no warning on them in the US. Surely, you don’t think LG makes different cords for each country. You are just being stubborn.

          14. Why is it hard to believe that it would make different cords if each country has different laws regarding such issues?

          15. Are you serious? Those things are mass produced. Call LG, they will tell you that it’s there.

          16. Well, just don’t live in California and things will be OK.

          17. I’ve seen those stickers on Pint glasses, car windows etc. Paranoia is as paranoia does.

      3. slightly bigger at 5.2″

  11. “No way to beat Samsung and Apple anymore”???
    I remember when Nokia was #1, with superb hardware…
    Hence you only need one mistake to perish, and fast.
    Specially if that mistake is as huge as dropping Windows in your phones.

    1. There is always a way and it happens faster than must people realize. Epson used to be the king of printers before hp knock them aside. Where are the Sony electronics. That’s all people had in the days with walkmens and portable cd players. It changes fast.

  12. One really bad mistake can wipe out an otherwise good phone. When I picked up the G2 and felt the incredibly awkward placement of the buttons, the phone immediately went back on the shelf with no further consideration.

    1. Exactly the same thought process I had. Just really awkward to hold and use.

    2. I have a friend who just bought one and I liked the buttons on the back.

      1. The buttons on the back and the poisonous lead that LG uses in its cords are the reasons I didn’t buy the G2, I got the Note 3 instead

        1. Oh noes! I can’t buy another cord and be able to enjoy a great device! Is this even true?

          1. I refuse to support a company that puts poison in their product. Most people don’t see the warning in the booklet.

          2. Do you are a link to anything on lead in the cords? Google brings up nothing after several different searches. Also, I just read through every booklet, paper, and label in my US G2 box and there’s no lead warning. USB plug and cord are still in the bags they were put in by LG with no warnings on them. I’m calling BS until I see something real.

            Edit: I stand corrected. It is in the booklet although it doesn’t say lead or point to the cord.

          3. The warning is in the saftety booklet. I haven’t actually seen the G2 booklet, but the warning is in the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 booklets.

    3. it’s funny, i can’t stand top mounted HTC style buttons, or even side mounted samsung style buttons anymore. i’m so used to it on the back, and knockon is the best feature ever conceived.

    4. It’s awkward for sure, but after about a week it’s almost second nature. Now I pick up my tablet and try use the keys on the back and Knock Knock.

    5. I would have never thought to consider the G2 for that vary reason. However, after getting used to the knock knock feature on the G pad 8.3, I doubt I would even use the power button on the back much at all.

      1. Love the knock knock feature so much so I use it on my N7

  13. Great now Phandroid won’t let me switch to full web mode. Sick and f**cken tired of forced web versions like Engadget.

  14. I’m hoping they drop the price to boost sales.

  15. In short the Samsung Galaxy S4 offers everything the G2 doesn’t. SD card, removable battery, handsfree gestures, and color notification light

    1. The same chip set?

      1. Like it’s that much different

        1. It actually is very much different. The S800 is half the reason the G2 gets such great battery life because it’s so efficient. It’s clocked 20% faster and the GPU is a lot better. Go read a review. There’s a ton of under-the-hood reasons it’s a big jump from the S4 Pro and S600.

        2. You should know that the Snapdragon 600 is clocked at 1.9 GHz and the 800 is clocked with 2.3 GHz(and uses less power)

    2. Except you know much better battery life(a removable battery isn’t necessary, especially for most consumers) , performance, better screen and of course there is is a colour notification light lol!

    3. ..the G2 has a color notification light.

    4. Sd card is nice, but with 32GB I’m personally not going to miss it much. Removable battery is nice for repairs, but not a deal breaker. Handsfree gestures is practically a gimmick and a neat way to pick up iPhone totiing chicks in a bar. It has a notification light.

      Does the S4 have the S800 chipset? Nope. 5.2″ screen? Nope. 3000mAh battery? Nope. These are far far better features than gimmicks and SD cards.

      1. The extra .2 inches of screen is the useless because of the on screen nav buttons. Plus technically there’s an S800 version of the S4 floating around and you can always amp up the battery on it. As far a SD being a gimmick? Far from it. Look I’m no Sammy fanboy (Xperia user) but they seem to give people what they want and the numbers don’t lie.

        1. My Wife’s S4 has eaten 3 SD cards so far (not cheap ones either); and looking at the forums this seems pretty common. I”d much rather have reliable internal memory.

          1. May I ask what brand of SD cards were they? I would stay away from Sandisk Ultra and Samsung 32gb cards. They are unstable or counterfeit (Samsung). The regular Sandisk cards are good also AData cards have been good to me

    5. I feel the GS4 is bloated.. I disabled all bloatware and motion sensing and S-voice to keep my GS3 running in tiptop condition… and with phones offering 32gb built-in..the SD card debate is slowly fading away…once 32gb and 64gb become the norm..the SD card won’t be needed…

    6. It’s a shame Samsung’s QC has gone down hill, their reliability issues lately mean I prob will never buy another Samsung device, which is a shame as I love the Note 3! Software and battery issues with the S4 are plaguing the was best device out, I see a dozen S4’s in for repair a week easily…. I’m glad I went for the Z1, Sony have seriously upper their game, I’d bet on them getting third spot.

      1. Yes its shame. I also hope Sony ups their game as I love my Xperia ZR but the two things that bother me is that stupid antishatter film (which I will be peeling off) and the port covers/flaps but hey its a small price for a waterproof phone with SD card support and removable battery.

        1. Yes agree the anti-shatter film is annoying, at least give us the option of one or not stick the Sony badge to it! I’ve got used to the flaps, like you say it’s a small price to pay for a waterproof phone!

    7. well the lg g2 gas a vastly larger battery that last firever (I’ve gotten up to 40 he’s one time), built-in hand gestures that are off by default, and supports various notification light colors. plus better skeumorphism design than s4 IMO, similar to early iPhone aesthetics.

  16. In my opinion at least, it’s too big for me to be interested in. Also, those weird buttons on the back.

  17. I absolutely looooove my G2. But unless a consumer is keeping up with current trends or reading recent reviews, the GS4 is probably the only thing that sticks out in their brain. Samsung has massive brand recognition and reputation. But they deserve it. They arguably almost single-handedly helped take Android from a nerdy techy thing to a full fledged Apple rival to the world’s most popoular OS. And they spent how much on marketing??!! They’ve made themselves a household name and nearly the de facto Android OEM. And in general, they’ve made themselves out to look like a premium, luxury-for-everyone manufacturer. Their products are almost always rated highly. Not only that, but Samsung is awesome at full integration between all their devices. If you own a Samsung TV, you’re likely to buy a Samsung Blu Ray player. And if you own those two, you’re also pretty likely to purchase a Samsung phone.

    So for LG to make a splash, they needed a flagship phone that can catch the attention of the public. LG used to be the top dog a few short years ago in the dumbphone/feature phone era. If you had an LG phone, you had a guaranteed winner. They didn’t evolve quickly enough and their crosstown rival, Samsung took over. I wholeheartedly believe LG has what it takes to meet or beat Samsung at their own game. But it’s going to take a year or two to reverse the public’s mind and it’s going to take a whoooooole lot of marketing dollars. The G2 is just the beginning. You’ll see.

    Motorola and HTC have similar problems, but Motorola’s got Google’s help so they’ll be fine. HTC will die a slow death unless they can come up with some mind-blowing product soon.

    1. Before there was Samsung, there was Verizon and Droid. Give credit where credit is due.

      1. Sure, but back then it was practically an experimental, niche product. And I said “almost”. They’re obviously not the only ones. And Samsung’s really only been kicking serious butt the last 2-3 years. But if you asked the public, the first OEM to come to mind would almost invariably be Samsung.

  18. It’s too bad to hear this. The G2 is arguably the best device in the market today. If we weren’t all cheap bastards we’d all have G2s and throw in endless N5 OS releases.

    1. You are right its one of the best, but not the best. I’d save that for the note 3. I had a tough time choosing between the 2. but in the end the bigger screen and spen got me. I do admit that that edge to edge display and buttons on the back ate sex though.

  19. Honestly, the LG G2 is the only phone that I have ever owned that has made me step back and say “wow.” I avoided touch phones for a long time, and I have bought the high end phones on a couple of occasions only to turn around and the sell them because I simply did not enjoy using touch for texting.

    What makes the LG G2 different? Well, utility, utility, and utility. The back facing buttons are PERFECT and I have never accidentally pressed them, perhaps because I have a case that causes them to be set into a little grove. The little buttons on every other phone are so difficult to push and frequently used to get jabbed in my pocket. So, if you’re worried about the buttons, buy a case and realize that you’ll have less trouble with these buttons than any bezel button you’ve come across.

    The battery life is utterly nonpareil, my average battery time for my phone is around 80 hours, so I charge my phone every couple of days and no more. I used my phone frequently, and predictions sate that I could get away with 100+ hours on the battery if I kept it in idle most of time. I have no custom ROMS and I use wifi, gps, and generous data refresh rates on my e-mail applications. I don’t play games or do anything to wild, but I’m not frugal with my battery.

    Also, the simple double tap on the screen to turn it on off is an surprisingly useful feature. On this note, there is almost no reason to use the power button on the back of the phone unless you want to turn off or restart the phone. I would certainly never waste time pushing a power button to turn off my screen when this double tap function work so well.

    Finally – the screen is gorgeous. My GF owns an S4 and my phone seems noticeably faster. My GF always has her screen brightness on auto, so her screen always looks dull compared to mine. If she turns it on all the way, it does seem a tad more brilliant than the G2, but not by much, and the fact of the matter is no one in their right mind would turn a S4 screen on max brightness unless they were willing to carry around extra charge packs or happen to be in the habit of charging their phones throughout the day everyday.

    G2 is an absolute diamond in the rough, I don’t know how LG hasn’t sold out of these phones left and right. If people actually took the time to compare this phone to their iphone or their galaxies, I have no doubt that not an insignificant number would chose the G2.

  20. I think it has a lot to do with support. those of us who know better, know that LG does not have the best record for updating devices. Additionally, Samsung ( and now Motorola) are leaders in the Android ecosystem when it comes to updating devices. I got the GS3 with 4.0.3 and now it has 4.3..which is not the latest but satisfactory. And the Moto X has 4.4 already. Secondly , Money in marketing. Samsung spends 5X the amount HTC, Motorola, LG,Sony on marketing. Thirdly. Choice. Samsung has its hands in every category of smart phones! Minis, flagships,low-end, mid-range,phablets,tablets….it will be hard for other OEMs to reach that level of success..maybe when Sammy transitions to Tizen OS…maybe and just maybe..it will free up Android market share for others…LG could release a premium Nexus device with iPhone-like quality..maybe that will get them some notoriety.. oh yeah…and the LG flex is cool but 6inches is too big..and if they made it smaller..it wouldn’t be so flexible.

  21. It’s no surprise to me that the phone is not doing as well as say a Samsung or Apple device. The LG G2 has never even been a consideration for me for a number of reasons. The software/interface/skin is HORRENDOUS.(As for people who say, you can just Rom it or load a different launcher, the average person doesn’t do that, which again points to why the phone is not a runaway mass market hit). The button placement is dumb. And the look of the phone is not particularly attractive. Additionally, the phone is not marketed as well as a Galaxy device, an iPhone, or a Moto X. I can honestly say, I have NEVER seen a LG G2 commercial on television or even a print advertisement in the real world. So how is this phone supposed to win over the masses?

    1. And Samsung’s skin is better?

      1. Yes. Still not good, either, but yes, better. Stock is, of course best. But of the skins, HTC’s is the only one I like. LG’s is by far, in my opinion, the worst.

        1. Having gone from an S3 to a G2, this is not true. I couldn’t stand Touchwiz. I was worried about LG’s skin before I bought the G2, but honestly, it doesn’t bother me any more and I see no need to root to get rid of it. At least with LGs skin, you can download themes and change the icons without having to download a separate launcher.

        2. That’s surprising, considering they are so similar, yet Samsung is full of oranges and greens. So much green just hanging around since the froyo days. At least LG updated to blue highlights when android went to blue. Also, you can change the icons on LGs launcher, system wide. You like sense? This is my stock LG launcher at the moment:

    2. We must watch different channels. I see a commercial for the G2 at least three times a night. My one year old loves the commercials so much that he runs from across the room and dances to their little song.

      The skin is really a carbon copy of Samsung’s. So how is it worse?

      1. Yea. I guess so. Because I really have never seen any type of ads, except for on the internet. I see Moto X ads every day of my life, multiple times a day, sometimes multiple times in a show. And see posters around the city. And everyone has seen the Samsung ads, and of course we all know about Apple. But if I did not follow tech, I would not know a thing about the G2.

        1. I counted two dedicated (non-carrier) LG G2 commercials last night and I didn’t even watch that much TV. I think the problem is the catchiness and quality of Samsung’s commercials. LG’s are rather bland. And I don’t think they did any social media ads like Moto and Sammy did.

      2. I think I have seen a few carrier commercials starring an lg. But they fall into the same category as every other bland phone commercial. I don’t recall a single lg marketed commercial.

      3. I actually wish the skin was a bit lighter though

  22. No surprise even though the G2 crushes the S4 and iPhone, LG has never been good at marketing, there need to take note from their cross town rivals Samsung and market the hell out of the phone. That and support the device with updates. Samsung had a problem with that back in the day, they somewhat fixed that by updating their devices.

  23. Does LG have a good ecosystem? Tablets, special apps, other devices? I ask because most people want an all-encompassing ecosystem with the same brand.

    There are some that mix a little but for me, i like to have all of one companies products. Better experience than mixing.

    Maybe that has something to do with it?

  24. It’s the same problem that many companies have faced for decades. A great product is 30%of the battle. Marketing is another 50%. anyone with a mediocre product can tell you that (apple ipod, win 3.11). there were better products but nobody heard of them or the roll out was a disaster (archos). Guarantee 9 out of 10 average consumer don’t know a single LG mobile product. That’s why lg curve is an important product even if it seems gimmicky. People have to hear the name. people tune out to a company with yet another phone. You have to find a way to cut through the noise. It has to be either be spectacularly different or controversial. Samsung actually owes some of that recognition to Apple lawsuits.

  25. I love my g2. battery lasts easily twice as long as my n4. I’ve always run stock android or romd phones. I expected to root thus on day one, but I really love the ui (with nova launcher) I wonder how many people who didn’t like it spent much time with it. I agree with Jason White. if they wanted to be successful, they should have kit Kat out asap. but honestly I don’t miss kit kat on my n4 just sits on the shelf. There will always be those that want a removable battery and SD card, if that’s the most important thing so be it. I think the g2 is the underdog phone of the year. It the first phone I’ve bought that was shockingly good. 29 bucks on contract Amazon’s cyber Monday sale.

  26. Actually the problem lies within the phone its self and not receiving certain updates. If you look on various forms people who own the T Mobile and AT&T version of the g2 report that they are quite pleasantly happy with the phone. However those were on Sprint and Verizon tend to have mixed story about the phone due to the distortion and glitching this of phone calls to the point where is actually almost painful to listen to a phone during a phone call. And thus you also read about how they would do exchange after exchange in at the problem persists then they would just move on to a different phone best giving the g2 back. To date from my knowledge, they still have yet to release an update that was a dropped call quality issues. Which is a shame because the phone is actually really freaking awesome! If LG was aware of this problem upon its release, then it would probably have been a different outcome.

    1. An ota update hit over this past weekend that should resolve the call quality issue. Thats’s right at 1 month from release which I dont think is bad.

  27. Shame really. This is one of the only non nexus phones I would consider simply because of the on screen keys. I’m spoiled with on screen keys and not many OEMS do it.

    1. I didn’t like the idea of software buttons but since going with the N5 I never want a phone with non-software buttons again. I especially hate capacitive buttons which don’t get out of the way when not needed like software, and they don’t give the physical feedback of physical buttons. Truly an abomination of an idea.

  28. I would have gotten it had it had an SD slot and if T-Mobile offered 32 GB.

    1. The T-Mobile version is 32GB, isn’t it? No SD card, of course.

      1. I just checked and it is 32 GB

        1. Hmm, thanks. Well I just had to call customer service a month ago, and I had looked on their site and it didn’t clarify, my CSA I got said it was 16GB so I didn’t check further beyond that. Lame CSA.

  29. If HTC fizzles, I would think Motorola would be a better #3 pick than LG. Technically, the LG is an impressive device but it’s just not quite doing it for me from an aesthetics and design perspective. I thought the same thing when I got my S3 and now again with the S4. On the other hand, I was so impressed by look and feel of the Moto X, I ordered one, even though my S3 works perfectly fine for me.

    1. I agree. Moto has better build quality and better ideas.

  30. I have recommended this phone to many people. I own a Galaxy Note 3. Most of the people that ask me about phones ask if they should get the GS4 and I recommend the G2 to them but warn them that the battery is not user replaceable and there is no MicroSD slot. They all have gone with the GS4 instead. I think these companies that are all trying to emulate Apple are severely underestimating people wanting replaceable batteries and expandable memory. I’m no marketing genius but I am fairly tech savvy and am regarded as a phone expert by my coworkers. I see the G2 as the best overall phone out right now, but I won’t own it because as long as there are Android phones with the options that Samsung still gives us, I will always go with replaceable battery and microSD slot.

    1. Thank you!

    2. Everyone is ditching what customers want besides Samsung. It’s a no brainer

  31. My S3 still runs just fine. I’m REALLY looking forward to getting a G2 once they go on sale for upgrades (T-Mobile). I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.

    Funny, I had an HTC G2 before my S3.

    1. Me too…..I was not very happy with it.

      1. You really wasn’t happy with your HTC G2? I loved that phone. It was probably a good phone because it ran stock Android, so no random gimmicks to slow it down.

        Though that’s when I learned that stock phones don’t get update, it’s the Nexus devices that do. =.S

        I remember running CM on that phone to get ICS. Oh!! Those were the days.

        Thinking about it more, it surprises me that the phone ran stock Android, even though the Desire Z (HTC G2 outside the USA) ran Sense.

        1. I was not happy that after less than a year, HTC and T Mobile stopped supporting it. That’s why I am mad at Google for not supporting the G Nex with future updates. It’s why I bought the device.

          1. almost 2 years of support doesn’t mean anything to you ?

  32. Lg’s issue is its copycat method. LG wants to do exactly what Samsung does and add an extra layer on top of that. LG needs to differentiate themselves by bringing a unique experience to consumers (not just a button placement on the back of the phone) a few good examples would be the MOTO X and all Xperias.

  33. I really really liked the G2 , I just liked the N3 a little better…..

  34. LG is on the wrong track. Slipping out the phone with the fastest specs is no longer relevant. Any phone made these days is fast enough. New phones must be intelligently designed not just packed with useless features and specs.

    IMHO; Motorola is the one on the right track. They are not trying to duplicate all the SW that is perfectly fine in Android KitKat; like samsung and LG do. Motorola is building HW around an already great OS and only adding if the feature is practical. Samsung and LG phones have tons of sw “features” that are only used for demos; then never or rarely used in real life. LG in particular appears to have the UI designed by 5 different teams Very sloppy. I did try to love the G2; but ended up returning it after a week.

  35. I totally enjoy playing around with my G2, it’s actually my first Android smartphone I have ever owned (yes I am an iOS user); and to be honest the Android experience isn’t as bad as I thought. The G2 may not have the premium feel or as large third party support as a iPhone or HTC One, but at the same time I like to feel like I am the minority to own such an amazingly powerful at this current time. I would definitely recommend this phone to mates for sure, especially when they are suprised to see me with an Android device for the first time.

  36. I have been trying to decide between the G2 and the N5. If the G2 had an unlocked variant that worked on Tmoble and ATT’s 3g networks and the 3g networks in Europe it would be my choice.

  37. Marketing, marketing, and marketing. Whenever an iPhone owners wants to buy an Android phone they say “should I get the Galaxy or the new iPhone?”. People buy what they see, what they hear, and what they think they SHOULD want. The only people buying LG are the people that KNOW what they want because they actually researched it.

    1. I remember when every Android was a ‘Droid’ :)

  38. the phone was too late, if the would had launched with the galaxy s4 and the htc one a lot of people ( including me ) would had maybe bough it. even if it wasn’t running with a s800

  39. I have a G2 and I don’t mind the LG look, I actually run it stock too.. albeit a heavily edited by me stock… I deleted a ton of bloatware.

  40. Coworker of mine very recently upgraded to the GS4 despite my persistence that the G2 is far superior. I can see why the sales are falling short.

    1. People go with what they know… Samsung is “popular” now.

  41. It’s LG’s Android OS skin that’s stopping me buying this phone. I’m over custom ROMs, I shouldn’t have to waste my time tweaking the phone to make it closer to vanilla android. Give me a minimal skin or preferably stock android / Google edition and I’d buy one now.

    1. Google edition would be so dope! But only if the tap-to-turn-on stays.

      1. It would be awesome if manufacturers like LG and Samsung made their features as separate apps and users could choose to install what they want on top of stock android. Users with other manufacturers phones could possibly even be offered the apps for a small price thus increasing profitability too.

        Of course I doubt this is feasible as I suspect many of these features are baked into the kernel but one can always dream :)

        1. Been dreaming of that for years
          But looks like it won’t happen :(

    2. I got over customs roms nearly a year ago. I agree with you 100%, we shouldn’t have to tweak our phones to make them usable.

    3. Very few smartphones come with stock android. Are people really looking at LG and saying “hmm you know I really will miss S-voice if I don’t get a Samsung”?

      1. No but some users of S4 GE have lamented the lack of some Samsung custom features. Smart stay is purported to be useful.

  42. I think part of the problem is that LG had a terrible history. I had the LG G-slate and it was just kept rotting by LG. I mean it had almost exactly the same internals as the Motorola Xoom and the Xoom is still getting updates like wth. Their UI is also ugly, very unappealling and most of the “added functionality” is useless.

  43. I think, with Samsung trying to sweep their problems under the rug and trying to silence people from reporting malfunctioning devices, and apple refusing to abandon their tried-but-worn out design LG is a shoe-in. LG has always made decent devices, but just that, decent. Now they are making devices that can run with the big dogs, call them a sleeper if you want, but studying the compition and finding the right winning combination is the sign of a winner. LG is coming loaded for bear this time…

    1. I hope they play their cards right! I love what LG has been doing lately.

  44. Things are certain to look up now that the RRP has been slashed. It comes in at £50 cheaper than Google’s Nexus 5 in the UK now, making it a no-brainer for users who are after a solid SIM-free device.

  45. I actually had the nexus 5. I found it to feel cheap in my hand and the software was glitchy. In fact the G2 beats the n5 by a long shot.

  46. If it’s not durable and cracks easy as you say, then I don’t want it. I’ll stay with Motorola phones. l’ve dropped them many times and they’ve never broken. The one time I go off brand with the Rezound and the screen breaks after 3 weeks and it wasn’t even dropped.

    1. I have the phone it’s very durable and doesn’t “crack”.

  47. HTC falls? Then this world would be no place to live in. Literally. I hate a marketplace where a company can make a device like One and still fail. As for LG, they are better than Samsung in every respect – but being better is no longer enough.

    1. Webos

    2. Try ASUS Fonepad Note 6. 6′ full HD, Super IPS+, Intel Atom, 2GHz and 2GB Ram. It kills any HTC phones.

  48. They may be better – but we have memories of the LG Revolution and past Android phones from LG with that skin of horror…and lack of updates on the US carriers will keep power users away. Lack of “Samsung and Apple” presence at the carriers make it a second tier device in carrier stores, hiding it from the casual user. The result is a lower forecast.

  49. my g2 is solid no creaks or noises like other phones I’ve used.

  50. I looked at both really hard. (S4 & G2). At the end of the day, replaceable battery always wins. Better 3rd party accessories and removable SD play a factor, but being able to replace the stock battery with an extended one is a must. Once you go extended battery, you never go back.

    The G2 camera is superior however… would have loved to get that camera on my S4.

    1. Your stuck in 2011

    2. Resepectfuly I did go back. Another battery is useful but in the end dosen’t play a factor in my decision. I feel the same way about the physical home button. Once I got rid of it, I couldn’t use a phone with one

    3. Spot on. Companies must focus on what the two most important factors are when it comes to creating a mobile device. Key Word MOBILE. I want to have the assurance of being in control of my device when on the move. If I need more battery power or more external hard drive space I can take care of them with ease right away. Motorola is really going to change the game once these modular phones drop. Samsung is about to get a run for their money.

    4. The G2’s battery performs very well
      I was fearing the non removable battery but I find myself not needing it

  51. the skin is the problem. make it stock android and you have a best seller!

    1. Samsung

    2. Nah… I call it Root….just install your own rom n quit complaining.

      1. Calm down, who said I was complaining? Many consumers don’t know how to root and install their own rom. I was just giving an idea on why its sales are low. Many people don’t want to go through the hassle of rooting and making the perfect phone they want. They just want a good phone out of the box. The LG skin is awful. It looks outdated and gimmicky. LG have also copied the s4 in a lot ways.

        1. everyone claims they want the perfect phone handed to them on a platter. Well in america its not going to happen sometimes you get what you get. All im sayiung is Android was made to be open source, utilize its freedom and customize it. I dont think I;ve been stock android since the G1. Dude If you like the hardware and hate the software then change it. Its already out there and its not difficult once you get the hang of it.

  52. The G2 is good but unfortunately it suffers from lag issues.

    1. Not true, if yours is suffering from lag issues get it replaced.

        1. The G2 is anything but laggy. Have been using it for more than a month and its zippy as ever. Pls read the thread completely. The issue is due to some third party launcher installed . Just dont pick up something from the forum and bad mouth a product.

          1. The G2 definitely has some lag issues. I cant understand why ppl feelings get hurt because their phone is not perfect. It lags like hell, i had gone through 2 g2, rooted them and installed custom roms. Read the thread again, MANY have reported lag. Its not smooth like the note 3, htc one or nexus 5. Definitely not. And the 3rd party launchers actually reduce the lag, the stock lg launcher homescreens redraws and sutter like hell.

        2. That affects a very, very small number of users. As I said before, if you are suffering from lag issues get it replaced. I have this phone and it doesn’t lag. One user in that thread even reported that they got their phone replaced and were happy.

          1. So now you acknowledge that there is some with lag issues. I have gone through 2 G2 and both lagged. I know quite a few ppl on xda confirming that their G2 lagged as well. If it didnt lag, in my opinion, it would have been the best phone of 2013 but unfortunately it does stutter. Maybe what i call lag isnt for you? I compared the G2 i had with the nexus 5 and believe when i say that the nexus is on another level in terms of smoothness and performance.

          2. Of course there is going to be some with lag issues, there are always faulty devices with every release. People will voice their experience on forums of course, but the lag issue that affects some users doesn’t affect the majority (if that were the case this phone wouldn’t even cracked 500k sales). There’s a reason every review praised its smooth performance. I dunno I have the D802 unlocked version so I don’t have any bloat or anything that slows down my phone.

          3. You’re right, every review has praised its performance and i actually always asked myself why? Because on xda many and i mean many i reporting lag issues. When the phone doesnt stutter its definitely fast but sometimes you exit an app, start swiping through home screen and it lags or the home screen redraws. Stuff like that.

          4. Yeah but those people that report lag issues ARE in the minority (and they are most certainly not many people), this phone isn’t laggy unless there was some third party carrier app that affects the device’s performance or something else. It’s unfortunate that you’ve had a bad experience but my phone doesn’t lag.

          5. While its unfortunate that some people have faulty devices, their opinions are naturally going to biased based on their bad experience. I too have this phone and know it doesn’t lag (or if it does its not noticeable), there are always bad batches and thankfully and undeniably those people that get those devices are in the minority.

    2. G2 is everything but lag
      Never owned any android device that comes close to how snapy the G2 flies
      I ownes S1/S2/Note1/S3/Note2
      I hate AMOLED and samsungs’s screen latency is not good, the G2’s screen latency is very good
      This can not be described as a lagy device

    3. There is zero lag.

      1. thats a lie.

  53. I think the button placement is terrific. The moto x placed a dimple on the back where your index finger naturally falls into. An improvement of this design would be to have it recessed like the moto x to make it easier to identify over the volume buttons. I’m glad the screen isn’t amoled due to what I hear about screen burn-in. I use this phone for watching movies while on the treadmill and the on-screen buttons disappear to make full use of the entire screen. I unplug my phone at 6am in the morning and plug it back in by 10pm with around 20% of battery life left and that’s with moderate use. I used to have charge my other phones by 2pm.

    1. You know what I do with my note 2. I carry a spare backup battery. Once I hit 5% I pop the new one in and I’m back to 100%. I actually have 2 standbys but the 3rd is only for emergency hazcon situations. Lls

  54. g2 is one of the best devices out this year, top 3 easily, they need to revamp their skin tho… It’s all too evident at this point. Clean it up and class it up and they might actually do terrific things in the future

  55. I believe Samsung devices tend to triumph over other android-making mobile companies due to the following: –
    1) Their products are launched earlier.
    2) Their software is way much better than other competitors (multi split window, pop up video, direct printing, enhanced email with underline, highlighting features, etc). Of course, they are people who do also complain that Samsung introduces a lot of bloat software but to the “majority”, the device software features make Samsung apart from the rest.
    3) They launch so many versions of phones thus meeting needs of every different type of users (i.e. users who want minimal features vs power users).
    4) Their software is very close to an iphone experience in regards to simplicity.
    5) Their note series phablets are the only ones with a stylus.
    6) Their phones allow removable batteries and support for sd cards.
    7) Samsung tries to get the best hardware on their phones (i.e. usb 3.0 cable on note 3, etc)

    I have looked at other devices from Sony, Motorola, HTC and LG but they just don’t have the “feel” that a Samsung device gives.

    1. yeah, samsung ain’t afraid to spend their money. it’s scary (for other companies) cause they got lots of it and are actually good and what they do.

    2. Some of your points about Samsung are valid, but some are way off base.

      Launching earlier means nothing since it is all relative. Also, the HTC One released before the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is one of the best phones made today. When newer phones are released, they have better specs so being released earlier is not an advantage.

      Samsung software does not have the best reputation, but it has improved. The only innovative software they have is the multi-split window.

      Who wants an iPhone experience? If I wanted that, I’d buy an iPhone. I laughed when I saw that point. Also, didn’t Samsung get into a little trouble for copying the iPhone experience? As far as simplicity, the Moto X is probably the simplest and best user experience.

      What you really missed about Samsung phones are the screen and the camera. These are probably the two best reasons to own a Samsung phone. The screen colors while over saturated are very rich looking and pleasing to the eye. Also, Samsung probably makes one of the best cameras on a cell phone.

      With regard to feel, Samsung is one of the worst phones for feel. HTC arguably has the best feel in your hand. I have had women who thought the HTC One was too big hold it and they were surprised how good it feels in their hand. The Samsung Galaxy S4 felt too big for them. Samsungs also feel cheap. They have top notch components in a cheap looking shell.

      With regards to removable batteries and SD cards, most people don’t really care about those unless the phone is lacking in battery strength and memory capacity. They are nice to have, but no longer must have features.

      Early on in the life of Android, HTC and Motorola ruled the roost. The first Android phones Samsung made were absolute crap (the Behold II and the Moment). The Galaxy S phones were the first good Android phones Samsung made.

    3. KNOX
      Locked bootloader

  56. LG failed once they launched the G2X

    1. that is exactly why! people don’t trust lg after the g2x.

      1. Samsung survived the crappy Behold II and Moment.

        1. The Samsung Galaxy S was crappy also.. G2X>SGS

  57. I really wanted to get the LG G2 but was put off with LG’s messing around of the UI. I can understand them wanting to add a bit more to enhance the stock Android experience (e.g. the knock knock feature) but the layout of the notification bar is rubbish. Here’s a phone with a 5.2″ display and 1080p resolution, however due to the crap they have added to the notification bar, you can see only 2 items in the notification bar?? Why LG? Oh why??

    1. Even without root, It’s not hard to fix the notification bar. Q slide takes up most of the space. Turn it off and the rest is useful stuff.

  58. Should have given it an SD card slot, I’d have had one if it did but went for the Note 3 instead

  59. Simple reason, no USP to tempt the general public. It just looks like every other generic black smartphone, no style or substance in the build to match its guts. Had it had a unibody of something like the HTC One then people might have taken notice but instead its as bland as a bland thing waiting to hear if its won the bland award at the blandest bland of the year ceremony….

    Oh and the Nexus 5 undercutting it massively while retaining 5/6ths of its DNA wont help either.

  60. It’s advertising… I own the g2 and can’t remember a single ad. I do recall several different iPhone and S4 ads though. Getting it in people’s minds is the trick…

    1. This is very true.

    2. I feel like I’ve been hit upside the head with LG G2 ads in the last few months. They’ve slowed down recently, but I saw them a lot.

      Mostly this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NIT_SUF2qI .

  61. The problem with the LG G2 is that besides the annoying rear buttons, people mostly view the phone as a copy of a Samsung phone. It’s like how Burger King just released the King Whopper which looks like a blatant ripoff of McDonald’s Big Mac. LG simply needs to innovate and rear buttons aren’t going to cut it.

    1. BK has released the Big King before and its SUPPOSED to like the Big Mac, only with a little more meat. Big Mac is all bread

  62. Lack of advertising
    Coming from a note 2, I prefer the G2 a lot

  63. I find the HTC ONE to be the best out of all them. I compared my HTC one side by side with the LG G2 and S4 and the screen and speakers are just way better. The whites are truly white on the HTC one where the lg g2 has a bluish tint. I think my next phone will be the HTC two(m8) when it releases, there screen is just so much better. Battery life is very good on HTC one with there power save feature, I unplug around 8am and still have around 15percent by 10 to 11 pm depending on usage and I do a lot of surfing, calls and videos.

  64. I like the G2 a lot. Better than any Samsung, Moto, or HTC I’ve owned. I also think they did an adequate job on advertising although not until after launch. They needed to build up some interest pre-release. The rear buttons are ok but I’m not sure I’d prefer them moving forward…they do feel kinda gimmicky. The best features IMO are the upper end hardware and the customized OS. I think LG did a great job expanding user options. Almost feels like a custom rom. I’m generally a root/rom nut but I’ve not found a rom I like better than stock. It feels strange for me to even type that but that’s been my experience with this phone.

  65. Four of my coworkers wanted a new phone with “big screen, good camera, and good battery life,” over the Black Friday weekend. I recommended them G2, but they all came back with either Galaxy S4 or Moto X. Why? They weren’t impressed by the interface, and were more appealed by AMOLED’s punchy colors.

  66. I have a rooted S4, my wife has the G2 and I’d take her phone in a minute. I don’t like the button placement but the bigger screen, faster processor, bigger battery and the knock to wake it up make the button placement easy to work around/tolerate. All the other things I can make it look and feel like my S4.
    Nothing wrong with my S4 but I’d take a G2 over it. I don’t use any of the gimmicky features on the S4 anyhow.

  67. Agree with the other posters too…there was no hype surrounding the G2 release. Even the commercials you do see on it don’t point out the strong points of the phone. It’s a shame really, they missed an opportunity to really get an edge on the competition and hook some future customers…k, I’m done.

  68. Played with a friend’s G2 over the weekend, great phone, super speedy! It’s just a shame that it’s a 2 company race.

    1. I know for a fact that Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-mobile carry the LG G2.

      1. he meant Samsung and Apple. derrrr

  69. I got the LG G2 to replace my Galaxy S3 and love it. It has 32gb and despite the space used by OS and bloat I’m not challenged for storage, who has run to the hilt on a 32gb device? Cloud people, c’mon! And most are just LOOKING at free space not using it or impacted by not having enough.
    Battery charging packs seem to be simpler to connect and go instead of having to shutdown for a swap. You can continue your task instead of starting over…isn’t that better?
    As far as skins and UI, that’s all personal preference and marketing, unless smart phones are too much for your mental ability, you can adjust. I prefer the powerful specs and don’t go on in fanboy fashion for the “popular phones”. iPhone are over priced, Samsung (after owning one) seems overrated, HTC I still like but, I was going for a phone with all the operating frequencies for Sprint’s new network and LG G2 fit the bill at the time and didn’t feel like a let down in the performance department either. Provided Kit KatKat hits somewhere in Q1 or Q2 2014 I’m good with it.

    1. I have filled up my G2… but I am also running comfortably after deleting some of the games I don’t actually play.

  70. I’m actually the owner of a Galaxy Note 3 (and I love it! ) , but I have used the G2, and read countless reviews. It’s definitely a good phone, but I think where LG issue lies is in marketing. There was a time where only the iPhone mattered. And no other company could compete. The release of the galaxy s2 was a good start but the Galaxy S3 is really where the galaxy line of phones was recognised by the world. Samsung launched major marketing efforts to get people wondering about the phone (not to mention it was one of the best android phones of the year) And now articles are written saying there is a big two companies compete with in mobile space. If LG wants to be competitive they are gonna have to market better. A good product is nothing if no one knows about it.

  71. Now come on…. Its the same manufacturer who gave us the Nexus 4 and now the Nexus 5. Its made a big dent with other brands and with holiday season arround it will surely touch the 3 MN mark.

  72. I was a long time HTC user (loved their build quality and actually liked the old Sense UI) and switched to LG when the Optimus G came out o Sprint. I love that phone and after a few tweaks love the UI. Feels so premium with the glass back, good looking screen, and pretty snappy performance; I’ve never had any lag issues after a year of heavy use. My only problem is Sprint itself and their shitty service in my area. So after much deliberation my fiance convinced me to add a line on her plan with Verizon. I am waiting for my G2 to arrive today and couldn’t be more excited. I mean that screen is the most gorgeous screen I have seen on a phone to date. I really dislike the look of AMOLED and I almost feel sick when I am at a bar or out in public and can see that over saturated almost cartoon screen light up from across the room. I really don’t get people with battery hang ups, although I must confess I used to carry a spare for my HTC EVO 4G. One of my top priorities was wireless charging and I am really glad the VZ model has this feature. I mean I am never out in the wilderness that long that my phone encounters energy issues; I’m almost always within reach of a charger if I need a little top off. All I can say is I really like what LG has done with their phones in the past few years and I really think they are headed in the right direction. Too bad Moto/Google looks like they will really be the ones to compete with the big 2 in the coming years.

    1. AMOLED screens being over saturated is no longer a problem, and the S4 in movie mode has one of the most accurate displays on the market right now(so stop spreading fud).

      1. It is really preference isn’t it. I just don’t like the look of AMOLED screens, to me they are over saturated. Sammy fan boys get so amped up if you don’t think their phones are the best.

        1. If it can be scientifically proven via measurements, then it is no longer up for debate – the s4 in movie mode is not over saturated.

          1. depends on who is doing the measurements. Most people with half a brain know test results can be skewed or interpreted differently depending on who does them and their intentions.

          2. Well, then I could basically claim that the S4 is faster than the LG G2, as measurements don’t carry any weight. It’s not up for debate because it was done by a reputable source. If this was some random guy on a forum I’d have a hard time believing him (results are difficult to fake, and the measurements speak for themselves).

          3. It would be a very ignorant claim based on hardware. The 800 is leaps and bounds faster than the 600.

  73. LG is gonna have to stick it out. Before about 2 generations of phones ago, they have a long history of releasing pure crap phones, dating long before their Android attempts.

    They appear to have changed their ways, but they’re gonna have to continue to work to prove it.

  74. Let me start by saying my first Android phone was a Nexus One…I did the research and felt it was well worth the $529. After official support for it fell off, (Never rooted it until then…) I chose Samsung phones and they were my “go to” brand mostly because they never stopped supplying decent phones with removable batteries and micro SD support, and they were very easily rooted—I’m NOT a big fan of TouchWhiz! When I wanted something in the “phablet” range, I was almost lured away from my Skyrocket to a Note, but thankfully I held out and now have an LG Optimus G Pro. This is my first LG smart phone and I fully agree with the reviewers that dubbed it the “Note 2.5.” LG’s last two efforts in the Nexus 5 and G2 phones each have qualities that could easily take a bite out of Samsung’s market share IF they (God forbid!) took a “note” from Samsung’s book and gave us removable batteries and expandable memory. This “one, two” combo has been in high demand for a long time in the Android community and Samsung hasn’t forgotten that. Google pretty much killed them for the Nexus line, but the playing field will probably level some if other manufacturers took note and offered these simple features in future phone or if Samsung kills the golden goose by abandoning these specs before they abandon Android altogether. I would have purchased a G2 off contract if it was so equipped (It kinda smokes the Nexus 5 in some areas.), but I’m about to buy another Optimus G Pro because it performs very well and has all of the features I need. IMO LG and any other hopefuls have to equal or thrash the competition in order to gain market share, and that won’t happen if they keep “knee capping” themselves before they enter the arena.

      1. Thank you!

    1. A removable battery is completely unnecessary, the average user doesn’t care about that.

      1. I wouldn’t say that’s true. I’m currently using my old gs3 as a music player on the bathroom and I’ve given a friend am old HTC DROID incredible 2 to use the same. Bought inexpensive batteries for them from amazon and they are running strong. I personally wanted to wait for note 3 but was able to get the G2 for free so I went for it. Overall I really do love the phone and when I held it up next to the sg3 the screen size and amazing clarity blew me away! I couldn’t believe how sub par the screen on the gs3 was! I think the g2 has a snappier performance (though not completely lag free as many claim) but by far the best experience I’ve had with android. If I had any complaints it would be about the back buttons (had it a month and still think they’re inconvenient) Knock on is hit or miss for me. It always works knocking off but only works about 75% for the knock on. My gs3 had an awesome feature that you could block a number from ever getting through to you again all in 1 tap. To block calls on the g2 you have to create a contact and set that contact to go straight to voice mail. The back of the phone is gross shiny plastic but I got a great case for it. The camera is AMAZING when you have plenty of light but just so so in low light.

        TL;DR It’s a great phone with amazing specs, the most beautiful screen I’ve ever seen, and killer battery life. However, there are a few annoyances, I wish I could migrate those features from a gs3, and I miss have a power button and volume rocker on the sides.

        I recommend this phone to all my friends and family and have convinced my mother to get one in January.

  75. LG needs to provide timely updates for G2 and its successors. As a G2 owner, I’m hearing rumors I won’t get OTA 4.4.x until end of Q1. This does not jive. As LG strives to fit in, a typical user should not have to root their phone in order to get an update in the same quarter it was released OTA.

    1. Q1 is still substantially faster than they delivered updates in the past, though. Though, I totally agree with what you’re saying.

      LG needs to not only update fast, but they need to keep supporting their devices for more than one major update. I’ve noticed a lot of their phones and tablets get one bump in Android version and that’s all she wrote. People will appreciate continued software support. It’s good public relations.

    2. A speedy release (or at least speedier than Samsung) would go a REALLY long way to earning our trust. January is not that bad. As long as we can get a major release like Kit Kat within six months and it’s not a half baked attempt, we’ll be fine. I hear rumors that Samsung and their heavy Touchwiz will be in Jan or Feb as well so we’re right in line with what is expected of LG. If you want quicker updates, get a Nexus, Motorola, or install a ROM. Otherwise, be patient.

    3. We don’t even have 4.3 yet so I am not holding my breath.

  76. Good write-up. I agree, and especially with the analogy related to Hyundai vehicles (my wife has owned an Elantra GT for almost 10 years now and it’s extremely reliable and fuel efficient, and we’re only now thinking about trading it in because we need a bigger vehicle as our family is growing fast).

    My friend has an LG G2 and he absolutely loves it. He hasn’t been dissatisfied with any aspect of it. I really hope to see LG flourish in the market. They make great hardware and their software has been improving a lot in the last year.

  77. I remember when we heard the N4 was going to be made by LG and a lot of us were very worried LG couldn’t handle it. Other than some questionable back glass, LG definitely rose to the challenge with the N4 and also the N5. They’ve invested time and money heavily into earning back their street cred. The G2 is just the most recent example of what they’re capable of. I think LG is on the brink of making some big changes to truly take on Samsung. I just hope they can differentiate themselves rather than copying Samsung’s business model. Nobody likes a copycat.

  78. I wish LG would take a leaf out of Motorola’s book and keep android close to stock. They’re cartoonie ui is hideous. I’m buying the G2 and the FIRST thing I’m doing is rooting and installing houstonn’s ROM on it.

    1. You and me both.

  79. I feel the biggest issues are the UI. It just has a low end feel on the software side as far as looks go. the notification menu is cluttered and the icons are childish and unenthusiastic. Also there’s a big lack of marketing. It is an awesome phone but i’d throw a custom rom on it in a heart beat.

  80. lg main issue its software sure stock android its “overrated” but touchwiz clone and bloat dont do any good….

    the price its high too

  81. I HAD a rooted g2 with twrp recovery in it. Not supposed to allow updates to process, on mine it did, and now it’s a book end. I’m only a novolise at doing this kind of stuff. But I have found out that what can go wrong can go wrong and in my case it’s broke. I definitely don’t like the stock UI cartoonish

  82. But i’d rather be using my device than looking at it. The g2 besides the UI is one of the best. I can honestly say that with knowledge. In the last year I have had every brand name device there was and for some reason or another there was something lacking or just not clicking. In all aspect the g2 fulfills all my needs and then some. UI included.

  83. I bought the G2 on the way home from work.

  84. I’m not a techie I just know what I like. And I sure like my LG G2. i never bought into the iPhone hype, and now it’s a bit maddening to me the way the masses just buy into it. Not that it’s a bad phone, but it’s not the ONLY phone! And then there seems to be a snobbery for a lot of people too and they won’t accept a better phone with a different name. And honestly, whenever I see one next to my phone (and last smartphone I had) I think why ?! But hey, I just bought a Hyundai too!

  85. I am sure LG will take over Samsung, as they have less bloatware, and embrace open standard far more than their Korean mate. I am a user of G2 by the way, and so far, I haven’t been happier with a phone.

  86. People should buy more Asus and LG. I have the new Padfone infinity and it’s the best. With Asus you don’t have the problems Samsung has. What’s the return rate on Samsung items?

  87. Had the G2 for 13 days… hated the buttons on the back of the phone, but could have looked past this if the “knock-on/off” feature worked consistently for me… since it didn’t I traded it in before my “buyer’s remorse” period expired. Would have kept it if the power button wasn’t on the back of the phone. Didn’t care about the volume buttons back there, but the power button was too annoying…

    1. i love the fact the power button is on the back and knock on/off works every time for me…i love this phone…battery life is amazing…sorry it didnt work for you though

  88. Love my G2, best phone out now IMO, with my Moto X being 2nd. I really don’t have anything bad to say about the G2, or anthing that I hate other then the back being too glossy and a fingerprint magnet, but I have a case on it so no issue there. I don’t mind the buttons on the back, it took only a few days to get use to it, and throw in the fact you hardly have to use them.

    I really don’t have a issue with the knock on feature not working, sometimes you have to tap a little harder than you think, but that makes sense because they don’t want the screen cutting on by mistake in your pocket or purse. I would say mine works 95% of the time to cut on, and 100% of the time to cut the screen off.

    Now, the only issue with the G2 is software updates. LG has not released KitKat yet, but the really bad part is they are not even saying when they will, and who knows about their other prior flagship devices like the Optimous G Pro, and the article where they came out and said they are moving some resources away from their mobile division and this is what you get. You tell people you are changing your ways and then can’t even give a time frame for updates.

  89. Former Note 2 owner. Bought it because it was the only smartphone that could last over a day but it was too big. G2 is sweeeeet. The buttons on the back were cumbersome though. I have big fingers and would accidentally press the power button when I needed to change the volume, vice-versa, etc. Then I bought an Incipio Dualpro case. It has protruding rubber buttons that are a touch bigger than the metal ones on the Verizon model, are well defined which helps to distinguish what I’m pressing and has provides the protection while providing me with a nice grip. Best phone yet.

  90. Good article. All of these players are having issues. LG is just getting hit harder because of lack of brand recognition compared to Moto and Samsung. The carriers have people
    addicted to phone subsidies and then charge through the roof for service. The recent release of Moto G changes the mobile space while putting a substantial amount of $ back in the consumers wallet. The end of 2 year contracts is here. Take a look at this cost saving analysis.


  91. I hope I can find a cheap G2 lol, if it’s getting weak demands!

  92. shame as it is beautiful, but it is output at a time when samsung prepares response with the next galaxy s5

  93. It’s quite hard for them, however, i consider one of the best Android phones after Galaxy S4, HTC One and Xperia Z http://www.lg-g2-case.com

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