Dec 2nd, 2013

Motorola Moto X DSC00701

It’s been roughly about 12 hours since Motorola was supposed to begin their big Cyber Monday sale on off-contract Moto Xs. Because of the increase of traffic, the site went down and the $150-off sale never actually got off the ground (although Developer Editions were selling at the discounted price).

Here we are, in the wee evening hours and Motorola is finally back with an update. In a Tweet that went out just a few moments ago, Motorola is now promising that if they can’t get everything up and running by 9:30pm ET (about 15 minutes from now), they’ll offer the same deal at noon (ET) on Wednesday, then again next Monday, December 9th but with double the amount of devices available.

Sounds like a better deal to us.

UPDATE: Motorola has thrown in the towel. Rather than go live tonight, they’ve announced that the Motomaker deal will resume on Wednesday at noon ET and again on Monday, doubling your chances to pick up a customized Moto X for $350. Happy?


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